Battle game in 5 Seconds anime, overated?

Battle Game in 5 Seconds

Battle game in 5 Seconds, Hepburn: Deatte Go-byō de Batoru. Is a Summer 2021 anime, first aired on the 13 July. This anime is also the talk of many, and received lots of attention, being aired through Muse Communication on YouTube, along with Netflix (Other anime sites do apply as well). However, is this anime overated or not?

Watching and analysing the anime closely, here are some thoughts you can first consider before watching the anime/ recommending it to your friend and family.

Anime Storyline

The storyline of this Anime is fairly good, and most parts of the Anime have a great link with each other, making you as the viewer understand and enjoy every part of the story. That being said, as the Anime’s storyline is fairly simple, animators were able to easily animate this series, not needing to spend so much time trying to build up invisible links throughout the anime. The animators however didn’t decide to stop there. They did spend lots of effort trying to improve on the backstory of anime characters, and most of the anime characters have their own backstory, leading to why their actions in certain parts of the anime.

This anime is rather similar to the anime, “Death note”/ “Code geass”, where the protagonist of the story was given powers that is powerful enough in its own way, needing the protagonist to compliment this power in some way, or it will be deemed entirely useless. This of course means that the rule on “with power comes responsibility” is adhered, unlike other OP mc animes. This anime also features how the protagonist of the story constantly experiments with his powers, which also makes him a better user of his given powers. However, unlike death note which strongly emphasizes the genius of protagonist, this Anime focuses more on the action scenes of the protagonist. It hooks/catches the viewers attention making themselves think of the endless possibilities on how the protagonist powers can be used.

The storyline of the Anime is a good enough reason to watch and recommend the anime to your friends and families.

Transitioning and Artworks

The artworks for “Battle game in 5 seconds” are well drawn, and there were no major flaws in the artworks. The uses of color in the anime is great beyond recognition. The colors of the different anime environments along with the different tone of colors/ shadow, helps to express the vibe and atmosphere of the place. If their were to be certain aspects the animators could improve on, it would be the use of more after effects/CGI, which can make the anime easier to animate, along with making it cooler, especially during fights.

Sound effects, voice acting and background music

The sound effects of this anime, along with the voice acting of this anime is constantly on point, and the anime adapts the great use of background sounds in different scenes of the anime: example, birds chirping in a forest. The great attention on small details such as this, makes the Anime of a higher quality, giving it a better standing on our list. Adding to that, the background music/ orchestral music behind some fighting scenes gives the added thrill to certain anime scenes. All the sounds, background noises and the voice acting nicely compliments each other, making it sound clean, and uncluttered.

Overall, although this anime is gaining attention, the anime truly deserves it, and we think that it might even in fact be slightly under-rated. Readers, please do recommend this anime to more people, and give this anime more attention that it needs. For if you haven’t watched this anime, you are recommended to watch it.😆 For anime related content, please do subscribe, and support us with your likes.

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