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Re-evaluating Battle Game In 5 seconds (Final verdict)

Battle Game in 5 Seconds

The completed anime series Battle Game in 5 seconds, stands with high praises at the beginning of the sequel, showing us great visual artwork, along with a good sound effects, and a plot which is interesting. However, things have started to take a turn from the beginning of episode 10. Here is the final verdict after watching the completed anime series, along with my expectations I once had for the anime.

In the first few episodes of the anime, the storyline seems to be smooth and the flow/ breakdown of the storyline breaks down into each of those individual characters backgrounds, explaining why they do certain things/ how their actions are proved based on what they experienced since young. Most of the anime characters then gathers in a stadium from all walks of life, after they are all put through death, and fights with each other being granted with special powers.

However, in the last few episodes, most of the storylines are not carefully planned out, and it feels that the animation is placed together very quickly/ rushed, and the anime’s ending is too abrupt which doesn’t live up to the previous few episodes.

To illustrate my point, Here are some examples:

How can the tears of one guy still stay the same throughout a fight, also the transition of this fight is placed very shabbily together
The illogical and hurried finish led to cutting the anime short.

In episode 12, the final parts of the anime, the Main Protagonist dies in the Isekai world, and wakes up in his own comfy bed back in Japan. The anime suggests that everything that happened in all 12 of the episodes are just a dream of an ordinary Tokyo Boy that loves to play games, and the anime completes with a hurried ending/ shortened anime that is made to fit 12 episodes. The ending of the anime makes me question the previous episodes, and how illogical the anime storyline is.

For starters/ otaku and others, I wouldn’t recommend watching this Anime for it might ruin your day. If you enjoyed this type of content, do help me share this with your other Anime friends.😀

Is Western culture affecting Japan Anime & Manga?

Commonly when we watch Anime, there are some scenes and environment settings from Western and the European culture. However, are they helping the growth in Anime? Or is something bigger happening behind the scenes, where western culture might be affecting Japan’s Anime in the most subtle way, slowly but surely.

Looking at statistics, the viewership for anime has increased over the years, marking a 23.56 billion USD market with an annual CAGR growth rate of 9.5%. When cross tallying with American movie broadcasting companies such as Netflix, there are also more animes being streamed on these platforms, and anime viewership in the U.S. is the highest when compared to the world. It is no wonder that some anime titles are now trying their best to cater to the western viewers, and here are some examples that are in anime.

1) Sports based Anime depict the physical capabilities of athletes in the States rather than athletes in Japan itself

Watched Haikyuu/ Kuroko no Basket/ Yowamushi Pedal? These sports anime who have athletes competing in competitions rarely show us the reality of Japan’s true athletes. However, this can be understood as Animes try their very best to add more action/ to give the Anime more dramatization. In my opinion, there isn’t much of a problem here, but some minor changes could definitely be done to add more realism into the anime. (e.g. character progressions and how specific sports moves were executed after training.)

The over-exaggerated air time in the Basketball anime (Kuroko no basket) helps build emotions and adds drama/ everything in slow motion.

Definitely, some of the Basketball moves featured in the anime are fun to watch, however when comparing it towards real life examples, we realize where the anime creators got their ideas from. (p.s. it’s from NBA)

2) Animes are made with 2 versions, 1 dubbed and the other is english sub

For most of you weeaboos/ otaku out there, maybe you might have already realized long ago, that most Animes come in two different versions in your streaming provider. One main example is how the popular anime title: Naruto Shippuden is created with 2 different voice actors. One made for the English community. There is nothing left to chance, and most of the English voice actors have to go through trainings and a tough selection process, before being able to voice act for their particular animes.

Popular anime series Naruto has as much as 5 different voice actors for just Naruto alone. This adds on more realism in the person’s voice during voice acting and thus the popular title.

Languages for this anime include English, Japanese, German, Italian and French. The most popular of which is Maile Flanagan who is a lady, and has a unique voice when voice acting for Naruto.

However, not all anime are catered for the international community/ don’t have enough finances to hire twice the number of voice actors for the anime series.

3) Openings and endings now have an english name, so that viewers can easily find the songs on Youtube

Jujutsu Kaisen opening (Kaikai Kitan), by Eve
Kekkai Sensen Ending (Sugar Song and bitter step), by Union Square Garden

The list continues, and there are too many examples for this. I think you guys as otaku’s/weeaboo’s will understand.

4) Fantasy animes with Magic in them are very similar to western based movies

For those that have watched reincarnation based anime, where the protagonist gets into another world outside civilization, dragons and knights based of anime. Popular series: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, Overlord, … … and many more … …

Magic circles that look like voodoo/ a witches spell
Popular scene from the anime Mushoku Tensei features magic that is similar to western culture

5) Western countries being more involved with the production of Animes

Ever heard of Netflix/ funimation. Those popular American media streaming companies are trying their best to get more anime out into the market, and trying to get a piece of the pie in the anime market. Popular anime titles such as: Naruto, My hero Academia, Demon slayer, Black clover and Haikyuu are also being streamed by Netflix.

In addition to the western communities trying to get a pie on the anime market, most western countries started to get involved with the production of the anime too. Visual effects teams, voice actors and even animes made entirely out of the Japan market/ completely made in America (Title: castlevania), can be seen around the states, with the trends spreading like fire.

There is nothing wrong with the western community affecting the market, and it is pretty welcomed by the world too. For otaku’s/ weeaboo’s out there who wishes to watch more Anime with more of the Japanese context in it, there are many titles out there for you. Here are some of our main recommendations.

  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
  • Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Noragami
  • Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
  • Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Happy animation, happy otaku’s. Hope you guys enjoyed the anime recommendations and started to look at anime in a new light. Please consider subscribing, it would help out a lot.😀

Tokyo Revengers anime characters

Naoto Tachibana in the Background, adjusting his tie, and Takemichi Hanagaki standing in the foreground

The anime Tokyo Revengers is gaining more and more popularity amongst otakus and weeboos out there. This post intends to break down the Anime characters in the anime itself, mainly the important ones, without including any spoilers for the anime. We do encourage you guys to watch the anime too, and would recommend against watching episode 0/ special premiere. Enjoy!

Main Protagonist – Takemichi Hanagaki

Abilities: Able to time travel back 12 years ago to the past

Takemichi is just an average worker, working for a dvd rental company in Japan. Given a supernatural ability, he is able to time travel 12 years into the past when a certain condition is met. With this he is can change the things around him (present) based on the outcome of the past.

The Anime mainly features his difficulties when trying to change the past, for the better of the present. As he is bad in fighting, he is compensated by his strong will power and his ability to win the hearts/ trust from others around him.

The present portrait/ side view of Main Protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki.
Present look
Takemichi portrait, but how he looks like 12 years ago. With yellow curly hair, and very punky, and gangster like.
His look 12 years ago

Sub-Protagonist – Naoto Tachibana

Abilities: Smart, Trusts Takemichi (the only person that knows his powers)

Naoto is a high ranking police officer. He is also Tachibana’s friend, both in the past, and the future. Also, Hinata Tachibana, who is Takemichi’s girlfriend is his older sister. He is the only person that truly knows of Takemichi powers, and also the one that figured out the condition needed to get Takemichi power to work. Together with Takemichi, they work hand in hand to change the outcome of the present world for the better, using Takemichi powers. He would come up with plans/ missions for Takemichi in the present, which could change their present world based on his anticipation and plans.

Naoto Tachibana portrait 12 years ago when he was still young, with big round eyes.
12 years ago
Portrait of Naoto Tachibana in the present. He has a serious look on his face, and has a confident vibe surrounding him.

Hinata Tachibana

She is the older sister of Naoto Tachibana, and is the girlfriend of Takemichi Hanagaki. Doesn’t have any abilities, and is just an ordinary school girl/ lady that loves Takemichi, and also learns Karate. Live on high morals, discipline and virtues. She will not hesitate to stand up against the wrong, and will always lend a hand to the weak. Truly the perfect waifu/ damsel in distress.

Hinata wearing a school uniform, and how she looks like 12 years ago.
12 years ago
Picture of how Hinata looks like in the present,(more ladylike) with longer hair.

Sano Manjiro/ Mikey (Leader of Tokyo Manji Gang)

Abilities: Nuclear Kick, Leadership abilities

Mikey is one of the Main characters of Tokyo revengers. He is a Brawn for Brains type of guy, that is more on the shorter, and slimmer side. However, this doesn’t stop Mikey in anything that he does, being good at fighting, Mikey would always kick his way through any trouble. Mikey has a significant status, as the Leader of Tokyo Manji Gang, and many knows not to mess around with him. However, below that the menacing aura that he gives off, he is friends with the main protagonist, and admires him. He sometimes show his childish side of his, and lets off a tantrum, which will make the story more interesting. We don’t know how Mickey looks like in the present.

Mikey's famous Nuclear kick which can take almost everyone down.
Mikey’s well known nuclear kick
This is how MIkey looks 12 years ago, as Tokyo Manji Gang head.
Mikey past 12 years ago

Ryuguji Ken/ Draken (Vice commander of Tokyo Manji Gang)

Abilities: Brawler of High endurance

Draken and Mickey are very close with each other, and he too is friends with Takemichi. He knows how to fight very well (a notch lower than Mickey in power level), and is taller and older than Mickey. He consistently takes care of Mickey on a day to day basis, and helps Mickey (like a secretary) in leading Tokyo Manji Gang. He is more mature, and despite his looks, he is caring and knows how to respect the elderly. When it comes to fighting, he does not have a cool ability to show off like Mickey, but has high endurance levels (e.g. continuing to fight even after hit by a steel pole on head).

Draken together with Mickey
Draken carrying Mickey(12 years ago)
Draken and Mikey bows down to apologize. (Draken forces Mikey to do so)
Draken forcing Mickey out of his childishness, and apologizes
Draken looks in the present, a convict of murder in jail.
Draken present (bald)

Sendo Atsushi

Sendo Atsushi is also a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. However he is not very close with Mickey and Draken. He is however, good friends with Takemichi, who is also his classmate. Although he is the member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, he seldom attends gang meetings, and almost never participates in Gang fights.

Sendo looks 12 years ago.
Past 12 years ago
Present look of Sendo (after the first change). He would look different after the subsequent changes.
Present look (after first change)

Kisaki Tetta

Abilities: Manipulative and cunning

The main antagonist of this Anime is Kisaki Tetta. Being a manipulative and cunning man, that plans everything out to the last detail. He manipulates others to help him kill others, and leaves any scene without getting his hands dirty. Kisaki is the main mastermind who keeps on going against Takemichi, and is also the one that gains the fears from anyone that has once worked under/ for him.

Portrait of Kisaki in the Present.
Portrait of him 12 years ago.
12 years ago

There are many other characters in the Anime, however, they were not considered the main characters of the anime, and is therefore not featured above. Have you watched/ is currently watching this anime? Let us know who you think is probably the most powerful character in the comments below. For if you haven’t watched the series, please do watch it.

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Best ways to learn Japanese (or other languages)

Why you should learn japanese

Why should you learn Japanese?
– Work / Communicate with others
– Understand others, gain new insights, and understand culture
– Bragging rights

Work and Communication
One of the most important reasons to learn another language is to use it for work or to communicate with others. Knowing an additional language more than others can give you a slight advantage when it comes to your resume. In addition, language is a transferable skill. This means that you can use your language skills in areas other than work. You will also be able to talk to natives, which brings me to my second point.

Gaining Insights and Understanding Culture
Knowledge is power, and knowledge is hidden in every corner of the world. Just by understanding a language, you gain access to the library of knowledge of that language. Learning Japanese allows you to gain knowledge of Japan’s history and culture. However, you might say, “well, translation tools exist, so why bother?” The last point will answer this question.

Bragging Rights
That’s right. You can brag about knowing an additional language compared to your friends, and impress them. You will be able to hold casual conversations with natives. If they talk behind you and your friend’s back, you shall be enlightened.

List of ways to learn Japanese:
– Outsource / Online
– Institutions
– Make friends
– Anime / Japanese television programmes
– V-Tubers

Outsourcing or Online
The first method I used was outsourcing for Japanese learning materials online. I recommend using the app, Memrise, to learn Hiragana and Katakana, as well as other simple phrases and sentences. Other applications I recommend include Duolingo (similar to Memrise), Learn Japanese (Vocabulary), Obenkyo (Tests for Hiragana, Katakana, vocabulary, particles and grammar), and Japanese Conjugation City (Tests on Conjugations).
You could also search for online tutors and Japanese YouTubers that teach Japanese.

Chances are, your institute may already provide subsidized Japanese Language lessons. Do be sure to check if your institute provides such lessons. This was my second method used in learning Japanese Language. By learning the Hiragana and Katana before enrolling the course, it made my time in the modules easier.
The reason why you should enroll into Japanese Language lessons held in your institute is because of credibility and efficiency. Your school would hire qualified tutors to teach, and the content you will learn will definitely be correct. You can also get to participate in group activities to train your language skills and make new friends. The tests and teaching styles will most likely make you learn faster than solely relying on self-studies.

Making Friends
Practice makes permanence. By practicing your Japanese Language skills more, you will familiarize yourself with the language. Having a friend that can help correct your grammatical errors will help you improve. Remember that practicing does not mean that you become “perfect” at Japanese, rather, you become used to using it. If you were to constantly make mistakes during practices and do not realize it, those errors would become permanent in your mind.

Anime and Japanese Television Programmes
Again, Practice makes permanence. If you do not have a teacher or friend to practice your Japanese language skills with, these Japanese media can help you practice while providing great quality entertainment. You could watch anime with subtitles to learn vocabulary, and listen to the conversations to learn sentence structure and grammar. However, I would recommend you to watch less of the action genres as most of the phrases there will not be used often in real life. Instead, I would recommend genres like slice of life, where you are more likely to learn stuff more commonly used in real life.

Last but not least, watching Japanese V-Tubers can greatly improve your Japanese Language skills. This is because they do not have subtitles, and thus force you to listen attentively to the V-Tubers. V-Tubers stand for Virtual YouTubers. Some popular V-Tubers include Kizuna Ai, the members of Hololive Corporation, the members of Nijisanji and many more. There are many V-Tubers today, so you can definitely find one who you can understand and enjoy watching.

Is “Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy” worth watching?

Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy, (Hepburn: Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu) is another Isekai Anime on the rise. Gaining most of its publicity from Japan, it is no doubt that we would first do the favor to review if this anime is worth watching or not.

This Summer anime of 2021 has a slight twist in storyline compared to any normal isekai Anime out there. The anime manages to make great use of its storyline to ensure that Anime fans will be hooked on the anime. In terms of the anime’s art and animations, here are some sample images captured from the anime:

This anime has multiple scenes which involves violent fights, and by using different shapes, they are able to depict fight scenes very well. However, one could argue that animation effects are overused and more could be done to express a character’s emotion through the Anime’s art. Overall, this anime is on neutral grounds, especially for its art, and ranks very highly for its animation and the scene transitions.

The next area of judgement, is voice acting, along with the sound effects through the series. The sound effects of this anime is well executed and timed. It accurately depicts different noises that can be heard: during fights, horse galloping, and much more. For the anime’s Voice acting, the production crews manages to make it sound like the animals were talking in Japanese, instead of a human trying to talk like an animal (orcs/ demi-humans). The script is also well written to suit the demeanor, attitude and character traits of certain characters. The only drawback is the lack of satisfaction which comes from certain ost throughout the anime (example: fighting scenes/ happy scenes). Overall, this anime is great when it comes down to audio, but much more can be done to improve the ost of the anime.

This anime is worth watching, but one must not have high hopes for it. Still, this anime successfully manages to inject humor for to those that have watched it, and is overall a great anime for you to lighten the atmosphere and brighten your day.

What are some of your thoughts after you watched this anime? Don’t forget to comment, and share this post with your friends!!!😃

Is “The Aquatope on White Sand” an anime worth watching?

Shiroi Suna no Aquatope

Title (EN): Aquatope on White Sand
Title (JP): 白い砂のアクアトープ (Shiroi Suna no Aquatope)
No. of Episodes: 24
Genres: Slice of Life
Studio: P.A. Works

Since young, Fuuka Miyazawa had a childhood dream of becoming an idol. However, her idol dream failed and crumbled despite all her hard work, and she retired as idol. Instead of going home, she travels to Okinawa and wanders aimlessly. On her journey, she meets a tour guide who brings her to Gama Gama Aquarium, where she meets Kukuru Misakino.
Kukuru is the acting director of Gama Gama Aquarium, taking the place of her grandfather, the director. Kukuru has deep memories within the aquarium and has a dream of keeping the aquarium open. However, Gama Gama Aquarium is very old and outdated. Its facilities also needs constant maintenance, as such, Kukuru’s grandfather wants to close the Aquarium. After experiencing the magic of the aquarium, Fuuka decides to help by working there.

Why you should watch The Aquatope on White Sand?
First off, the art, from the people to the buildings, fish and food are all amazing. The details of various anime scenes were carefully drawn, and below are some of the beautiful art pieces that could even be used for a trailer.

The voice acting and background sound quality is also great. The characters’ emotions are depicted very clearly from both their facial expressions and through the tone of voice. Adding on to the great attention to details, the story progresses at a rate that is just nice. Despite being a slice of life, The Aquatope on White Sand has a highly attractive plot, which is well thought out and has a great flow. It accomplishes it’s role of keeping you as the viewer hooked, while making you enjoy the anime.

If you have not watched The Aquatope on White Sand or are contemplating whether to start watching, I greatly recommend you to start this series. One of the platforms that airs this anime is Muse Asia on YouTube.