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Saitama's face in a dark room, annoyed

One Punch Man (Episode 4)

It’s been a long time since I posted the One Punch Man Anime series. Let’s us look at episode 4, a continuation from our previous post. (p.s. if you missed episode 3, you may view it here.) The 4th episode starts with an angry civilian making a rebuttal/ voicing out his strong opinions on the

World Trigger 1st Season recap (Ep. 1-10)

Since 2014, this anime series, World Trigger hasn’t aired their anime series for a very long time. After the long wait, the second season, along with the third came together, one after the other. Most anime fans might have already forgotten the storyline to the first season, unable to make sense of the second. This

1 word Anime: World

Hello there! We are back again with another 1 word Anime post. This time we would be looking at Anime’s with the word “World” in them. Hope you Otaku’s and Weeaboo’s would find more Anime’s to watch this time. I also released another 1 word Anime post on the word “End“, and “Death” too. Remember

1 word Anime: End

Hope that you Otakus and Weeaboos out there loved the Previous 1 word Anime series (Word: Death). In order to recommend you with more anime titles, today we would be looking into the word “End”. Hopefully you will consider watching these anime that are suggested below. Lets get rolling! Anime Titles with “End” Title: Endro~!

One Punch Man (Episode 3)

It has been a long time since I last posted, my apologies. It has been a long 2 weeks for me, and a tremendously busy schedule has almost filled up all my hours. Let’s not waste any time, and look at the third episode of One Punch Man!!! The Anime starts of with an introduction

Word: Death

1 word Anime : Death (Anime with “Death”)

Welcome to the new series, that we would be releasing, “1 word Anime”. This series would best help Otaku’s and Weeaboo’s out there who have already watched countless of animes, and do not know what is in store for them/ require more anime titles to watch. Here are some Anime with “Death” in them. Anime

Battle Game in 5 Seconds

Re-evaluating Battle Game In 5 seconds (Final verdict)

The completed anime series Battle Game in 5 seconds, stands with high praises at the beginning of the sequel, showing us great visual artwork, along with a good sound effects, and a plot which is interesting. However, things have started to take a turn from the beginning of episode 10. Here is the final verdict

Saitama meets with genos during a fight with a mosquito lady

One Punch Man (Episode 2)

Episode 2 starts off with a setting in One Punch Man’s home. The television is turned on, and the news is playing. There is however, no one in the room, and the news is talking about a massive mosquito outbreak that is going on recently. Apparently the mosquitos belong to an entirely new species, leaving

Is Western culture affecting Japan Anime & Manga?

Commonly when we watch Anime, there are some scenes and environment settings from Western and the European culture. However, are they helping the growth in Anime? Or is something bigger happening behind the scenes, where western culture might be affecting Japan’s Anime in the most subtle way, slowly but surely. Looking at statistics, the viewership

Mushoku Tensei, an honest review (Anime & Manga)

The age of reincarnation anime has just blossomed, and starting to take shape. This is mainly due to stories that are written with overpowered main characters/ (OP MCs) for short, which lacks in character progression/ doesn’t show how the character levels up/ gets stronger to where he is at. However, adding in character progression means

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