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One Punch Man (Episode 4)

Saitama's face in a dark room, annoyed

It’s been a long time since I posted the One Punch Man Anime series. Let’s us look at episode 4, a continuation from our previous post. (p.s. if you missed episode 3, you may view it here.)

The 4th episode starts with an angry civilian making a rebuttal/ voicing out his strong opinions on the problems with the society they live in. He starts off with questioning why people are forced to work. Next, he questions why people must pay in order to eat? Stating that they are all slaves to their own work, and people don’t have true freedom in the world. The person/ Villain introduces himself as “Hammerhead”, and wants to change society. A society where people will choose whether they want to work or not.

The villains in their mecha-suits, making a bold statement out in the public.

Enraged that no one is listening to him, he decides to wreck the posh penthouse of Zeniru, to show the citizens that they are serious. He makes a funny remark, saying that high-rise apartments are symbols of inequality.

A villain appears

One of Hammerhead’s underlings says that this whole building is Zeniru’s home. With a single punch on one of the main pillars of the buildings, the whole building collapsed to the ground. Hammerhead just merely laughed, and says that it was worth risking their lives to steal are the experimental battle suits.

I wonder what would happen if One Punch man wears this suit?

With the destruction of one building, panic can be felt in the atmosphere. But, that turns into an air of humor when Hammerhead underling tells him that he is sorry, and that this is the wrong building they destroyed… …

“Bicycle guy” hero is introduced

Outside the danger zone, away from all the chaos, another hero character is introduced into the anime. A hero named “bicycle guy” helps a kid get his balloon which is stuck on the tree. Wearing a green helmet, a huge pair of sunglasses, the hero gets thanked by the boy.

Bicycle hero from one punch man.

On the other hand, our main protagonist, One Punch Man is well asleep in the comforts of his own home, and is oblivious about what is going on. He wakes up to a bad dream, and turns on the TV. Following the broadcast of the news, he learns of the identities of the criminals and their actions. Saitama can’t be bothered with them, and thinks that they are not a real threat to anyone. However, that changes when he learns that all the group members of the terrorist group have shaved their heads, and the public is warned to stay away from people with shaven heads.

Saitama in cold sweat
Fear coursing through Saitama when he learns that part of his identity of being bald headed is stolen and used for misdeeds.

Due to this, he immediately dresses up, and wants to bring down the villains. (In hopes that the public would see him as a hero, and not a villain.) He gets enraged and swears to crush them🤣.

Outside, the unstoppable group of villains bashes through any obstacle in their way, creating chaos, deeming all forms of countermeasures useless. The bicycle hero cycles quickly to the scene, formally introduces himself as Mumen Rider, the bicyclist for justice. He puts up a fighting like stance, standing in front of the bad guys. But gets punched in the face for being weak.

Zeniru’s bodyguard: Sonic is introduced.

At the penthouse of Zeniru’s residence, Zeniru faces a difficult decision whether or not to flee from the group of villains. While his butler advised him to flee, Zeniru was afraid that his reputation might suffer when he flees. Their conversation was then interrupted by Zeniru’s hired bodyguard (only for a period of time). The bodyguard looks cool, and emits an aura of fear. With just one side step, he reaches to the door, far away (Shows how fast he is).

Sonic asks of Zeniru to think of a way to dispose the pile of dead bodies

The confrontation

Sonic sneaks up on Hammerhead, a B-Class criminal but immediately fails his ambush to Hammerhead. Remaining firm, he confronts Hammerhead and his gang, taunting them to back off, before he kills them all. A fight breaks out in Sonic’s favor, as he butchers the heads of everyone with Hammerhead. Cornered, Hammerhead takes cover, and punches the ground as hard as he can. This changes the terrain around him to his benefit. However, his effort still fails short, and fainted (fake) with a kunai knife throw from Sonic at the back. He gets he name hammerhead with how thick his skull can be, protecting himself from the kunai.

When Sonic makes a call to Zeniru, Hammerhead who was playing the dead man, runs away from the scene. He thanks the heavens for his thick skull. When running into the forest, he sees our main protagonist also at the scene, trying to catch Hammerhead too.

Genos in the laboratory

Back in the laboratory, Genos can be seen lying down with lots of wires connected into his cyborg body. Genos who was still conscious talks to the scientist, he calls “Doctor Kuseno”. Although he was in a critical condition, he continues carrying the flavors of Teacher Saitama. And how he managed to save him twice. Scientist Kuseno listens, and states Genos could/might surpass his teacher soon with latest parts (upgraded) in his body.

Back to Saitama

The fight is on. Saitama introduces himself as a person who is just a hero for fun. Thinking that Saitama is no real threat to him, he immediately punches Saitama with his battle suit. However, despite that punch which changed the environment, Saitama still stands there, disappointed by Hammerhead’s attack. He comments the battle suit was lame, and knocks out Hammerhead’s battle suit, leaving him naked and running away. (After a full on serious fight from Hammerhead).

Chill man, I’m just chilling naked here

Before Saitama decides to leave the forest for home, he gets greeted by Sonic, unaware of what is going on. Sonic deems Saitama as one of Hammerhead’s underlings, and thinks that Saitama is lying when he told him the truth. Underestimating the strength of Saitama, he approaches Saitama, trying to take him down. However, Saitama reacts very quickly to his attacks, and manages to dodge both of Sonic’s attacks.

Sonic, Saitama’s new “Rival”

Sonic couldn’t be bothered about where Hammerhead went now. He realizes the strength of Saitama, and deems him as a natural enemy to him. (For being undefeated all this time). Trying to take down Saitama, but this time more seriously, he dashes around the trees. Despite his speed, Saitama sees his smile, and says Sonic was just lying. He knows that Sonic just wanted a worthy fight to try his new moves.

Sonic dashes around Saitama, and his speed makes it look like a black ball surrounding Saitama. Our hero just reacts to Sonic, and shocks him over, ending the fight with an accidental punch to Sonic’s balls.

Sonic’s weakness: His balls

Sonic then promised to get stronger so that he could take down Saitama another day. He also states his commitment to it by saying that he would stop working, and only train. He introduces himself as “Speed-o’-Sound Sonic”, and asks Saitama for his name.

Saitama’s worries

Back at home, Saitama and genos sits over a low table in the middle of Saitama’s apartment. They are discussing about Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, and Genos volunteers to get rid of him for if he is a nuisance to Saitama. At the table, Saitama opens his heart and shares with Genos his problem: NO ONE KNOWS WHO HE IS. While stating the monsters that he defeated and many more, genos learns that Saitama is not a registered hero in the Hero Association, and helps Saitama register for the Hero test. Saitama learns that hero’s that are not registered with the association are deemed in the public eye as “Weirdoes spouting nonsense viewed with suspicion.” Saitama immediately asks of Genos if he is signed up. Genos states that he doesn’t feel the need to sign up, and told him that he hasn’t signed up.

Genos acknowledged by Saitama as his Disciple

Saitama then told Genos that he would make him his disciple if he signs up with him. Genos agrees whole heartedly. Saitama and Genos fills up the Hero Application test the next day alone, and listens to the news of the Hammerhead,”Paradisers incident” before he gets to sleep.

This episode has been a ride, and a lot of fun. As always, thanks a lot to those that have subscribed to the channel already. I am very thankful for your support. Do remember to like and share this ONE PUNCH MAN post to your friends.😎

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World Trigger 1st Season recap (Ep. 1-10)

Since 2014, this anime series, World Trigger hasn’t aired their anime series for a very long time. After the long wait, the second season, along with the third came together, one after the other. Most anime fans might have already forgotten the storyline to the first season, unable to make sense of the second. This blog post might include potential spoilers for the anime World Trigger Season 1. For those who already watched the season, and wants a recap before pouncing on season 2, this is for you. The first season of the anime has a total of 73 total episodes, and thus I split the recap up into 10 episodes each per recap. Enjoy!

Episode 1

How nostalgic, in the first episode of this series, we see the humble beginnings of Mikumo-kun(main protagonist of the story) studying together with Chika Amatori (the girl with exceptional amount of trion) in the same class. They met up with Yuma Kuga (kid with white hair) who’s a transfer student. Yuma was suspected of working with the border for being in a school so close to the war zone. He also showed exceptional abilities, example: not hurt when hit by a car/ able to knock a bully off his seat with just a paper toss.

The bully settling their beef against Yuma and Mikumo. Fighting in a place called Forbidden zone. (A place where monsters might appear in).

In the forbidden zone, came a siren which announced the arrival of monsters from another world, through a black hole(gate). The fight between Yuma and the bullies immediately ended, with the bullies now more fearful for their lives.

The fight ended with Mikumo showing Yuma that he is in the border. Mikumo seeing how Yuma had a black trigger/special trigger, killing the powerful monster in a single hit from the top. (He also saved the bullies, a very upright and virtuous thing to do.) Conversing with Yuma, he learns more about his background, and why he came to Japan. The episode ended with Yuma saying he’s a “Neighbor”/ someone who lives in another planet/came to earth via a gate.

Episode 2

In the second episode, Mikumo doubts that Yuma is a neighbor. However, after spending time with him, he sees his violent nature. In addition, he saw Yuma got hit by a car, and how his body recovered like a monster. And thus, confirms that he is no ordinary person and believes he is a neighbor. Knowing the hard truth, he asks Yuma not to tell of anyone of his true identity (believes that Yuma is a good person at heart, doesn’t want Border to keep him captive). The bullies continued bullying Mikumo and Yuma despite being saved by them yesterday. We learn that the memories of trespassers of the forbidden zone are erased to prevent any information leaks. Although being a Border Agent is highly reputable/ considered like a hero, Mikumo doesn’t desire attention. He thus is a Border Agent in Secret.

A gate suddenly appears in his school/ never happened before. The episode ends with Mikumo being forced to use his trigger, which meant revealing his identity as a border agent. He does this to keep harm away from the students in the school.

Mikumo in his C-rank uniform (lowest rank in Border), saves the day.

Episode 3

Everywhere was chaos, and students are all running away from the monster which just appeared in school. Yuma immediately tells Mikumo that his chances of winning the fight is very slim, but Mikumo still determined ran and stopped the monster in it’s tracks. (Trying to buy time for the other students to escape.) Learning that Mikumo is in trouble, Yuma is in a dilemma. Saving Mikumo would require him to use his black trigger, and reveal that he is a neighbor. Yuma decides to believe in the faith in Mikumo’s trigger, and saves the day using Mikumo’s training trigger. (He killed 2 Monsters.)

Yuma defeating the Marmods in one strike, using a class C Trigger/ low level weapon

The students in school thinks that Mikumo’s the one that killed the monsters, and everyone praises him. Mikumo has no choice but to be on the receiving end of those praises in order to protect the identity of Yuma. Soon later, border agents (ranked A) came down to the scene. They learned what happened. Although Mikumo was known to defeat the two monsters, he has to face punishment as he is a trainee, and is not allowed to use his trigger other than training purposes.

Episode 4

The border agents that arrived to the scene checked the scene, and called the recovery team before leaving. Mikumo was lucky to be let off the hook. Now, Mikumo gains the attention of everyone in the school, and his identity of being a border agent is no longer a secret. The bullies that used to pick on him decides to let him be.

Mikumo gets acknowledged and thanked by the people he saved in the city.

After school, Mikumo was greeted by Ai Kitora, a rank 5 border agent, to be escorted back to HQ to receive his punishment. Yuma follows along with them. Along the way, a gate appears near them, and a more scary looking monster appeared. Ilgar, a rare kind of monster flies over the city and bombs the streets. Kitora faces the opponent, while Mikumo who is out of trion decides to help the people in the city. Mikumo wants Yuma to help Kitora for if she is in danger, and asks of Yuma to do it in secrecy. Yuma installs a part of his replica’s body into Yuma, giving more strength to help the people in the city. Kitora jumps on top of Ilgar, and tries to take it down.

Episode 5

Kitora takes down the Ilgar, but that also poses another problem. An Ilgar would choose to fall in the nearest location where there are most people, and would self-destruct using it’s inner Trion. Yuma uses his skill “Chain Triple”, and pulls the Ilgar down into the water before it could self destruct. Kitora gains the credit for brining down the monster. She knows that there was someone behind the scenes helping her in secret. Kitora makes friends with Mikumo. Jin (rank 1 border agent) is summoned to the meeting room in HQ. In the course of the meeting, Jin agrees to solve the mysteries behind the irregular gate openings, and wants Mikumo to be forgiven in exchange. He states that Mikumo might know the reason. He knows that via his “Side effect”.(Mikumo now under his care.) The commander agrees, and the meeting is dismissed.

Mikumo being interrogated in the meeting. He becomes a Rank B agent.

After the meeting, another border agent Shuji Miwa, ranked 7 asks Mikumo if the monster that appeared in the forbidden zone was killed by him. Mikumo says yes, and Miwa suspects that Mikumo is in touch with a neighbor, due to evidences pointing towards it. Mikumo is thus placed under close watch (in secrecy).

Episode 6

With many un-answered questions, Mikumo wasn’t able to sleep well. In the meantime, Yuma in school, (midnight), is finding out the cause of the irregular gate openings. The next morning, Jin meets up with Mikumo. He interrupts Miwa who tries to stalk them, and asks them to go back to the base. Jin and Mikumo meets up with Yuma. Jin knows that Yuma is a neighbor, and believes that Yuma is a good neighbor. He asks Yuma if he knows the cause to the gate openings. Jin also reveals that his “Side effect” is reading the future, and knows that Yuma is key to solving the gate problem.

Yuma explains, gates are opened due to “Rad”, which hides itself in parts of the city, absorbing trion from humans, opening a gate with trion. Yuma’s chaperone, Replica adds, there are thousands of them in the city. Under Jin’s command, all Border agents united to eliminate “Rad”, and it only took them a day. Yuma gets thanked from Jin, and Yuma wants Mikumo to get the credit instead.

While Chika and Yuma are waiting for Mikumo, they got to know each other, and Chika teaches Yuma how to ride a bicycle. Not long later, the monster alarm sounded, and Chika runs towards the forbidden zone trying to lead the monster away from the city. Yuma saves Chika in nick of time, while Mikumo fights the monster, killing it.

Mikumo in his Class B border agent outfit, takes out the monster.

Episode 7

Mikumo formally introduces Chika and Yuma to each other in an isolate place where there are no Border agents around. Mikumo intends to let Yuma know more about Chika, thinking that he might know the reason why so many monsters target Chika. Chika has a huge amount of Trion, shown by Replica. We then learn about Chika history, and why Osamu Mikumo doesn’t want to ask Border to help defend her.

Chika’s large amount of Trion when measured.

Border agents appeared, and saw the trigger which comes from a neighbor. They immediately shot him, and a fight broke out. While Yuma is trying to take down the 2 border agents, Mikumo calls Jin, and asks for his help. Jin simply responded that he didn’t need to help them, as Yuma would win the battle, when he looks into the future. The fight continues with Yuma being shot by a sniper positioned far away.

Episode 8

In the air, Yuma gets shot by two snipers, and loses an arm. Yuma still looks calm. As he tries to hold himself back against the 2, trying to negotiate with them. Yuma copied the opponents moves, and wins the fight. He asks to properly talk with them. They immediately learnt that Yuma has a Black Trigger (a superpower). Yuma then makes friends with the other border agents. Yuma and Chika goes to eat on their own.

While Mikumo and Jin are meeting with the higher-ups in the HQ, Jin is ordered to capture Yuma with his black Trigger, to obtain another black trigger on their own.

Episode 9

Chika and Yuma continued discovering the different foods in Japan, while waiting for Mikumo. Back in the meeting room in HQ, Jin immediately declines the order, saying that he is not his immediate superior when it comes to the chain of commands. Rindo who is Jin’s superior tells Jin to get the black trigger. But Jin could use any way he sees fit. Jin agrees, knowing that he doesn’t need to kill him. Osamu was ordered to say the name of the neighbor. Saying “Kuga Yuma”, (Kuga is like a Surname), the room begins to feel a different vibe.

The commander wants to find out if Yuma’s father is Yugo, and asks of Mikumo and Jin to ask him that. We also learn that Yugo is one of the founding fathers of Border. With this, they know that Yuma is on their side, and decides not to take actions against Yuma.

Yuma is asked to join the border by Jin.

Episode 10

Yuma decide to take a look at Tamakoma’s branch, a branch which loves, and welcomes neighbors. While Mikumo has high expectations to what “Super Agents” he might see in the tamakoma. But…

Greeted by a 5 year old riding a capybara

The laid back atmosphere is explained as it is like a base where border agents stay. As there are only about 10 people in the base, it has a homely vibe. However, Tamakoma’s Branch despite it’s small size is competent, and all the border agents in their branch are ranked A. Yuma decides to join border, and Osamu, together with Yuma and Chika got to choose the rooms that they each want to stay in. After a heart to heart talk with the head of Tamakoma’s branch leader, Yuma decides to join tamakoma as a border agent. We also learns of the history of Yuma and his relationship with Yugo/ how Yugo died.

That’s the short summary of 10 episodes, hoped that you guys liked it. Do remember to like, subscribe and comment for if you haven’t already done so. This anime is mentioned in my 1 word anime post, do check it out here.

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1 word Anime: World

Hello there! We are back again with another 1 word Anime post. This time we would be looking at Anime’s with the word “World” in them. Hope you Otaku’s and Weeaboo’s would find more Anime’s to watch this time. I also released another 1 word Anime post on the word “End“, and “Death” too. Remember to check them out!

Anime Titles with “World”

Anime poster of World Trigger, first season

Title: World Trigger

Genre: Action, School, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Space, Supernatural

Year: Fall 2014

MAL rating: 7.58 out of 10

Notes: Must watch for all the Otaku’s and Weeaboos out there (link to anime). The first and second season were great watches, and after waiting till now, the third season is receiving news, and is currently airing. This anime is very similar to that of “My Hero Academia”, just that it has more action features, and less emotional scenes than the anime.

Anime poster of Accel World

Title: Accel World

Genre: Action, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, Shounen

Year: 2012

MAL rating: 7.27 out of 10

Notes: Another Must watch anime (link to anime). This anime is slightly underrated. However, it is still a great watch. (p.s. not good to analyze this anime)

Title: WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi

Year: Spring 2017

MAL rating: 7.70 out of 10

Notes: Probably an anime which has the longest title, and most probably you Otaku’s could already guess the storyline based on the title.

Anime poster of Shinsekai yori.

Title: From the New World

Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Supernatural

Year: 2012

MAL rating: 8.32 out of 10

Notes: Anime also known as “Shinsekai yori”

Anime of Seiken Tsukai no world break

Title: Seiken Tsukai no World Break

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural

Year: Winter 2015

MAL rating: 6.84 out of 10

Anime poster of Musaigen no Phantom World

Title: Musaigen no Phantom World

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

Year: Winter 2016

MAL rating: 6.87 out of 10

Anime poster of Kino no Tabi (season 2)

Title: Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World – The Animated Series

Genre: Action, Adventure, Slice of Life

Year: Fall 2017

MAL rating: 7.60 out of 10

Notes: This anime is the second season for “Kino no Tabi” which is released on 2003. After the long wait from the mangaka, the second season comes out. In my opinion, it is fine if you guys decided to watch the second season on it’s own.

Poco's Udon World
The warmth and homely vibe of this Anime poster

Title: Poco’s Udon World

Genre: Fantasy, Seinen, Slice of Life

Year: Fall 2016

MAL rating: 7.75 out of 10

Notes: This anime is rather underrated. It is also known as “Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari“.

Title: The World God Only Knows

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Harem, Shounen, Supernatural

Year: 2010

MAL rating: 7.69 out of 10

Notes: There are 3 seasons of this anime. I recommend watching the anime in order/ first season first.

1 Word Anime: World
Title: Iroduku: The World in Colors

Title: Iroduku: The World in Colors

Genre: Drama, Magic, Romance

Year: Fall 2018

MAL rating: 7.53 out of 10

Notes: Anime is also known as “Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara“, and is an anime definitely worth watching for anybody out there.

1 Word Anime: World
Title: Restaurant to Another World

Title: Restaurant to Another World

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

Year: Summer 2017

MAL rating: 7.36 out of 10

Notes: There are 2 seasons to this comedy related anime, and I guarantee you to fun and laughter watching this anime. I do recommend watching the anime in order. Another name of the anime: “Isekai Shokudou

1 Word Anime: World
Title: World Witches Hasshin Shimasu!

Title: World Witches Hasshin Shimasu!

Genre: Comedy Military

Year: Winter 2021

MAL rating: 6.37 out of 10

Notes: Anime is very similar to “Girls und Panzer”. If you enjoy watching that anime, you can definitely watch this one.

1 Word Anime: World
Title: Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

Title: Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Military, Romance

Year: Fall 2020

MAL rating: 6.59 out of 10

Notes: This anime is great in most aspects, including the storyline. In my opinion, the opening song for this anime is too nice to miss/skip. Overall, I think that 6.59 is rather an under statement for this anime. (Click to watch anime)

Anime is a.k.a.: Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Aruiwa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen

1 Word Anime: World
Title: YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world

Title: YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Year: Spring 2019

MAL rating: 6.57 out of 10

Anime Movies with “World”

1 Word Anime: World
Movie Title: One Piece Film: Strong World

Movie Title: One Piece Film: Strong World

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Shounen

Year: 2009

MAL rating: 8.14 out of 10

1 Word Anime: World
Movie Title: Hello World

Movie Title: Hello World

Genre: Sci-Fi

Year: 2019

MAL rating: 7.55 out of 10

Notes: The movie is rather confusing at the start, but when you watch further, everything starts to make sense. This movie is rather underrated, maybe due to the lack of Marketing.

1 Word Anime: World

Movie Title: Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World

Genre: Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Shoujo

Year: 2011

MAL rating: 6.06 out of 10

Movie Title: In This Corner of the World

Genre: Drama, Historical

Year: 2016

MAL rating: 8.22 out of 10

Notes: Alternative movie name: “Kono Sekai no Katasumi

1 Word Anime: World
Anime poster for Boku no Hero Academia the Movie 3/ My Hero Academia the Movie 3.

Movie Title: Boku no Hero Academia the Movie 3: World Heroes’ Mission

Genre: Action, Comedy

Year: 2021

MAL rating: 7.69 out of 10

Anime Characters with “World”

1 Word Anime: World
Character Portrait of Roboworld President

Character Name: Roboworld President

Title: Redline (Movie)

Genre: Action, Cars, Sci-Fi, Sports


MAL rating: 8.29 out of 10

1 Word Anime: World
Anime poster of Precure all stars Movie DX3

Character Name: Witch of the World of Darkness

Title: Precure All Stars Movie DX3: Mirai ni Todoke! Sekai wo Tsunagu☆Nijiiro no Hana

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Magic, Shoujo

Year: 2011

MAL rating: 7.50 out of 10

1 Word Anime: World
Clannad anime poster

Character Name: Girl from the Illusionary World

Title: Clannad

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Year: 2007

MAL rating: 8.03 out of 10

Notes: Anime is probably the best at tugging your hearstrings.

1 Word Anime: World
Character portrait of the "Egg of the Perfect World"

Character Name: Egg of the Perfect World

Title: Berserk

Genre: Action, Adventure, Demons, Fantasy, Horror, Military, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural

Year: 1997

MAL rating: 6.31 out of 10

Notes: Still doable, but not recommended

Hoped that you guys enjoyed this blog post. In this post, I found many isekai genre anime, and such as Kono suba. However, I chose Anime based on how underrated, and uncommon they were, in hopes to suggest new Anime titles to you guys/Otaku’s out there. As always, please remember to subscribe, and share this post to your family and friends

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1 word Anime: End

Hope that you Otakus and Weeaboos out there loved the Previous 1 word Anime series (Word: Death). In order to recommend you with more anime titles, today we would be looking into the word “End”. Hopefully you will consider watching these anime that are suggested below. Lets get rolling!

Anime Titles with “End”

1 word Anime: End
Anime Banner for the anime Endro~!, showing us many cute little, and lovable girls with big round eyes.

Title: Endro~!

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Slice of Life

Year: Winter 2019

MAL rating: 6.92 of 10

Title: Endride

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Year: Spring 2016

MAL rating: 5.61 of 10

1 word Anime: End
Anime banner for the anime Endride. It shows 2 men of similar heights, one wearing black with a black hairstyle, and the other wearing a red jacket with maroon like hairstyle. The one wearing red holds onto a sword, and the person wearing black holds onto a battle axe with both his hands.
1 word Anime: End
Anime banner for Platinum End, showing a black uniformed Japanese school boy with white wings behind him.

Title: Platinum End

Genre: Drama, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural

Year: Fall 2021

MAL rating: 7.57 of 10

Notes: Anime is still currently airing, with only 3 episodes aired (as of time when written). Anime shows great potential till now, and it has a unique style adapted to the art. Definitely a must watch for any Otakus out there.

Title: Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen – Zetsubou-hen

Genre: Action, Horror, Mystery, Psychological

Year: Summer 2016

MAL rating: 7.43 of 10

Notes: I would recommend watching the Danganronpa 1st Season first, and follow the story Season after Season. This exciting storyline is something like “Among us”, game.

1 word Anime: End
Anime banner for the anime Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Zetsubou-hen
1 word Anime: End
Anime banner for the anime Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Mirai-hen

Title: Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen – Mirai-hen

Genre: Action, Horror, Mystery, Psychological

Year: Summer 2016

MAL rating: 7.29 of 10

Notes: There isn’t much differences in the title of the previous anime and this one. They both belong to the same anime series, and one is just the next season of the other. This is like the second season, and the previous one is the third season.

Title: World’s End Harem

Genre: Ecchi, Harem, Sci-Fi, Shounen

Year: 2021

MAL rating: 6.62 of 10

Notes: Definitely an Anime targeted specifically to a certain gender🥴

1 word Anime: End
Anime Banner for World's End Harem
1 word Anime: End
Anime Banner for Seraph of the End

Title: Seraph of the End

Genre: Drama, Shounen, Supernatural, Vampire

Year: Spring 2015

MAL rating: 7.49 of 10

Notes: Great Anime in general, with nice storyline, and might be on par with “Platinum End.” Would recommend watching the English sub version of this anime, instead of the Dub, and to watch the anime by season order. Art of the anime is very close to perfection.

Anime Movies with “End”

1 word Anime: End
Anime Movie Banner for Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

Movie: Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

Genre: Drama, Mecha, Psychological, Sci-Fi

Year: 1997

MAL rating: 8.54 of 10

Notes: The evangelion Anime series, despite being one of the oldest in the market, it is still enjoyed by many up till today, definitely a must watch for friends and families, or everyone.

Anime Characters with “End”

Ende, an anime character with white hair, red beautiful eyes, a white checkered designed scarf wrapping around his neck. He wears a thick metal bracelet in his left arm, and has a pale complexion.

Character Name: Ende

Title: Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance

Year: Summer 2017

MAL rating: 6.18 of 10

Notes: Character is a supporting character in the Anime.

1 word Anime: End
Anime Banner for Jinsei

Character Name: Rino Endo

Title: Jinsei

Genre: Comedy, School, Slice of Life

Year: Summer 2018

MAL rating: 6.48 of 10

Character Portrait for the character Endo, a side character in the anime Sword Art Online II.
Anime Banner for Sword Art Online II

Character Name: Endo

Title: Sword Art Online II

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Romance, Shounen

Year: Summer 2014

MAL rating: 6.72 of 10

Notes: Side Character that attends the same school as Asada Shino. She constantly abuses Shino for her own benefits.

Character Portrait for Endou, in the anime Little Busters!
Anime Banner for Little Busters!

Character Name: Endou

Title: Little Busters!

Genre: Comedy, Drama, School, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Year: 2012

MAL rating: 7.50 of 10

Notes: Character is a teacher at Rikki’s school.

Character portrait of Dead End, featured in the anime Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade II

Character Name: Dead End

Title: Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade II

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Mecha, Military, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shounen

Year: 1994

MAL rating: 6.28 of 10

Notes: Great manga for reading, wouldn’t recommend watching the anime.

1 word Anime: End
Anime Banner for Dagashi Kashi

Character Name: Tou Endou

Title: Dagashi Kashi

Genre: Comedy, Shounen

Year: Winter 2016

MAL rating: 6.61 of 10

Notes: Anime character owns his own cafe. Great anime guaranteed to make you laugh. Other than that, story lines might be slightly boring.

1 word Anime: End
Anime Banner for Servamp

Character Name: World End

Title: Servamp

Genre: Action, Comedy, Shoujo, Supernatural, Vampire

Year: Summer 2016

MAL rating: 6.91 of 10

Notes: Anime is worth watching, although it lacks popularity, the story line is good, however do not expect too much from the anime’s transitions and animations. Transition wise is rather nice. One can just read the manga too.

1 word Anime: End
Anime Banner for My Hero Academia

Character Name: Endeavour

Title: My Hero Academia

Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Super Power

Year: Spring 2016

MAL rating: 7.99 of 10

Notes: I guess all Otaku’s and Weeaboos would definitely know this character. But for if you haven’t watched/ read this anime, you are definitely missing out a lot.

Hoped that I have made you guys consider about watching those anime that I recommended in this series. There are too many characters out there with the word “end” in them, I had no choice, but to only select those ones that are worth mentioning and those that are better off recommendations. Thanks to everyone out there that liked my previous 1 word Anime post on the word “Death”, it means a lot to be on the receiving end of your support. Thank you!

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One Punch Man (Episode 3)

It has been a long time since I last posted, my apologies. It has been a long 2 weeks for me, and a tremendously busy schedule has almost filled up all my hours. Let’s not waste any time, and look at the third episode of One Punch Man!!!

The Anime starts of with an introduction of a villainy scientist, along with how his humble origins. We learn that due to him becoming disillusioned with the world, and turned into weird thoughts/ ideas regarding evolution of humans. The scientist dream?: “We should not be striving to advance human civilization, but rather the artificial evolution of humans as a species.” His dream was pushed away by the masses despite his hard work, which made him dedicate himself to research, and only after reaching the age of 70, his efforts had began to yield results. He then used the findings to his own benefits. Firstly, he regained his youth. Next, he began cloning himself, and together with his clones, he named his laboratory the ” House of Evolution”. He then started to conduct countless experiments with animals to create new species, and it was not before long when he then used human subjects in his own evil experiments.

Now we are cut back into the present time where the monster, Armored Gorilla is being life threatened by Saitama and Genos-sama. With Saitama’s “no time to waste/ doesn’t like to listen to long stories”, the armored gorilla is asked to cut the story short to 20 words and below.🤣

Back to the present world, Saitama learns that this evil villian is very interested in his powerful body, and therefore plans to use his body (overpowered human being) to conduct research on evolution. In order to obtain his body, he sent armored gorilla to “capture” him.

Genos then suggested to attack the house of evolution, not allowing the scientist to try any new moves on them. Saitama then started brisk walking away, and tells genos that he could only do attack them as soon as possible today, as there is a sale going on tomorrow, and therefore he wouldn’t be able to attack them the next day. The armored gorilla still sits tight on the ground, watching them leave, before he uses an antenna on his head to warn the doctor that Saitama, along with Genos is heading his way. Genos then pops back, looking at him with stern eyes, asking the armored gorilla if there are any other cyborgs in the house of evolution, and whether or not they had a history of destroying towns in the past. (Should be pertaining to something encountered before/ he has eyes of revenge.)

Genos gets sensitive as he asks armored gorilla a question

The scene changes to the control center in the “House of Evolution” the evil scientist along with his clones are now discussing on the counter forces to stop/ deter Saitama and his disciple, Genos from attacking their laboratory. They made an analysis on their remaining elite forces (all wiped out), and the mad scientist states that they have no choice but to let out their trump card/ Carnage Kabuto. The atmosphere in the laboratory turns into a chaotic mess, with all the other scientist’s voicing their fears/ bad feelings about the matter at hand.

Saitama and Genos runs to the evil hideout as quick as they could, and they stood at the bottom floor of a run down building, situated nicely beside some rocky mountains. Before Saitama could finish counting the total number of levels in the building, his disciple wastes no time and immediately annihilates the building with one massive fire shot, bringing the building down in crumbles.


At the bottom of the building, there is something that looks like a metal bunker, and Saitama sensei easily rips the metal lid open slowly. In the basement, there is pin-drop silence, followed by the screams of a man in agony. His screams are amplified by the long and silent corridor, which looks as if there is no end in the passageway. The corridor is well lit, but the walls are all reinforced steel, which made the corridor appear dark despite the lighting.

The new monster is introduced. Carnage Kabuto, emits a dangerous aura around him despite being all chained up. He continues to kill one of the mad scientist’s clones. On the ground, multiple blood stains, along with torn clothes can be seen on the floor. (Probably from killing previous clones.) This time round, Carnage Kabuto meets up with the real mad scientist, and the scientist pleads him to help him to capture Saitama who is making their way into the facility. He then pleads him to capture Saitama, either died or alive, and states that only he could defeat him.

Carnage Kabuto grabbing firmly onto the mad scientist, and runs towards Saitama and Genos.

Genos senses the two living being that are approaching them, and asks Saitama to prepare himself. However, before Genos could react to Carnage Kabuto, he is crushed to the wall by his sheer speed, and the monster challenges Saitama to a fight in their combat experiment room. The monster states that he is the strongest monster in the whole of the house of evolution, and that since the fight is against Saitama, Genos wasn’t needed.

In the combat experiment room, before the fight could start, Genos steps into the arena shooting a blast of fire at Carnage Kabuto. Carnage Kabuto unharmed, just simply asks, “oh, you are still alive”, before outpowering Genos to another fight, rendering Genos with a curly like hair and a broken face, unable to fight.

Without wasting any further time, all the attention goes back to Saitama and the monster. Saitama feels motivated off his potential opponent whom might give him a great fight. The evil scientist looks at the battle between Carnage Kabuto and Saitama from the distance away, before the beginning of their fight, he expects Saitama either to lose, or to barely win with his current strength enabling him to cling on to the strand of his life. He stands away from any danger, looking at both of them with great anticipation with his eyes.

Carnage Kabuto runs on the walls of the room, and starts with attacking Saitama from behind him. However, before he cold land a blow on him, he immediately feels a chill run down his spine, and backs off, flying far into the corner with fear in his eyes. Saitama casually asks him what is he doing, and both the scientist and Genos were speechless. The scene shows us the inner-dialogs of Carnage Kabuto, where he realizes that although “He’s leaving himself wide open, yet all my instincts are screaming, sending out danger signals!” Carnage Kabuto immediately takes a deep breath in, and asks with a loud voice, “How the hell did you get that strong?!”

Saitama’s meme look

The facial expressions of Saitama then changed, (looks very serious), he also asks Genos to listen up, as he would reveal his secret for becoming this strong. With the atmosphere in the air becoming tense, and heavy, Saitama immediately changed the atmosphere with the most ridiculous answer of all, “One hundred push-ups! One hundred sit-ups! One hundred squats! Then a ten kilometer run. Every single day, eat three meals a day, a banana in the morning, and never to use the A/C or heater in the summer or the winter, so that one can also strengthen the mind.” He then states that after doing it for a year and a half, he immediately realized that he became bald, and had become stronger. He mentions that one must train like hell to the point where his hair falls out, to then become strong.

Carnage Kabuto gets angry from Saitama’s remark and turns into a different monster

When Carnage Kabuto becomes the different monster, he then gains an increasing amount of speed, an states that when he gets into Carnage mode, he would lose control for a whole week, and would also be more hungry for killing. He then says that after killing him, he would go into town and rampage until the next Saturday! This makes Saitama realized that he messed up his dates, and realized that today was a Saturday. He had missed the “Bargain day at the supermarket!!” This makes him angry and sad at the same time, and lands a punch on Carnage Kabuto, ending the fight in one hit.

Carnage Kabuto punches Saitama in all directions, not leaving Saitama with a scrath
Saitama not doing anything, and ending the fight with one punch (meme face)

The scientist just stands at the side of the room with broken, and tilted glasses, and he can’t believe his eyes. Genos immediately tells Saitama that he would be able to still make it to the supermarket, for if he hurries there, as the place is only four hours away. Learning about this, Saitama gets up on his feet, and wastes no time on the scientist. He doesn’t apprehend the scientist, and just punched through layers of the walls, leaving a straight path to the outside world.

Saitama’s overwhelming power

The scientist stands at the sight of the mess, and the “Great sale pamphlet” which Genos gave him. He immediately says that he is done with evolution, and that he needs to change his ways.

1 word Anime : Death (Anime with “Death”)

Word: Death

Welcome to the new series, that we would be releasing, “1 word Anime”. This series would best help Otaku’s and Weeaboo’s out there who have already watched countless of animes, and do not know what is in store for them/ require more anime titles to watch. Here are some Anime with “Death” in them.

Anime Titles with “Death”

Anime poster for Death Parade

Title: Death Parade

Genre: Game, Psychological

Year: Winter 2015

MAL rating: 8.18 of 10

Title: Shigurui: Death Frenzy

Genre: Action, Drama, Historical, Martial Arts, Seinen

Year: 2007

MAL rating: 7.39 of 10

Note: The arts of the anime tend to stray towards a monochrome type of setting, probably a normal watch, don’t expect too much from this anime.

Anime poster of Shigurui
Anime Poster for "The Duke of Death and His Maid"

Title: The Duke of Death and His Maid

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Year: 2021

MAL rating: 7.68 of 10

Title: Death Note

Genre: Mystery, Police, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller

Year: 2006

MAL rating: 8.63 of 10

Note: Probably the best strategy anime that you have ever watched

A popular anime title, Death Note, features Light Yagami and L in it's poster.
Anime poster for "Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousouku"

Title: Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

Genre: Fantasy

Year: 2018

MAL rating: 6.49 of 10

Note: I have already did an episode after episode summary for this anime, saves you time for if you didn’t want to watch the anime.

Title: Angels of Death (Satsuriku no Tenshi)

Genre: Adventure, Horror, Psychological, Thriller

Year: Summer 2018

MAL rating: 6.93 of 10

Angels of Death anime poster
DVD poster of the anime, Momo, Girl God of Death

Title: Momo, Girl God of Death

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Psychological

Year: Summer 2006

MAL rating: 6.92 of 10

Note: Don’t have high expectations for this anime, but anime still isn’t that bad, and only has 6 episodes, won’t cost you a lot of time.

Anime Movies with “Death”

Movie advertising poster for the Anime movie, Death Billiards

Movie: Death Billiards

Genre: Drama, Game, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller

Year: 2013

MAL rating: 7.91 of 10

Note: This movie is a continuation from the anime “Death Parade”, it is best to first watch that anime before watching this movie.

Movie: Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth

Genre: Drama, Mecha, Psychological, Sci-Fi

Year: 1997

MAL rating: 7.45 of 10

Notes: Old and classical anime, a must watch movie after you have watched neon genesis anime.

Movie poster of an Anime. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth.

Anime Characters with “Death”

Character portrait of Death the Kid in the Anime Soul Eater.

Character Name: Death the Kid

Title: Soul Eater

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural

Year: 2008

MAL rating: 7.85 of 10

Notes: A must watch anime for otaku’s

Character Name: Deathgeld

Title: Bikini Warriors

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy

Year: Summer 2015

MAL rating: 5.13 of 10

Notes: The Last Boss at episode 7.

Character Name: Death Abyss

Title: Interspecies Reviewers (Ishuzoku Reviewers)

Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy

Year: Winter 2020

MAL rating: 7.50 of 10

Notes: Another Must watch for otaku’s out there.

Character Name: Death Armor

Title: Bamboo Blade

Genre: Comedy, School, Sports

Year: 2007

MAL rating: 7.32 of 10

Note: Character is a spider like monster, not a human. Great anime storyline, should watch

Character Portrait of Death Gatling, aside character in the anime, One Punch Season 2.

Character Name: Death Gatling

Title: One Punch Man Season 2

Genre: Action, Comedy, Parody, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Super Power, Supernatural

Year: Spring 2019

MAL rating: 7.43 of 10

Character Name: Death Gun

Title: Sword Art Online 2

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Romance, Shounen

Year: Summer 2014

MAL rating: 6.72 of 10

Sword Art Online II anime poster

Character Name: Death Thirteen

Title: JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Shounen, Supernatural

Year: Spring 2014

MAL rating: 8.09 of 10

Hoped that you guys enjoyed this new series of “1 word Anime”, and are able to watch all those animes above. For if you guys enjoyed such content, please do subscribe to my blog, and comment what word should I look into next.

Stay healthy, and happy anime, happy watching.😂

Here are some Spring 2021 anime you should watch, click to read more…

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Re-evaluating Battle Game In 5 seconds (Final verdict)

Battle Game in 5 Seconds

The completed anime series Battle Game in 5 seconds, stands with high praises at the beginning of the sequel, showing us great visual artwork, along with a good sound effects, and a plot which is interesting. However, things have started to take a turn from the beginning of episode 10. Here is the final verdict after watching the completed anime series, along with my expectations I once had for the anime.

In the first few episodes of the anime, the storyline seems to be smooth and the flow/ breakdown of the storyline breaks down into each of those individual characters backgrounds, explaining why they do certain things/ how their actions are proved based on what they experienced since young. Most of the anime characters then gathers in a stadium from all walks of life, after they are all put through death, and fights with each other being granted with special powers.

However, in the last few episodes, most of the storylines are not carefully planned out, and it feels that the animation is placed together very quickly/ rushed, and the anime’s ending is too abrupt which doesn’t live up to the previous few episodes.

To illustrate my point, Here are some examples:

How can the tears of one guy still stay the same throughout a fight, also the transition of this fight is placed very shabbily together
The illogical and hurried finish led to cutting the anime short.

In episode 12, the final parts of the anime, the Main Protagonist dies in the Isekai world, and wakes up in his own comfy bed back in Japan. The anime suggests that everything that happened in all 12 of the episodes are just a dream of an ordinary Tokyo Boy that loves to play games, and the anime completes with a hurried ending/ shortened anime that is made to fit 12 episodes. The ending of the anime makes me question the previous episodes, and how illogical the anime storyline is.

For starters/ otaku and others, I wouldn’t recommend watching this Anime for it might ruin your day. If you enjoyed this type of content, do help me share this with your other Anime friends.😀

One Punch Man (Episode 2)

Saitama meets with genos during a fight with a mosquito lady

Episode 2 starts off with a setting in One Punch Man’s home. The television is turned on, and the news is playing. There is however, no one in the room, and the news is talking about a massive mosquito outbreak that is going on recently. Apparently the mosquitos belong to an entirely new species, leaving even the professionals dumbfounded by the outcome. Now, our hero, One Punch Man dressed up in his home clothes, walks to his house balcony with a green watering can, and watering his plants outside. Inside, the news continues playing, and the broadcast is interrupted by disturbing news, where mummified remains of attacked farm animals have also been found near the area where the large swarm of mosquitoes are (City Z). The news then warns people to flee immediately if they were to see a large swarm of mosquitoes.

News from the television talking about the new breed of mosquitoes

Continuing to water is cactus, almost soaking it with water, a mosquito lands on our hero’s hand. He slaps it down using his powers hilariously, but to no avail. Our hero now getting annoyed continues to attack the mosquito at the speed of light.

The small mosquito goes unharmed by One Punch Man’s godly powers

The atmosphere then darkens almost immediately, and a swarm of mosquitos gathers like dark clouds in the sky. The emergency warning is then sounded, and the threat level was marked to be: Demon Level. All residents have to stay indoors, and no one is allowed to go outside under any circumstances. On the other hand, a white haired human with cyborg eyes stares at the cloud of mosquitoes with cold eyes. He wears a white singlet, with a pair of jeans, and stands openly at the top of the roof of a building. An electronic voice takes over, and says, “Acquiring Target”, and his golden yellow eyes looks deadly at the mosquito cloud. He was introduced as “The Lone Cyborg”. The scene then transitions to a man holding a metal pole, wearing a beanie, and with gloves on. He looks at the huge bag of items beside him, and smirks saying, “Thanks to that warning they’re all empty! Like someone’s gonna die from a mosquito bite. What’s losing a little blood if I get all this?” Few seconds after saying that, he gets jinxed, and a swarm of mosquitos covers him up entirely, sucking him of all his blood. He dies.

Daylight robber fears for the mosquitoes for his very life.

The blood is absorbed by a large human monster who looks a lot like a mosquito herself. She then tells the swarm of mosquitoes that that was too little blood, and asks them to look for more blood for her. She carries a huge intent of malice in her eyes, and flies in the sky with wings also like a mosquito. Continuing this scene is the cyborg who attacks the mosquito lady with a laser beam, shot from his hand. She just quickly evades his attack, and looks at him without talking. The cyborg now speaks to the mosquito lady, “I see, You make them suck the blood, then take it all for yourself. You must be controlling the mosquitoes via some sort of signal. That would explain their mysterious behavior.” He then asks if the cloud of mosquitoes would disperse if he kills her. The mosquito lady doesn’t care about him, and just says, “Our next meal is here. Go drain him dry.” The mosquitoes surround him, only to all be burnt into ashes by a blast of fire from inside out, when the cyborg just says, “Incinerate”. The cyborg then orders the female mosquito to stay where she is, for he would eliminate her. Not angered/ feeling threatened, she just stares back at him confidently, doubting his abilities, and asking him to give his abilities a try.

Mosquito lady nagging that she hasn’t has enough blood to drink

At the mean time, while the cyborg and the mosquito lady are still having a fight, One Punch Man is still trying to kill a single mosquito, and he gets very annoyed. When exchanging blows with each other, the mosquito lady manages to chop of one of the cyborg’s arms and the cyborg returns the favor, cutting off both the legs of the female mosquito lady. The mosquito lady gets more annoyed and angered as time passes, and flies higher into the sky, re-evaluating her options/ courses of actions she should take before the cyborg hero really gets her for good. Now, a larger wave of mosquitoes gathers around her, and giving/feeding her with more blood which have been drained from animals and wildlife that are in the forest, and the mosquito lady gets stronger.

The evolved mosquito lady which is red in color, boasting her purple hair

Before the cyborg could make a move to shoot at the mosquito lady, he was interrupted by our main protagonist, One Punch Man dashing iconically to the middle of the road. The holds onto a cannister of insect repellent and sprays at the mosquito from previously. He meets up with the cyborg who is in the street, and realizes the larger swarm of mosquitoes that are above him, gathered into a cloud. He looks hilariously devastated, not showing any signs of fear.

Saitama’s scared reaction

The cyborg asks him to evacuate immediately, so that he wouldn’t be hurt by the fight/ the mosquitoes. Our main hero, One Punch Man then says: “Seriously? That’s bad. I gotta get–“. Catching the cyborg off guard, the mosquito lady starts attacking the cyborg from behind, this time with much force and power, which shook the buildings, and the mosquitoes were spread all around the buildings, causing them to fall, and covering the cyborg, and our main protagonist up in mosquitoes, filling them up with darkness. Showing us the talents of the cyborg himself, he blasted all the mosquitoes away once again, this time with a larger and bigger explosion, causing the mosquitoes around the area to all be taken out by a large fire, which spreads around the city’s buildings, causing even greater damage to the city. Standing upright, with his clothes still intact, the cyborg then points his arm towards the lady mosquito, amidst the smoke and the dark buildings around him caused by the explosion previously. He mocks the lady mosquito for having low intelligence, unlike his expectations. He told the mosquito lady that she brought the mosquitoes together into one big, easy to burn swarm, and trash talks to the mosquito lady, making her furious, and dead set on killing the cyborg.

The cyborg’s blast which eliminated all the mosquitoes.

The cyborg then states that he made sure that there was nobody within 500meters of his blast, and before he could finish his statement, he recalls that there was a guy/ One Punch Man which was behind him just now. With his shirt all burnt up, and fully naked, our hero then thanks/ interrupts the cyborg’s train of thoughts, making the cyborg to disbelief. One Punch Man who was at the center of his blast didn’t get injured in any way, and was still standing and talking to him, and even telling him a joke about bugs.

Before they could learn more about each other, the mosquito lady returns and fills the air back with her evil aura and laughter. She then states how she is much stronger, and no longer needs the other mosquitoes, demonstrating how she quickly and easily cuts the building with a flick of her wrist. She asks the cyborg to take a look at how strong she has become, before she regains her rage, directing her gaze back at the cyborg, now focusing and attacking him.

Rendering the cyborg powerless with her new found power/ hyper-speed, the mosquito lady darts quickly behind the cyborg, attacking from all directions with ease. The cyborg then retreats away from the mosquito lady, flying high into the sky, before the mosquito easily catches up with him, and sends him with multiple blows, straight back down towards the ground. Before the Mosquito lady could land her final blow on the cyborg/ the cyborg deciding that he should self-destruct, our main hero, One Punch Man slaps the mosquito lady towards a wall, with speeds that are of the charts, and ending the fight with a single blow of his. The cyborg was shocked speechless with his attack, and has jaws dropped witnessing his powers. One Punch Man just stood there, saying: “Mosquitos…suck!”, again away from harms reach.

The cyborg attempts self destruct, so that the monster will also be caught in the blast
Hardest bitch slap of all time

Collapsing on the ground, the cyborg then asks One Punch Man for his name, and asks him if he could be Saitama’s/ One Punch Man’s disciple. Saitama agrees, and walks away, not expecting anything much.

The bitch slap which split the clouds

Taking a deep breath, the cyborg stands outside the residence of Saitama’s and calls out Sensei. He greeted by Saitama who looks frustrated at the door, hoping that he wouldn’t turn up. The cyborg introduces himself as Genos. Saitama asks Genos to stop calling him his Sensei, and gets called master, hilariously which Saitama also told him not to call him that as well.

Saitama’s annoyed look of frustration

Inviting Genos into his apartment, he treats Genos a cup of traditional Matcha-green tea, telling him that he should go back home after finishing the tea, as he is not looking for any disciples. Saitama then looks at Genos, and asks him how he manages to get back into shape from before. Learning that Genos is a cyborg, and that most of his parts are mechanical, and easy to replace, Saitama thinks that Genos is an odd human. Genos then hilariously asks what parts does his Master use, only to be responded that he is a human. Genos who is still in disbelief then asks him what about the skin-colored armor on his head, learning that Saitama’s bald even at a young age, angering Saitama with one of his biggest insecurities.

Saitama’s reaction when someone comments of his bald head

Back at what looks like an evil villain’s hideout/ laboratory, a frail and skinny looking man sits back alone in the darkness, in his room. His room is partially illuminated by the brightness of the computer hologram screen, and he is talking about how the Mosquito girl is just a prototype, and that it is fine that she gets defeated by a single hit. He learns of that the hero/ One Punch Man, is the one that defeated the Mosquito lady, along with a picture of him naked in the streets. He then answers the phone call on his desk stop saying that he would study the hero’s physiology, even if it means that they have to subdue him by force. He asks the person in the computer to send a messenger to invite him to the laboratory/ their “House of Evolution”.

Transitioning the scene back to Saitama’s residence, Genos asks Saitama how to be as strong as he is, and Saitama agrees to take him in as a student, saying that his training wouldn’t be easy/ not mere talk. Before Genos could learn more about Saitama sensei, he moves towards the apartment hallway at fast speeds, stating that he had detected an object approaching towards them at high speeds. Genos early warning is correct, and it was followed by a crash on top of Saitama’s house/ ceiling. This time around, it is a giant praying mantis monster that Saitama’s punch killed, for destroying his house’s ceiling, and the other 2 more monsters that were observing Saitama’s residence outside are hammered into the ground also by him. Genos wanted to show off his skills, only to get the spotlight taken from him by Saitama Sensei. Not before long, 2 other monsters, that looked more powerful attacks Genos and Saitama, saying that they are the best amongst the other House of Evolution’s other beast, and they too get beaten to a pulp. Armored Gorilla(Monster) takes on Genos, and the Beast King/ Lion takes on Saitama.

Save your breath for the fight ahead mate…

Saitama hilariously asked the Beast King to hold on to his grand introduction, saying that he has dirt caught between his belt and his shirt, and after a few seconds later of dusting his belt, the Beast King flexes his muscles and grits his teeth. Fumes can be seen emerging from the gaps between his sharp teeth, and his eyes glows a malicious bright red in color. He continuously slashes Saitama, only to realize that Saitama greatly outpowers himself, only when he dies, after One Punch from Saitama. Saitama then proceeds on to take out the smaller and annoying monsters that are around the area, assisting the beast.

Saitama’s: Consecutive Normal Punches
Saitama taunts the mole which is burrows underground, saying that it can’t hide.

On the other end of Genos’s fight, he manages to subdue the Armored gorilla, striping him of his armor, and making him confess who was the one that sent him here. He states that he is extremely sorry, very hilariously, in fear that he would be killed. He asks to be spared.

Armored Gorilla fears for his life.

Is Western culture affecting Japan Anime & Manga?

Commonly when we watch Anime, there are some scenes and environment settings from Western and the European culture. However, are they helping the growth in Anime? Or is something bigger happening behind the scenes, where western culture might be affecting Japan’s Anime in the most subtle way, slowly but surely.

Looking at statistics, the viewership for anime has increased over the years, marking a 23.56 billion USD market with an annual CAGR growth rate of 9.5%. When cross tallying with American movie broadcasting companies such as Netflix, there are also more animes being streamed on these platforms, and anime viewership in the U.S. is the highest when compared to the world. It is no wonder that some anime titles are now trying their best to cater to the western viewers, and here are some examples that are in anime.

1) Sports based Anime depict the physical capabilities of athletes in the States rather than athletes in Japan itself

Watched Haikyuu/ Kuroko no Basket/ Yowamushi Pedal? These sports anime who have athletes competing in competitions rarely show us the reality of Japan’s true athletes. However, this can be understood as Animes try their very best to add more action/ to give the Anime more dramatization. In my opinion, there isn’t much of a problem here, but some minor changes could definitely be done to add more realism into the anime. (e.g. character progressions and how specific sports moves were executed after training.)

The over-exaggerated air time in the Basketball anime (Kuroko no basket) helps build emotions and adds drama/ everything in slow motion.

Definitely, some of the Basketball moves featured in the anime are fun to watch, however when comparing it towards real life examples, we realize where the anime creators got their ideas from. (p.s. it’s from NBA)

2) Animes are made with 2 versions, 1 dubbed and the other is english sub

For most of you weeaboos/ otaku out there, maybe you might have already realized long ago, that most Animes come in two different versions in your streaming provider. One main example is how the popular anime title: Naruto Shippuden is created with 2 different voice actors. One made for the English community. There is nothing left to chance, and most of the English voice actors have to go through trainings and a tough selection process, before being able to voice act for their particular animes.

Popular anime series Naruto has as much as 5 different voice actors for just Naruto alone. This adds on more realism in the person’s voice during voice acting and thus the popular title.

Languages for this anime include English, Japanese, German, Italian and French. The most popular of which is Maile Flanagan who is a lady, and has a unique voice when voice acting for Naruto.

However, not all anime are catered for the international community/ don’t have enough finances to hire twice the number of voice actors for the anime series.

3) Openings and endings now have an english name, so that viewers can easily find the songs on Youtube

Jujutsu Kaisen opening (Kaikai Kitan), by Eve
Kekkai Sensen Ending (Sugar Song and bitter step), by Union Square Garden

The list continues, and there are too many examples for this. I think you guys as otaku’s/weeaboo’s will understand.

4) Fantasy animes with Magic in them are very similar to western based movies

For those that have watched reincarnation based anime, where the protagonist gets into another world outside civilization, dragons and knights based of anime. Popular series: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, Overlord, … … and many more … …

Magic circles that look like voodoo/ a witches spell
Popular scene from the anime Mushoku Tensei features magic that is similar to western culture

5) Western countries being more involved with the production of Animes

Ever heard of Netflix/ funimation. Those popular American media streaming companies are trying their best to get more anime out into the market, and trying to get a piece of the pie in the anime market. Popular anime titles such as: Naruto, My hero Academia, Demon slayer, Black clover and Haikyuu are also being streamed by Netflix.

In addition to the western communities trying to get a pie on the anime market, most western countries started to get involved with the production of the anime too. Visual effects teams, voice actors and even animes made entirely out of the Japan market/ completely made in America (Title: castlevania), can be seen around the states, with the trends spreading like fire.

There is nothing wrong with the western community affecting the market, and it is pretty welcomed by the world too. For otaku’s/ weeaboo’s out there who wishes to watch more Anime with more of the Japanese context in it, there are many titles out there for you. Here are some of our main recommendations.

  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
  • Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Noragami
  • Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
  • Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Happy animation, happy otaku’s. Hope you guys enjoyed the anime recommendations and started to look at anime in a new light. Please consider subscribing, it would help out a lot.😀

Mushoku Tensei, an honest review (Anime & Manga)

The age of reincarnation anime has just blossomed, and starting to take shape. This is mainly due to stories that are written with overpowered main characters/ (OP MCs) for short, which lacks in character progression/ doesn’t show how the character levels up/ gets stronger to where he is at. However, adding in character progression means that more anime episodes must be included/ more manga series has to be drawn. Among all of those reincarnation animes that are out there, Mushoku Tensei piques the interest of anime viewers, and therefore, here is an honest review about the anime after watching it. We will try our best to include any spoilers for this anime, and will also give you insight on the technicalities of the anime, and probably appreciate the content more.

Art and Animations

There are multiple aspects of the animation which I like. Firstly, attention to detail was hugely emphasized. There were multiple scenes where there were extra details such as the heat waves, the outline shadows, the lighting of the anime. Next, this anime carries a large amount of fan service, where panties, and breast groping are drawn in details. That might be a reason why this anime is welcoming a second season.

Picture showing us the art of the anime which is considered to be of mid-level quality. Picture shows a concrete building with brown ceiling tiles, with a tree in the foreground. Image is slightly altered to fit the snowy setting.
Art of the anime is rather detailed, showing us even the sllightest details, wall textures and lines (Snow man at the bottom however is not drawn well, and we are able to see extra lines behind the snowman/ the walls behind the snow man)

The lighting effect of the anime showing darkness and heat very well.

^ Lots of fan service. (Targeted for males)

Transitions and Effects

Blur filter applied to the background of the image, highlighting/ directing our attention to the main protagonist dancing with a girl, in a old looking ballroom.
A blur filter applied to the other background people, giving us a focus of the Main protagonist (like an actual movie)
Animation played at 0.8 times speed, still smooth and well animated

Voice acting and Background Sound/ Music

There are no major flaws in the Voice acting and the Background sounds of the anime. They are rather smooth, despite some repetitions in the ost in the background. However, most of the Background Sounds and Music are very repetitive. Much more could be done to improve the Background Sounds of the Anime to make it stand out from the regular ones, and we shall not criticize it any further.

Storylines and Plot

Following the isekai genre of animes, this anime is very similar, showing us how the main protagonist has godly powers from a young age, he retains memories of his previous life when he is born as a baby in this new world, and thus it benefits him since young. However, this anime doesn’t show us how overpowered the Main protagonist is, in fact, they shows us how much potential he has. This allows us to also follow up on the protagonist growth throughout the anime, and how he has improved through the years since the time when he was born. This anime succeeds in giving us the realism feels of when some one reincarnates into another world, filled with swords and dragons. In terms of storyline, it has faired rather well, and we would be looking forward to the second season of the anime said to release on fall 2021. Hope you guys watch the anime.

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