Top 10 best Isekai Anime of all time (revised)

There is a spike in the number of Isekai Animes, and hype for this anime genre isn’t slowing down too. In fact, there are various other mangas that falls under the Isekai genre, and have yet taken flight. I read and watched multiple Isekai based animes. Here are the Top 10, best Isekai animes of all time which are definitely worth the watch.

10) Wise Man’s Grandchild

The Wise Man's Grandchild Anime poster.

Before the arrival of the anime: “My hero Academia”, this anime was the rising star of Isekai. This anime brings in a new concept of anime, the isekai genre. The main character dies on earth, and is brought to another world, remembering who he was, and how he died. Normally, this would grant them superpowers and maturity even at a young age. Released on spring 2019, this anime is packed with Action, humor. In this anime, the protagonist uses his knowledge on earth to earn him powers that are unmatched like no other.

9) The Saga of Tanya the Evil

The main protagonist of the anime is an elite Salary man based in Japan. After firing one of the company’s employees, he gets murdered and is sent to an isekai world by “Being X”. Tanya is placed into multiple dire situations and is constantly rebelling against “Being X”. “Being X” forces the protagonist to believe in god. The main protagonist, constantly fights for her survival, but is forced into the military at a young age. She slowly rises the ranks when fighting a war. This anime is one of the “must watch” anime’s for any Otakus out there. (Watch thriller here.)

8) How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

How not to summon a demon lord (Hepburn: Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo No Dorei Majutsu) is definitely an isekai anime catered towards Males… Featuring the male OP protagonist, Sakamoto Takuma. Being summoned into an isekai world, with the body of his gaming character and crazily overpowered stats, he helps to solve the problems of the two mages that summoned him. Blasting his way through any obstacles, he is practically unstoppable.

This anime has countless “ero” scenes and is definitely a fun and hilarious anime to watch. Definitely a great anime to test if he has a dirty mind😁.

7) Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou

Arifureta Shokugyou De Sekai Saikyou is an isekai anime where the protagonist “Hajime Nagumo” along with his class is summoned into a fantasy world. Unlike conventional isekai anime, the protagonist does not have godly powers from the beginning, and the anime features his character development before he became OP. Being sabotaged once, the protagonist is constantly placed in “life-or-death” situations and adapts a very cautious and distrusts almost anyone around him. Season 2 of the anime is said to air on January, 2022, definitely a must watch for fellow otaku peeps.

6) No Game no Life

“An anime that definitely will make you laugh.” This anime features Sora and Shiro, the main characters of the story. The siblings are shut in’s/ hikikomori, and both of them have terrible social anxiety. However, the two siblings are Genius Level prodigies. An example is Shiro memorizing all the different variations in a chess game. Thereby, treating it like a simple game of tik-tack-toe. When transported into another world, which governs based on “game like betting rules”, the duo (a.k.a. blank) which have never lost in their life learns and progresses their journey from being in the worst/ lowest possible position. The anime has a popularity rating of 13, based on MAL, and there are speculations that a season 2 is coming soon. To those otakus, you should might already watch it, maybe even twice.

5) That time I got reincarnated as a Slime

That time I got reincarnated as a Slime, (Hepburn: Tensei Shitara Suraimu Datta Ken). The anime, first aired on Autumn 2018, got popular after the release of a second season, recently aired on Winter 2021. The anime first features a virgin male protagonist who is murdered and sent to another world/ isekai after his death. He is reincarnated as a slime with godly powers. In the new world, the protagonist aims to build a city where humans, demons and monsters can live harmoniously together. When watching the anime, there were also certain scenes that makes one emotional. For the great plot and animation, it therefore is ranked fifth in the list.

4) Overlord

Overlord is one of the anime’s where we get to see the true antagonist as the protagonist of the story. The demon lord, Ainz Ooal Gown, is a human trapped in a game. He is a true demon lord with the heart of a human. The anime then shows us how he uses his overpowered stats to his benefits as a demon lord. From manipulating the hearts of the masses, and threatening the lives of humans doing bad deeds(e.g. murder, rape, torture, slavery). He shows no signs of the devil, and works more like a law enforcer. He does this in hopes to gain reputation, hoping that somebody could bring him/ “rescue” him out from the game. When watching overlord, I do not recommend skipping the previous seasons, and to watch the anime from the beginning sequentially.

3) Re: zero

Have you ever wished to go back in time to make things right? Subaru Natsuki is a hikikomori (some one who stays home and is anti-social) who was transported into The Kingdom of Lugnica (isekai). Just moments after arriving, he was killed by an assassin named Elsa. However, instead of dying, he is teleported back to the same place. After dying multiple times, Subaru learns that he actually goes back in time every time he dies, and that he is capable of manipulating the events to make the overall outcome better. While this seems like a blessing, Subaru still feels the pain before dying and is cursed to remember all the horrors that had happened. In this anime, Subaru uses his power to save the people he loves. Is Subaru truly selfless, or simply selfish?
I strongly recommend Re: Zero for multiple reasons. There are many surprises and twists along Subaru’s journey as he tries to save as many lives as possible. It is interesting to watch the mind games Subaru has to play in order to find his success. While the first season focuses on how Subaru uses his power, the second season delves into the character and character development of Subaru, and Emilia, as well as formally introducing the seven witches. (Watch Anime here.)

2) Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online has probably caused the most number of controversies. The reason why this anime is on the list is because of how this anime has influenced many anime makers into creating an “isekai gaming” genre. Also, this anime has sparked countless of other similar like anime where the protagonist is stuck in a gaming world after putting on a full dive VR head gear. In my opinion, this anime is best watched with subtitles, instead of the English dubbed version. Today, there are multiple other SAO anime, and the anime even sells its own merch separate from the other animes. SAO is ranked fourth in popularity in MAL, and the anime is re-watched multiple times. Definitely an OP mc kind of anime, however (slight spolier: there are ups and downs for the protagonist as well). A must watch anime for all.

1) Konosuba

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this wonderful world, is an isekai anime which is ranked 34 in popularity in MAL. The reason the anime comes top in this list is due to 2 main reasons. Firstly, the anime features certain elements that are more realistic in the storyline, which also brings joy and laughter to us viewers. Secondly, there are countless of radio programs that feature the voice actresses when making of this anime. It is one of the animes where there is more publicity and a chance where you will get to meet and greet the Voice actresses Takahashi Rie and Fukushima Jun. There are also countless of other merch and games based on this anime making more hype for the anime as well. This anime is among strongly recommend for your pleasure (use english subtitles)

The list above judges Isekai Animes after the release of Winter Animes on 2021.

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