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One Punch Man (Episode 3)

It has been a long time since I last posted, my apologies. It has been a long 2 weeks for me, and a tremendously busy schedule has almost filled up all my hours. Let’s not waste any time, and look at the third episode of One Punch Man!!!

The Anime starts of with an introduction of a villainy scientist, along with how his humble origins. We learn that due to him becoming disillusioned with the world, and turned into weird thoughts/ ideas regarding evolution of humans. The scientist dream?: “We should not be striving to advance human civilization, but rather the artificial evolution of humans as a species.” His dream was pushed away by the masses despite his hard work, which made him dedicate himself to research, and only after reaching the age of 70, his efforts had began to yield results. He then used the findings to his own benefits. Firstly, he regained his youth. Next, he began cloning himself, and together with his clones, he named his laboratory the ” House of Evolution”. He then started to conduct countless experiments with animals to create new species, and it was not before long when he then used human subjects in his own evil experiments.

Now we are cut back into the present time where the monster, Armored Gorilla is being life threatened by Saitama and Genos-sama. With Saitama’s “no time to waste/ doesn’t like to listen to long stories”, the armored gorilla is asked to cut the story short to 20 words and below.🤣

Back to the present world, Saitama learns that this evil villian is very interested in his powerful body, and therefore plans to use his body (overpowered human being) to conduct research on evolution. In order to obtain his body, he sent armored gorilla to “capture” him.

Genos then suggested to attack the house of evolution, not allowing the scientist to try any new moves on them. Saitama then started brisk walking away, and tells genos that he could only do attack them as soon as possible today, as there is a sale going on tomorrow, and therefore he wouldn’t be able to attack them the next day. The armored gorilla still sits tight on the ground, watching them leave, before he uses an antenna on his head to warn the doctor that Saitama, along with Genos is heading his way. Genos then pops back, looking at him with stern eyes, asking the armored gorilla if there are any other cyborgs in the house of evolution, and whether or not they had a history of destroying towns in the past. (Should be pertaining to something encountered before/ he has eyes of revenge.)

Genos gets sensitive as he asks armored gorilla a question

The scene changes to the control center in the “House of Evolution” the evil scientist along with his clones are now discussing on the counter forces to stop/ deter Saitama and his disciple, Genos from attacking their laboratory. They made an analysis on their remaining elite forces (all wiped out), and the mad scientist states that they have no choice but to let out their trump card/ Carnage Kabuto. The atmosphere in the laboratory turns into a chaotic mess, with all the other scientist’s voicing their fears/ bad feelings about the matter at hand.

Saitama and Genos runs to the evil hideout as quick as they could, and they stood at the bottom floor of a run down building, situated nicely beside some rocky mountains. Before Saitama could finish counting the total number of levels in the building, his disciple wastes no time and immediately annihilates the building with one massive fire shot, bringing the building down in crumbles.


At the bottom of the building, there is something that looks like a metal bunker, and Saitama sensei easily rips the metal lid open slowly. In the basement, there is pin-drop silence, followed by the screams of a man in agony. His screams are amplified by the long and silent corridor, which looks as if there is no end in the passageway. The corridor is well lit, but the walls are all reinforced steel, which made the corridor appear dark despite the lighting.

The new monster is introduced. Carnage Kabuto, emits a dangerous aura around him despite being all chained up. He continues to kill one of the mad scientist’s clones. On the ground, multiple blood stains, along with torn clothes can be seen on the floor. (Probably from killing previous clones.) This time round, Carnage Kabuto meets up with the real mad scientist, and the scientist pleads him to help him to capture Saitama who is making their way into the facility. He then pleads him to capture Saitama, either died or alive, and states that only he could defeat him.

Carnage Kabuto grabbing firmly onto the mad scientist, and runs towards Saitama and Genos.

Genos senses the two living being that are approaching them, and asks Saitama to prepare himself. However, before Genos could react to Carnage Kabuto, he is crushed to the wall by his sheer speed, and the monster challenges Saitama to a fight in their combat experiment room. The monster states that he is the strongest monster in the whole of the house of evolution, and that since the fight is against Saitama, Genos wasn’t needed.

In the combat experiment room, before the fight could start, Genos steps into the arena shooting a blast of fire at Carnage Kabuto. Carnage Kabuto unharmed, just simply asks, “oh, you are still alive”, before outpowering Genos to another fight, rendering Genos with a curly like hair and a broken face, unable to fight.

Without wasting any further time, all the attention goes back to Saitama and the monster. Saitama feels motivated off his potential opponent whom might give him a great fight. The evil scientist looks at the battle between Carnage Kabuto and Saitama from the distance away, before the beginning of their fight, he expects Saitama either to lose, or to barely win with his current strength enabling him to cling on to the strand of his life. He stands away from any danger, looking at both of them with great anticipation with his eyes.

Carnage Kabuto runs on the walls of the room, and starts with attacking Saitama from behind him. However, before he cold land a blow on him, he immediately feels a chill run down his spine, and backs off, flying far into the corner with fear in his eyes. Saitama casually asks him what is he doing, and both the scientist and Genos were speechless. The scene shows us the inner-dialogs of Carnage Kabuto, where he realizes that although “He’s leaving himself wide open, yet all my instincts are screaming, sending out danger signals!” Carnage Kabuto immediately takes a deep breath in, and asks with a loud voice, “How the hell did you get that strong?!”

Saitama’s meme look

The facial expressions of Saitama then changed, (looks very serious), he also asks Genos to listen up, as he would reveal his secret for becoming this strong. With the atmosphere in the air becoming tense, and heavy, Saitama immediately changed the atmosphere with the most ridiculous answer of all, “One hundred push-ups! One hundred sit-ups! One hundred squats! Then a ten kilometer run. Every single day, eat three meals a day, a banana in the morning, and never to use the A/C or heater in the summer or the winter, so that one can also strengthen the mind.” He then states that after doing it for a year and a half, he immediately realized that he became bald, and had become stronger. He mentions that one must train like hell to the point where his hair falls out, to then become strong.

Carnage Kabuto gets angry from Saitama’s remark and turns into a different monster

When Carnage Kabuto becomes the different monster, he then gains an increasing amount of speed, an states that when he gets into Carnage mode, he would lose control for a whole week, and would also be more hungry for killing. He then says that after killing him, he would go into town and rampage until the next Saturday! This makes Saitama realized that he messed up his dates, and realized that today was a Saturday. He had missed the “Bargain day at the supermarket!!” This makes him angry and sad at the same time, and lands a punch on Carnage Kabuto, ending the fight in one hit.

Carnage Kabuto punches Saitama in all directions, not leaving Saitama with a scrath
Saitama not doing anything, and ending the fight with one punch (meme face)

The scientist just stands at the side of the room with broken, and tilted glasses, and he can’t believe his eyes. Genos immediately tells Saitama that he would be able to still make it to the supermarket, for if he hurries there, as the place is only four hours away. Learning about this, Saitama gets up on his feet, and wastes no time on the scientist. He doesn’t apprehend the scientist, and just punched through layers of the walls, leaving a straight path to the outside world.

Saitama’s overwhelming power

The scientist stands at the sight of the mess, and the “Great sale pamphlet” which Genos gave him. He immediately says that he is done with evolution, and that he needs to change his ways.

One Punch Man (Episode 2)

Saitama meets with genos during a fight with a mosquito lady

Episode 2 starts off with a setting in One Punch Man’s home. The television is turned on, and the news is playing. There is however, no one in the room, and the news is talking about a massive mosquito outbreak that is going on recently. Apparently the mosquitos belong to an entirely new species, leaving even the professionals dumbfounded by the outcome. Now, our hero, One Punch Man dressed up in his home clothes, walks to his house balcony with a green watering can, and watering his plants outside. Inside, the news continues playing, and the broadcast is interrupted by disturbing news, where mummified remains of attacked farm animals have also been found near the area where the large swarm of mosquitoes are (City Z). The news then warns people to flee immediately if they were to see a large swarm of mosquitoes.

News from the television talking about the new breed of mosquitoes

Continuing to water is cactus, almost soaking it with water, a mosquito lands on our hero’s hand. He slaps it down using his powers hilariously, but to no avail. Our hero now getting annoyed continues to attack the mosquito at the speed of light.

The small mosquito goes unharmed by One Punch Man’s godly powers

The atmosphere then darkens almost immediately, and a swarm of mosquitos gathers like dark clouds in the sky. The emergency warning is then sounded, and the threat level was marked to be: Demon Level. All residents have to stay indoors, and no one is allowed to go outside under any circumstances. On the other hand, a white haired human with cyborg eyes stares at the cloud of mosquitoes with cold eyes. He wears a white singlet, with a pair of jeans, and stands openly at the top of the roof of a building. An electronic voice takes over, and says, “Acquiring Target”, and his golden yellow eyes looks deadly at the mosquito cloud. He was introduced as “The Lone Cyborg”. The scene then transitions to a man holding a metal pole, wearing a beanie, and with gloves on. He looks at the huge bag of items beside him, and smirks saying, “Thanks to that warning they’re all empty! Like someone’s gonna die from a mosquito bite. What’s losing a little blood if I get all this?” Few seconds after saying that, he gets jinxed, and a swarm of mosquitos covers him up entirely, sucking him of all his blood. He dies.

Daylight robber fears for the mosquitoes for his very life.

The blood is absorbed by a large human monster who looks a lot like a mosquito herself. She then tells the swarm of mosquitoes that that was too little blood, and asks them to look for more blood for her. She carries a huge intent of malice in her eyes, and flies in the sky with wings also like a mosquito. Continuing this scene is the cyborg who attacks the mosquito lady with a laser beam, shot from his hand. She just quickly evades his attack, and looks at him without talking. The cyborg now speaks to the mosquito lady, “I see, You make them suck the blood, then take it all for yourself. You must be controlling the mosquitoes via some sort of signal. That would explain their mysterious behavior.” He then asks if the cloud of mosquitoes would disperse if he kills her. The mosquito lady doesn’t care about him, and just says, “Our next meal is here. Go drain him dry.” The mosquitoes surround him, only to all be burnt into ashes by a blast of fire from inside out, when the cyborg just says, “Incinerate”. The cyborg then orders the female mosquito to stay where she is, for he would eliminate her. Not angered/ feeling threatened, she just stares back at him confidently, doubting his abilities, and asking him to give his abilities a try.

Mosquito lady nagging that she hasn’t has enough blood to drink

At the mean time, while the cyborg and the mosquito lady are still having a fight, One Punch Man is still trying to kill a single mosquito, and he gets very annoyed. When exchanging blows with each other, the mosquito lady manages to chop of one of the cyborg’s arms and the cyborg returns the favor, cutting off both the legs of the female mosquito lady. The mosquito lady gets more annoyed and angered as time passes, and flies higher into the sky, re-evaluating her options/ courses of actions she should take before the cyborg hero really gets her for good. Now, a larger wave of mosquitoes gathers around her, and giving/feeding her with more blood which have been drained from animals and wildlife that are in the forest, and the mosquito lady gets stronger.

The evolved mosquito lady which is red in color, boasting her purple hair

Before the cyborg could make a move to shoot at the mosquito lady, he was interrupted by our main protagonist, One Punch Man dashing iconically to the middle of the road. The holds onto a cannister of insect repellent and sprays at the mosquito from previously. He meets up with the cyborg who is in the street, and realizes the larger swarm of mosquitoes that are above him, gathered into a cloud. He looks hilariously devastated, not showing any signs of fear.

Saitama’s scared reaction

The cyborg asks him to evacuate immediately, so that he wouldn’t be hurt by the fight/ the mosquitoes. Our main hero, One Punch Man then says: “Seriously? That’s bad. I gotta get–“. Catching the cyborg off guard, the mosquito lady starts attacking the cyborg from behind, this time with much force and power, which shook the buildings, and the mosquitoes were spread all around the buildings, causing them to fall, and covering the cyborg, and our main protagonist up in mosquitoes, filling them up with darkness. Showing us the talents of the cyborg himself, he blasted all the mosquitoes away once again, this time with a larger and bigger explosion, causing the mosquitoes around the area to all be taken out by a large fire, which spreads around the city’s buildings, causing even greater damage to the city. Standing upright, with his clothes still intact, the cyborg then points his arm towards the lady mosquito, amidst the smoke and the dark buildings around him caused by the explosion previously. He mocks the lady mosquito for having low intelligence, unlike his expectations. He told the mosquito lady that she brought the mosquitoes together into one big, easy to burn swarm, and trash talks to the mosquito lady, making her furious, and dead set on killing the cyborg.

The cyborg’s blast which eliminated all the mosquitoes.

The cyborg then states that he made sure that there was nobody within 500meters of his blast, and before he could finish his statement, he recalls that there was a guy/ One Punch Man which was behind him just now. With his shirt all burnt up, and fully naked, our hero then thanks/ interrupts the cyborg’s train of thoughts, making the cyborg to disbelief. One Punch Man who was at the center of his blast didn’t get injured in any way, and was still standing and talking to him, and even telling him a joke about bugs.

Before they could learn more about each other, the mosquito lady returns and fills the air back with her evil aura and laughter. She then states how she is much stronger, and no longer needs the other mosquitoes, demonstrating how she quickly and easily cuts the building with a flick of her wrist. She asks the cyborg to take a look at how strong she has become, before she regains her rage, directing her gaze back at the cyborg, now focusing and attacking him.

Rendering the cyborg powerless with her new found power/ hyper-speed, the mosquito lady darts quickly behind the cyborg, attacking from all directions with ease. The cyborg then retreats away from the mosquito lady, flying high into the sky, before the mosquito easily catches up with him, and sends him with multiple blows, straight back down towards the ground. Before the Mosquito lady could land her final blow on the cyborg/ the cyborg deciding that he should self-destruct, our main hero, One Punch Man slaps the mosquito lady towards a wall, with speeds that are of the charts, and ending the fight with a single blow of his. The cyborg was shocked speechless with his attack, and has jaws dropped witnessing his powers. One Punch Man just stood there, saying: “Mosquitos…suck!”, again away from harms reach.

The cyborg attempts self destruct, so that the monster will also be caught in the blast
Hardest bitch slap of all time

Collapsing on the ground, the cyborg then asks One Punch Man for his name, and asks him if he could be Saitama’s/ One Punch Man’s disciple. Saitama agrees, and walks away, not expecting anything much.

The bitch slap which split the clouds

Taking a deep breath, the cyborg stands outside the residence of Saitama’s and calls out Sensei. He greeted by Saitama who looks frustrated at the door, hoping that he wouldn’t turn up. The cyborg introduces himself as Genos. Saitama asks Genos to stop calling him his Sensei, and gets called master, hilariously which Saitama also told him not to call him that as well.

Saitama’s annoyed look of frustration

Inviting Genos into his apartment, he treats Genos a cup of traditional Matcha-green tea, telling him that he should go back home after finishing the tea, as he is not looking for any disciples. Saitama then looks at Genos, and asks him how he manages to get back into shape from before. Learning that Genos is a cyborg, and that most of his parts are mechanical, and easy to replace, Saitama thinks that Genos is an odd human. Genos then hilariously asks what parts does his Master use, only to be responded that he is a human. Genos who is still in disbelief then asks him what about the skin-colored armor on his head, learning that Saitama’s bald even at a young age, angering Saitama with one of his biggest insecurities.

Saitama’s reaction when someone comments of his bald head

Back at what looks like an evil villain’s hideout/ laboratory, a frail and skinny looking man sits back alone in the darkness, in his room. His room is partially illuminated by the brightness of the computer hologram screen, and he is talking about how the Mosquito girl is just a prototype, and that it is fine that she gets defeated by a single hit. He learns of that the hero/ One Punch Man, is the one that defeated the Mosquito lady, along with a picture of him naked in the streets. He then answers the phone call on his desk stop saying that he would study the hero’s physiology, even if it means that they have to subdue him by force. He asks the person in the computer to send a messenger to invite him to the laboratory/ their “House of Evolution”.

Transitioning the scene back to Saitama’s residence, Genos asks Saitama how to be as strong as he is, and Saitama agrees to take him in as a student, saying that his training wouldn’t be easy/ not mere talk. Before Genos could learn more about Saitama sensei, he moves towards the apartment hallway at fast speeds, stating that he had detected an object approaching towards them at high speeds. Genos early warning is correct, and it was followed by a crash on top of Saitama’s house/ ceiling. This time around, it is a giant praying mantis monster that Saitama’s punch killed, for destroying his house’s ceiling, and the other 2 more monsters that were observing Saitama’s residence outside are hammered into the ground also by him. Genos wanted to show off his skills, only to get the spotlight taken from him by Saitama Sensei. Not before long, 2 other monsters, that looked more powerful attacks Genos and Saitama, saying that they are the best amongst the other House of Evolution’s other beast, and they too get beaten to a pulp. Armored Gorilla(Monster) takes on Genos, and the Beast King/ Lion takes on Saitama.

Save your breath for the fight ahead mate…

Saitama hilariously asked the Beast King to hold on to his grand introduction, saying that he has dirt caught between his belt and his shirt, and after a few seconds later of dusting his belt, the Beast King flexes his muscles and grits his teeth. Fumes can be seen emerging from the gaps between his sharp teeth, and his eyes glows a malicious bright red in color. He continuously slashes Saitama, only to realize that Saitama greatly outpowers himself, only when he dies, after One Punch from Saitama. Saitama then proceeds on to take out the smaller and annoying monsters that are around the area, assisting the beast.

Saitama’s: Consecutive Normal Punches
Saitama taunts the mole which is burrows underground, saying that it can’t hide.

On the other end of Genos’s fight, he manages to subdue the Armored gorilla, striping him of his armor, and making him confess who was the one that sent him here. He states that he is extremely sorry, very hilariously, in fear that he would be killed. He asks to be spared.

Armored Gorilla fears for his life.

One Punch Man (Episode 1)

serious looks

We are starting to review another Anime/ the popular One Punch Man. This review will review Episode 1, season 1 showing us the humble beginnings of One Punch Man. Enjoy!

The anime first starts with a peaceful atmosphere, showing us a clear blue sky, along with the shades of the trees. Birds can be heard chirping. Now, the scene transitions with the sounds of fast moving shadows, and the heavy atmosphere in a city. The city buildings, trains and streets are bustling with people and cars, showing us a peaceful day.

Suddenly, there are explosions seen at the far background of the city, and the whole city is devoured by an orange light from the source of the explosion. There are puffs of black smoke in the sky, and the atmosphere suddenly turned panicky. People started running away from the explosion hurriedly, and many others are looking at the explosion zone from far. Most of them have eyes filled with fear in them. Now, another shockwave came from the explosion zone, and the ground started trembling. Many started to lose their balance, and the heat waves con be seen radiating from the ground. With this, the anime transitions into a weird looking human/ monster, with eyes of malice.

The monster then leaps into the air, taking flight. He wastes no time, and created plasma like orbs, and started firing them at the city causing mayhem, and buildings to be destroyed. In as dark room, with high technology equipment and computers, staff/ military personnel started deploying hero members immediately to the scene. It was very clear that they were prepared for this disaster to happen, and immediately started providing counter measures for what seemed to be an act of villainy from a monster. They analyzed the threat levels of the situation, along with nearby heroes that could come to the aid of the situation.

A newscaster nearby, who knows no fear, starts a news report about the nearby area, and starts amplifying the damage left by the monster. Behind were people in the cities running away as fast as they can. This the transitions to a television screen/ channel that a bald headed man is watching. The bald headed man watches the live broadcast, and learns that City A is under attack. The television channel then starts to darken, losing it’s connection with the world. The bald head man then mutters the words, “Guess I’ll go”. Echoing footsteps can be heard, and the bald headed man wearing a cape walks into the light. He then strikes a cool looking pose, flipping his cape like a hero.

There you go, our main protagonist standing in the light.

The hero, dashes at the speed of light, saving a girl from eminent danger. She was crying for her parents, and before the evil monster could crush her in his hands, the hero grabs her, and puts her away on the ground. The monster introduces himself as the vaccine man, and reasons his actions for destroying the city. He asks the hero who he is, only to be replied, “I’m just a hero for fun.” This angers him, and he transforms into a hell of a monster. Threatening our hero. Our hero hasn’t said a single word, and stands there, unmoved by the monster. He punches the monster, only to take him out in one punch, ending the threat in the most anti-climatic ways possible. He blames himself for only ending the fight with one punch, and is very sad he didn’t get to have a proper fight that could satisfy him.

Hero finishes the fight in just a punch.

After the anime opening, what a great opening. The scene redirects us to 3 years ago. A man wearing a business suit with unfazed eyes, looks at a monster. The monster has a top of a mecha-crab, and has pincers for his arms and hands. His eyes are that like a crab, and his legs are of a human. The man, uninterested by the monster, then takes a sigh, and communicates with the monster like a normal human. He says that he is not an ordinary business man, but just a man that is unemployed, thereby looking for a job. He then says how he got rejected in an interview again today, and couldn’t care about anything around him. The crab man then lets him go, seeing his lifeless eyes that are also similar to his in some ways. The crab man then states that he is also going to hunt a different prey/ a big chinned brat (he calls it that way). The man then walks in opposite directions away from the monster. On the way home, at the playground, the man met a child who has an exceptional big chin, almost comically funny. He then recalls about what the crab man told him, and fears for the safety of the child. He has shivers down his spine thinking that the crab man’s target was a child.

He then asks the kid if he has messed with a big crab monster earlier, only to hear from him that he did draw 2 nipples on the big crab monster for fun. The business man had a bad premonition as to what was going to happen, and started to think what he should do. He considers the option of walking away, given how ugly the child was, and thinks that it was none of his business. He walks away, only to come back to save the child from being attacked. The crab man almost killed the child. The business man regrets his actions, and blames himself for being over considerate for the child. He then realizes that it was too late to turn back now, and that he had no choice but to fight with the crab monster, buying some time for the kid to run away. He instructs the kid to run far away, and not to worry about him.

The crab man then engaged a verbal war with the man, asking the man to step aside, giving him a last chance to live. It was only greeted with the man’s laughter, filled with mixed emotions. He then says how the crab man looks like the villain from an anime that he used to watch, before he gets to finish his statement, he is sent flying several meters away, landing into a nearby garbage chute. The child looks at him, and realizes the eminent danger posed to him. He takes a look at the monster, who now prepares to take a swing on him. The monster then says, “Die” and the child crawls helplessly away. All attention is then directed at the man, who now starts to throw stones at the monster, trying to defend the child from the eminent danger. The man who is now bleeding says, “In this age of declining birth rates, I can’t just let you kill a kid.” He continues saying that since young he wanted to be a hero, and not an ordinary office man. He grits his teeth, tosses his jacket aside, and wraps his clenched fist with the tie he is wearing. He immediately says, “he wants to be a hero to send rotten villains like him flying with just one punch. Screw looking for a job, Bring it on!” The crab man, who is now pissed that the man punches him with full force, accepting his challenge, and beating sense into him, making him bleed profusely. Before the villain can attack the man again, he dodges his attack, and climbs on top of his arm, and jumps to where his eyes are. He then uses the tie that is on his arm, and pulls crab man’s eyes away from it’s head. His eye then reaps apart, and crab man bleeds profusely through his eyes. The ugly child just stands there the whole time, in awe.

The man pants heavily standing beside the corpse of the crab man. Now the scene transitions back to the hero from earlier, holding onto a packet of crab pincers packaged nicely in a departmental store. He recalls how he trained so hard since that they, till he has now became bald. He also states how powerful he has become till no one could beat him. He says that he has already became the hero he has dreamed of becoming. On this train of thought, he wonders why does his heart feel so empty despite how accomplished he was, and proceeds to buy the crab pincers at the cashier. The ground then starts rumbling below him, and the lights of the store flickers crazily till it went off. One Punch Man/ hero still unaffected proceed to count the coins that are in his coin pouch, to make a payment. When he looks up, the cashier is long gone, and he is alone by himself in a dark lit store. A giant villain crushes the store, and destroys everything in it’s way, leaving a footprint, stepping on multiple areas at once.

Destroying the city with just its footprint.

Stepping out of the destroyed store, and looking up, One Punch Man sees the big giant walking through the city. At the giant’s right shoulder is a normal sized human, dressed up as a scientist. He right hand holds onto a test tube, and his brother is the giant. He looks contented that his brother is destroying the city, and thinks that it was too wonderful. The close up shot of the test tube was featured, and his brother says,”I never thought it would work so well.” His giant brother agrees, recalling his past where he remembers of how hard he trains to be the strongest man in the world back when he was still a human. He lifts weights, and has an ambitious gym routine. At the same time, his brother who is a made scientist has just completed the ultimate steroid, “Biceps King”, for his brother. He presents the steroid to his brother, who then drinks it down, and mutates into a giant right before his brothers’ eyes.

The scientist brother who is standing at the shoulders of the giant then laughs loudly at the destruction of the city caused, and how they have succeeded to combine the greatest mind with the strongest body. He ambitions to conquer everything on earth, and to rule as kings. The giant then waves his arms towards the buildings in front of him, producing a strong air wave, and destroying the whole of the city, in an instant. While that was going on, the cities nearby has already sounded its emergency evacuation warnings, ensuring that the people living in the area are safe. A helicopter flying at higher altitudes then surveys the destroyed area to see, and save the remaining survivors that are buried under the ruble.

Streets are packed with cars, trying to escape away from city D, where the giant is at, and they are informed that the giant is currently heading towards City B. The people in the city are all panicking and the atmosphere was no longer filled with fear. It was filled with silence, most of the city is already destroyed. The scene changes to show us One Punch Man that is now standing emotionless on the giant’s shoulder. He casually asks the giant how it feels like being the strongest villain, and gets interrupted by the mad scientist, asking his brother/ giant to kill the person on his shoulder. The giant being a muscle head then crush his brother which is also on his shoulder (right), leaving One Punch Man dumbfounded, and turning the atmosphere into a hilarious one.

Giant looks at his hand realizing that he has crushed the wrong person

The giant turns angry, and grabs our hero, throwing him onto the ground, and stepping on him angrily. He consecutively punches One Punch man that is lying on the ground, and keeps emphasizing the power of his brotherly love, and venting his anger of his brother’s death, on our hero, blaming his death on him. He creates a big crater in the earth’s ground, where our hero is at, and stands upright triumphantly, thinking that he won the battle. He then looks at his hand, and feels sentimental for his lost of his brother, and feels that it was useless being the strongest, as it is pretty lonely. The hero then agrees with him, flying out of the crater the giant has placed him into, and gave him a few punches. The gave him the final blow, causing him to fall, and land on City B, our hero/city destroyer hilariously just says oops.

One Punch Man punches giant

Transitioning to the next scene, One Punch Man walks out from a convience store. He ponders about how Monsters/ evils of the world still kept on appearing even after he became a hero, and thinks that he hasn’t made a significant impact to the things around him. He wasn’t disappointed about that, however the thing that bothered him more was his emotions becoming more and more distant from him, and he seems that he wasn’t able to feel the feelings of a regular human. Fear, tension, joy, anger is slowly slipping away from him as the days go by. He things that in exchange for power, he might have lost his sense of emotions. He realizes that as he only needs one punch to end any fight, he always go back home uninjured, even when he is fighting against monsters who looks powerful, he never felt as if his heart was really in the fight.

One Punch Man taking a bath.

Early in the morning, his sleep was interrupted by a monster whom destroys his house, and grabs onto our hero, throwing him out of his house. He introduces himself as the “true earthlings”, and says that he is a subterranean. As they are suffering from overpopulation below the earth’s crust they have come to the surface of the earth, trying to eradicate the humans that are living on the surface, making place for themselves to live instead. He states that this was a battle, and starts a war with him. He was surprised, at our hero’s powers, saying that there was no one that could survive their attacks, and he was the first earthling that has the powers to still stay standing. One Punch Man then says, “Same here. It’s been too long since I’ve come across such worthy opponents, Subterraneans!” He then punches him, causing the monster to explode, and his blood to spill everywhere behind him. Now, the other monsters/ Subterraneans runs towards him, and he engages them in a 1 vs ??? battle with many off them. While attacking and defending against their attacks at the same time, our hero’s eyes are re-ignited with fire, and the fight continues leaving our hero happy about, and passionate about the fight.

One Punch Man engaging a fight with the other monsters, all at once

One Punch Man gets punched, and the impact of the punch carries him away causing an explosion when he lands. The subterraneans monsters then thinks that the battle was over, only to be still surprised that our hero was still standing after the fight, and him now acknowledging the monster’s abilities. He introduces himself as a guy, who’s just a hero for fun, and emerges from the flames that are behind him. He stays standing, and says that he won’t lose any battle, leaving the monsters with no choice but to attack him, as the surface is under “his protection”. The monsters goes against our hero all at once, with all their might. Finally, at last, our hero manages to feel a wild throbbing in his heart, the rush and the tension he gets from a fight, and goes all out fighting the monsters. He enjoys the fight, and says that it has been so long since he has felt this exhilaration of a real fight. Standing above all the subterraneans’ bodies, and feeling the rain pelting down on him, he remembers the feelings he experienced when fighting monsters 3 years ago, and wants to continue fighting them, trying to look for his long lost feelings, only to be found through fighting those monsters.

One Punch Man finally finds his emotions
One Punch Man running towards the Subterranean King

The Subterranean King now appears above the surface of the ground, challenging our hero to a fight, knowing that he has killed all his “children”. On the other hand, instead of feeling afraid of the monster, our hero just rushes to the monster, hoping to get a nice fight which he always longs to have. He then jumps and towards the monster, only to realize that everything he wanted was just a dream. He hears some monsters causing a ruckus below his house, and jumps out of his house window with his suit on. He hammers the monster’s down, and asks them to bring on the fight, only to see them raise a white flag, and that he doesn’t get the fight that he wants.


Satou sleeping with all his slaves

The final episode of the anime is here. First starting with the episode with a recap of episode 11, Ine-chan/ the witch’s apprentice is put in a tough spot, after the potions which she was going to deliver was destroyed/ sabotaged by the receiver himself. Not all the potions were damaged, and the receiver/ the assistant viceroy then requires the other 180 potions (also included in the pact), to be delivered latest by sundown.

Continuing from the previous episode, Satou asks the workshop owner/ his friend they met the other day in the bar to lend him his place and his kiln. His friend then gives it a second thought, knowing and thinking of the trust he has in Satou. Looking back at Satou and his team, he senses an aura of worry around them, and thus decides to him Satou out. He then agrees with Satou requests, and tell him that he has already promised to make him vials since that time they met in the bar. This brings joy to Satou’s team, believing in the only shred of hope left, from Satou himself. Satou then thanks him for his assistance, and his friend leads the way into his workshop. Before entering the workshop, Satou decides to distribute the workload to his team, where Mia and Arisa who are more adept in magic would help out with potion making together with Ine-chan, and the rest of his team would follow him in making the vials for the potions.

The scene immediately changes to a pottery making workshop where Satou flauts his great ability to make potion vials, despite his first day of making them. His other team members didn’t manage to make the vials, however they haven’t given up, and continues working hard.

Vials that are still looking like clay (Satou made them)

His friend then praises him for his quick efforts, however he states that Satou wouldn’t be able to produce the 180 vials by sundown despite his efforts, as it normally takes 5 days for the wares he makes to dry. Removing the step of drying would cause his clay wares to burst when placed inside the kiln.

Now Satou begins to focus on the root problem, which was to dry out the moisture in the clay. He then researches a magic spell on spot, and creates his own magic spell, capable of doing what he needs. He succeeds on his first attempt, and amazes his friend with how fast the clay dries, in just seconds of chanting a magic spell. His friend then sees the tiny string of hope left for Satou and his team, and thinks that making the 180 vials of potions might actually be possible. Feeling motivated, he asks Satou and his team to keep the clay working of the vials coming, and volunteers to put the vials already made into the kiln.

Mia uses Satou researched spell, and dries the clay, instantly after it was made

While Satou and his team works effectively round the clock, they tried their outmost best to rush for the potions to be done. Although there were some minor setbacks sometimes, it wasn’t bothered by Satou and his team, and they motivated each other in working through difficulties. Satou on the other hand, can be seen focused on making the viles, along with the potions, managing his team, while using his abilities to assist them as much as possible.

The sun was about to set, and the sky is of a golden hue. Satou congratulates everyone for their efforts while they are now just waiting for the kiln to cool down, and when it is done, they will fill the vials up and have them delivered to the assistant viceroy before sundown.

All the attention is then turned to Ine-chan when she finally lets off a sigh of relief, letting out all her built up stress and pressure. Ine-chan’s hat then started chirping, and out came the head of a bird which surprised everyone. Satou was also taken aback by the Puff Bird, and when he uses his analysis (skill) on it, Satou learns that the bird is the witch’s familiar, and they are now interrupted by a group of man which asked them what they were doing.

Ine-chan’s hat was actually a bird

Satou immediately realizes that the men are here for trouble and uses his inventory skill to teleport all the vials that are still cooling down into his own inventory. He then replaces the broken vials that are made earlier back into the kiln.

The workshop owner defending for Satou

The men then disregarded all of Satou and their friends request, and proceeded to destroy the kiln, and all of the vials inside it, without knowing that the actual ones were in Satou’s inventory. When Satou’s team thought that all hope was lost, Satou then explains the situation to them, and calms them down. He states that the ones that were in the kiln are decoys, and the real vials are in his inventory. He then instructs Ine-chan if she was able to use the bird on top of her head to convey a message to the witch back in the forest of illusions. He also apologizes to the workshop owner/ his friend for his broken kiln.

Workshop owner was more worried for Satou’s vials than his broken kiln

Since the men from earlier were gone, Arisa asks Satou to take the vials out, on Arisa’s watch. Satou tries to take a vial out, only to see it shatter into pieces right before his eyes. This was surprising, and posed another problem for Satou. The vials that were in his inventory were about 1250 degrees celsius, and due to the difference in heat temperatures between the environment and the vials, the vial exploded and shattered on its own. Satou then encounters another problem, and start thinking of ideas/ ways which he could gradually change the temperature. After a chain of thoughts, it led to Satou with a solution at hand which could save them all.

Satou first transfers the vials that are in his inventory to Arisa’s type of item box, and cools the vials there. He does so by combining the Item box with a blow spell which can help cool the vials at a faster rate. When the vials are cooled, he removes them from the item box at normal temperatures, and the potions are all prepared, and thus ready to be delivered.

Now, Satou can be seen in the assistant viceroy’s room, and the assistant viceroy has a cold attitude to Satou. He states that Satou shouldn’t be here, and hears from his assistant that he wouldn’t be able to deliver the remaining 180 vials of potions. He asks Satou out of the place at once/ leave the city as he has no reason to visit him again. Satou is now filled with confidence, and takes out the agreement that was signed upon earlier. Also, he asks him to sign and stamp the delivery note, for he has already delivered the potions. He bends down slightly, and chuckles knowing he has won.

Standing at the side of the assistant viceroy were guards that were stationed under him, and they agreed that Satou has indeed delivered the remaining 180 vials of potions before Sundown, and therefore the pact is not broken. The men standing behind the assistant viceroy is now filled with rage, knowing that they failed their plots against Satou, and asks Satou what tricks he had used. Satou then talked back, defending himself that they haven’t the slightest used any tricks and it was all accomplished through everyone’s wit, hard work, and friendship. The assistant viceroy now sits tight in his chair, with fear in his eyes. He doesn’t say a word, and only looks outside the window, unwilling to sign the delivery note that is in front of him.

Satou then projects his voice menacingly, and asks once again for the assistant viceroy’s stamp and signature which was agreed upon. Satou then learns that the assistant viceroy would refuse to sign the papers regardless of anything, and is left with no choice. From behind then stands a man, emitting an aura of dominance over the others, and he then says, “If that’s the case, I shall sign the document for you.”

The assistant viceroy only turns his head back to see the count/ Count Kuhanou, along with the witch of illusions too standing at his back. He asks the count, what he was doing here, and we believe that the count is the superior of the him. He who is now intimidated to the bones has fear in his voice, and learns that the count knows of all the evil deeds he has done. Ine-chan then looks at Satou and he nods in approval, implying that the bird above her head has told the witch of all his evil deeds, making Ine-chan smile in delight, knowing that she also played a vital role in the big picture as well.

Ine-chan realizes that the witch/ her master knows of the whole situation

Knowing that he has no where left to hide/ escape, the assistant viceroy than calls upon different magic spells to attack the count, only to be deflected by the count’s powers. The count then says that he wouldn’t be harmed by attacks like this in his own territory, and states that due to his pity for him, he would not charge him with treason, but with death. Saying that, he draws out his sword and stands firmly on the ground.

Before he can jump in with his sword, Satou jumps in and kicks the 2 men unconscious, on the ground. When asked why he interfered, Satou replies saying that there are children here, and looks at Mia, Tama and Pochi. The Count immediately understands the situation, sheathe his sword back into place, and says, “It appears that the witch has a noble friend”. He gains more respect towards Satou, and the witch smiles back.

Satou attacks the men before things got bloody

It was finally all over, and the atmosphere has finally lifted off Satou and his team. Outside the city, Ine-chan, the witch and the workshop owner sees Satou off. Satou apologizes for all the trouble he caused to the workshop owner, only to be replied by his thanks towards him, saying he gets priority on deals because of the count. He thanks Satou for this opportunity which was not possible for if he hadn’t helped him earlier. He also states that he would be getting a bigger kiln than before from the count. He laughs happily. The witch of the forest of illusions also thanked Satou for his aid, and thanked him by giving him a Witch’s Apprentice’s Lantern. The lantern was a magic item Ine-chan and the witch made, symbolizing the friendship he has with the witches. Satou then bids good byes to the witches that went their separate ways back into the forest.

Starting the next scene on a more hilarious note, Nana can be seen half naked, on top of Satou at the back of the carriage. She then proceeds to remove her top, revealing her bare skin to Satou. Satou reaches out his hand towards her breast, only to be hilariously caught and blocked off by Arisa who seems annoyed. This was when Nana asks Satou to hurry up and calibrate her foundation system, making Arisa full of doubts into what they were actually doing. Arisa then asks Nana if she has the Magic Manipulation skill, and Nana states that her foundation instruments are not functioning properly, leading to her who was not able to use Magic Manipulation effectively. Satou then hurries up and states that he have the skill, and therefore would give it a try, to help Nana out. Satou then asks Nana what he has to do. Nana then replies saying that he should place his hand near her heart, and allow his magic to flow into her. Mia then pops out of nowhere, and says that Satou should touch Nana only from the back. This was agreed upon, and when repairing Nana’s foundation instruments, the others were just jealous of Satou’s treatment towards Nana, especially when she asks Satou to be gentle.

Funny moment when Arisa realized that she misunderstood the situation

Liza then appears out of nowhere, and asks Master Satou what he intends to do today. He states that they would be passing through Muno Barony. The scene then changes back, showing lively Zena-san that is in barracks, back in the city, running towards her other friends, in excitement over Satou’s sent letter to them. She reads the message to her other friends, “As the lingering winter leaves us at last, I hope that you have been well, Zena-sama. It has been a while since I parted from Seiryuu City, and I’m saddened that I haven’t been able to see your face. We are currently travelling through Kuhanou Country, which is west of Seiryuu City. Our first journey has been harder than I had imagined. By now, we’ve all gotten used to sleeping outdoors and are having fun. I am enjoying this new world to the fullest.” Zena smiles at Satou’s letter, and glances into the night sky full of stars, outside her window.

Zena reading the letter again, now at bedside

Back to Satou and the others, Pochi brings Satou a book, asking him to read her a bedtime story. They all set all over the fireplace, listening to Satou’s story. When finishing his story, Tama and Pochi can already be seen sleeping and resting on each other. The others were all still awake, and looked at them with cheerful and hopeful eyes.

Concluding the episode/ story, was the last statement from Zena’s received letter. “We still have a long journey ahead, but I plan to keep enjoying it. I look forward to seeing you again someday.” Zena walks to the window, and mutters, “Satou-san… One day…”. The scene then shows Satou and his team enjoying times together on their long journey.


Count forced into Satou's plans

This episode starts off with Satou alone in a Tavern/restaurant, being served Kainona sheep’s milk liquor and stewed mutton with beans. He then pays the waiter the price of his meal, and asked the waitress to keep the rest of the coins as her tip. She thanks Satou, and forms a good impression of him. Now, in the tavern, a man yells at the chef and says that the food isn’t to his preferences, causing a verbal fight in the tavern, ruining the atmosphere. Satou then earns the title of “Moneybags”, when he quickly calms the situation by treating everyone in the tavern with their meals. Everyone now lifts their cups, cheering and toasting Satou. When Satou decides to take his leave, he gets his arm hugged by the female waitress earlier, leading him upstairs. Satou is then brought into a room with naughty pinky lighting (the tavern also serves as a love hotel).

Female waitress pushing Satou into the love hotel

The scene then transitions to Mia’s close up face, scolding Satou for his impurity, followed by Arisa which grumbles on Satou, still angry that he slept with the waitress in the love hotel. Satou just smiles, not saying a word. Riding their carriage out of the city they just stopped by, Satou then witnesses a noble man, riding a horse and pushing down a commoner, saying that he is in the way, mocking him as a peasant. When Satou passes them by, the noble glares at him fiercely and rides on his horse away. Liza recognizes the man as the soldier that tried to take their cores by force during the fire ant incident, and informs Satou of who the man was. Alighting his carriage, to tend to the man that was pushed on the floor, Satou then observes (skill) and realized the man has a bone fracture on his clavicle, and gives the man a HP recovery Potion of Low Grade. The man was very happy with his gift, and thanks Satou for his gift profusely. Immediately using Satou’s recovery potion, the man heals his fracture, and stretches, moving his arms in delight. The man along with his wife then thanked him again.

Arisa then mocks Satou of his generosity when he returns back to the carriage, and points out that Satou should ensure that he should check his supplies before giving them away, as they should prepare for the unprecedented, having enough potions for themselves first. This gave Satou the idea of learning alchemy and how to make his own potions.

Still on their way to Mia’s town, they took a break outside the city, on a plain grassland. While Mia and the others are playing with the picture cards Satou got for them, Arisa joins master Satou on another mat, with Satou learning alchemy. For starters, Satou follows an instruction manual, and constructs his own Fever-Reducing Medicine. He learns that every medicine he makes is imprinted with the creator’s name, and Satou needs to leave the name section blank, in order to be anonymous. Next, Satou experiments and tries transmutation, where he would try to make potions from the medicine he makes earlier. In order to do so, Satou uses a transmutation tablet, and improves his skill by maxing his Character Transmutation skill. Satou now acquires 2 more titles, Doctor and Alchemist, after he completes a high-quality HP recovery potion. From the instruction manual, he also learns that the quality of potions would degrade for if it is not stored in a specialized vial.

Vials which store HP potions are considered magic items

Realizing that, Satou gets new ideas, and wants to learn how to make his own magic items. Using the manual like before, Satou then starts crafting his first magic item, incapable of doing anything, but draining your own MP. He then acquires 2 more skills, Magic-Tool crafting, and Metalworking. He tries out his own magic item by channeling MP into the item, causing it to shine brightly, and to explode. This wakes his team up, thinking that it was an enemy attack, causing the commotion.

Liza, Tama and Pochi awaken to the commotion in their pajamas

In the morning Satou and his team continues their journey to a nearby city, where Satou needs to purchase magic vials to store the HP potion he makes. Satou hasn’t been to this city before, and therefore using his ability, he learns his new surroundings from a map that was once dark colored.

Approaching the town of Noukee, Satou asks around to see of there are any alchemy shops in the area. Outside the alchemy shop, he bumps into the same soldier, wear a cape, and didn’t recognize him. In the shop, Satou converses with a witch, and asks her for different things, along with information around the area. He then learns that the man wearing the cape previously have bought all the vials from the shop, with a requisition warrant with the seal of the viceroy of Sedum city. He was directed to the pottery workshop for of he needs the vials he is looking for.

Man with the cape buys all the vials in store, making his slave carry them for him

Satou then instructs Liza to head back to the others, saying that he still has errands to run, and wants Liza to prepare dinner for the others. He then disguises himself, and trades the cores he has to the shop (selling cores are illegal). He gets scrolls back in return for his cores, and uses them immediately at night, before he goes on his danger prone exploration, to nearby unexplored areas of his map.

Satou explores the unexplored black parts of his map at night

Trudging in the dark forest, Satou gains different skills and learns the unexplored areas of his map. He enters a part of the forest, where a disorienting charm barrier is made in place for intruders, and gets suspicious for what lies ahead.

Now, Satou is greeted by an attack by one of the witches apprentices. The witch apprentice uses different earth magic spells and several golems, controlled with a witches circle, drawn with a star in it. Satou avoids all of the apprentice attacks, and apologizes for entering her territory. Gaining attention from Satou was a big bird above, which cast a huge shadow on him. The owl lands on the apprentice, and stepping down from the owl is an older looking lady (a.k.a. the witch of the forest of illusions). The witch gets down, and bows down to Satou and introduced herself, leaving him confused. The witch recognizes the bell hung on Satou’s belt, thinking that he is the emissary of Bolenan, and leads him to her cottage, where she is making potions. She also apologizes for her apprentice rudeness earlier.

Conversing more with the witch, he learns of a pact which the witch has with Count Kuhanou. The count helps to keep outlaws and hunters out of the forest, and in return for the count’s efforts, the witch has to deliver 300 vials of a special potion to him twice a year. The witch then volunteers to teach Satou a special recipe in return for a favor from Satou. Satou, agrees to it, and the witch sees Satou off, by leading him out of the forest, with a trail of light, guiding him out.

At the inn’s entrance of the new place they rented in the town, stands Arisa with crossed arms, looking crossed as well. Arisa scolds Satou for returning late, and says that everyone is worried for him back inside.

The next day, Satou meets up with a workshop owner, making vials. Before meeting him, he overhears a conversation from 2 men wearing capes, regarding their plot to steal something/ destroy “them”, so that the pact won’t go through. Satou then turns around after being called out by the workshop owner, and discusses how he can buy vials from him. Upon further conversing with him, Satou realizes that there were a lot of regulations in this town, and thus he wouldn’t be able to make them. However, he suggested an alternative solution, and tells Satou that he is welcome to visit his workshop to learn pottery. They arranged a meet up tomorrow at his workshop, and went their own ways after that.

On their way to the workshop, Satou realizes that the witch’s apprentice, “Ine-chan” is being attacked while she is trying to deliver the potions to the Count (for the pact). He hurries up and meets up with her, guarding and shielding her from those attacks. In the meantime, the apprentice rushes into the city gates, only to come to a complete stop by another planed attack, to destroy the potions instead. Satou then recalls the conversation he overhears at the bar, and instructs Pochi and Tama to go after the people that destroyed all of the potions. during the collision, only 120 potions are safe, and the remaining 180 potions are destroyed. Knowing that she failed her duty of delivering the potions, Ine-chan fears for the forest of illusions pact to be broken, and starts crying.

Ine-chan crying at the sight of the broken carriage carrying the potions

Satou then plans ahead, and places all the half broken vials in his storage, preserving the potions rarity. He then delivers the rest of the potions together with Ine-chan, and during his meeting with the assistant viceroy, he requests for more time for the potions to be made. The assistant viceroy didn’t waver, and states that the pact should not be broken, and Ine-chan will still need to deliver 300 vials of potion by sundown. Satou then tries to explain the situation again, only to come to a conclusion that the assistant viceroy intentionally wants the delivery of the potions to fail, so that the pact wouldn’t go through with the count and the witch.

After some negotiations, Satou then gets the reply by the assistant viceroy saying that the he would accept the remaining delivery of potions that are of the same quality as the witches, by sundown. Satou then asks him if he accepts potions that are of higher quality than the witches, to get an agreement from him. Knowing his opponents well, Satou wants the agreement to be confirmed down on paper, and confirms the delivery request of 180 potions by sundown.

Satou negotiating with the assistant viceroy
Satou gets approval in black and white, so that the assistant viceroy cannot back off the agreement

Apparently, Satou has already planed this out from the start, and have already assigned Tama, Pochi and Liza to collect ingredients (to make the recipe the witch has taught him). Ine-chan then cries and says that what Satou has done is impossible, as there are no vials that they can procure around the area to store the potions they made. Satou then tries to think of other alternative solutions while recalling that the vials were bought out by the same man standing behind the assistant viceroy. The episode ends when Satou understands that their plot was well thought out, and Satou understands that he is engaging a trade war with them.


The episode starts off with a peaceful atmosphere, and Satou along with his team are on the way to send Mia off to the elf’s village. The hills and nature were a lush green, and the view of the sky was a clear blue, unblocked by any trees. Satou and the others had already laid out mats along with baskets of food on top. The picnic mat is decked out with an array of different food sorts. Unable to hold themselves back, everyone asked each other to tuck in, and they all enjoyed their own prepared meals that were in front of them.

Now the atmosphere turned into a cheerful and lively one, and Satou and their friends were talking and having discussions over their food. It was only till now when Satou learns that Mia, being an elf does not eat Meat, and Pochi along with Tama who likes meat bends forward, volunteering to eat the meat that was left on her plate. Everyone ate more than their bellies could hold, and they are all now stuffed.

Satou then asks Liza why is she cooking another portion of the meal. She then tells Satou that this was done in preparation for the journey ahead, and that they could nibble on the food whenever they are hungry. Arisa then steps in showing off one of her magic spells, an Item Box, and volunteers to keep Liza’s cooked ready to eat meal in her Item Box. She then tells Satou that it takes up mana to deposit or withdraw items from her item box, and therefore needs to limit her usage on this magic compartment. Satou bends forward, and questions himself what is the major difference between his storage, and Arisa’s item box. He decides to learn more about the technicalities of magic in this world he is in.

Now, Satou assigns everyone with specific tasks, before they continued on their journey. Nana, Liza and Lulu helps out in loading the cargo in the carriage. Arisa and Mia helped ensure that the horses were properly feed and hydrated, Pochi and Tama helped by cleaning and replacing the metal horseshoe at the bottom of the horses feet. Satou ensures that his horse is clean, and brushes the horse clean.

Now, Satou is interrupted by Arisa which then volunteers if she can “touch up” the straw cushions. She hilariously complains that the straws from those cushions keeps poking through when being asked if the cushions were bad, and states that it makes her bottom itch. Satou then suggested them to fix up all the cushions. Satou, Arisa, Tama, Pochi and Mia then gathered in a circle with all the cushions stacked nicely in front of them, and they were all tasked to fix up the cushions. Satou then brings out some goatskin leather and offers them to Arisa and the others, saying that using goatskin leather on the part they sit on would help prevent straws from poking through. Arisa then thanks Satou for his kindness, and makes fun of Satou, saying that he is concerned for the ladies butts, needing them to be soft to the touch. After Satou and the others were finished with their cushions. Satou also gains a new skill Puppeteer, and makes a toy bird out of cushions for Mia and the others to play with. He makes different dolls for everyone, and they were all happy about their gifts.

They continued their journey, and they all enjoyed every bit of their journey. Taking occasional breaks for everyone to play, and letting the horses rest, Satou starts to learn more about everybody. He learns that Mia was able to whistle with just a hole in a leaf, and also learns that she doesn’t like her friends calling her princess. While everyone is trying to learn how to whistle blow through a leaf, he is then called off by Arisa who bring him to some stone rocks that she discovered. At first glance, one couldn’t tell what was the Stone formation. However, on closer looks, they realized that it resembles 3 torii that fell over each other in a row. Satou then finds the torii very familiar to the one he saw before when he was young as a kid, and recalling back to his different childhood memories, Satou remembers the shrine near to his grandfather’s place when he was young. He also recalls the words of a girl with slightly pink hair, and wakes up to Arisa’s voice, calling his name. Completely ignoring Arisa’s tantrums and voice, Satou then goes into deep thoughts and analysis (skill) the torii that was in front of him. He tells Arisa that this is a broken travel gate, and that nothing could be done out of it. Arisa then suggested to Satou if he was able to reconstruct/ repair the stone torii, only to be rejected entirely by Satou, when he says that it is impossible.

When Satou returns back to the carriage, he sees Pochi holding onto the legs of a rabbit, pre-assumed dead, and Liza who is behind Pochi asks master Satou if they were allowed to butcher the rabbit before they left. As Pochi and Tama went chasing/ hunting wildlife, they were exhausted, and ate the Panckes from Arisa’s inventory. Arisa then apologizes saying that her item storage wasn’t able to keep things warm, only to be comforted by Pochi and Tama, saying that the food was still delicious.

During the journey, Satou reads a book sitting at the back of the carriage, and learns the basics of magic from the book he obtains from Zen before he passes on. Being too engrossed into magic researching, Satou feels a sense of touch from his hands. He closes the book in his menu, and to be surprised, he was touching’s Nana’s boobs. The atmosphere was a gloomy one, and despite everyone’s jealousness for Nana, they said that Satou was a pervert. Satou then tries to explain things easily for the others, saying that he was a researching some magic spells and was to engrossed in his thoughts, not knowing about his sensations.

Satou fondling with Nana’s breast

Not before long, Satou gets alerted by another carriage approaching them, transporting ratmen. He stops the carriage and buys the freedom of those ratmen who were about to become slaves. Mia recognizes them as the ratmen that has once saved her away from dark wizards, and they get reunited over the setting of sun. Satou then parted ways with the ratmen who mentions to them that they had to go somewhere, and had to be off on their way. Satou suggested to set up their camp on the grounds near their carriage, and went out hunting live stock. Working as a team, Satou and Tama manage to hunt down a deer, and everyone was happy knowing that their stomachs would be filled. Liza who is now the go to chef, guts and cooks the deer, and the others praises Tama for her splendid actions in hunting down the deer. After cleaning everyone with Satou’s learnt magic, they proceed on filling their stomachs for dinner, and slept soundly on the floors of the carriage.

Everyone sleeping soundly after their dinner.

Satou who was outside the carriage is sitting beside the fire, guarding them, and the carraige for intruders. Succumbing to boredom, Satou decides to research more on his own storage magic, and wants to learn the key differences between Arisa’s item box and his. Firstly, he learns that he was able to store items 3 meters away from him. Secondly, his item box is able to break out different parts of the item stored into it’s various components, acting like a self organizing storage space. However, he wasn’t able to separate salt from water in his own storage space, meaning that there were certain things that are inseparable. Thirdly, he didn’t lose any MP when he is using his item box unlike Arisa’s. Last but not least, when placing 2 burning pieces of paper in both Arisa’s type of item box, and his own storage space, he learns that his own storage space completely freezes time, and when taking out the paper from his box, it will continue burning. However, in the other item box, the fire has went out on it’s own after being awhile in the box.

He then reheats the stew from the dinner he ate, and stores it inside his item box. The next day has arrived, and when they were having breakfast, Satou takes out the already heated stew from his own item storage, and asks everyone how the food was. Mia smiles at Satou, and thanks Satou for the nice and warm food being served.

Tama, Pochi and Liza enjoying the warm food from Satou

Continuing their journey, Satou sees the ratmen he saw yesterday, along with ratmen red hat paying their resects to their comrades to died protecting Mia. He gets down the carriage, and sees them all looking solemn around a beautifully decorated tombstone. He then gets the attention from the ratmen, and gets acknowledged by red hat for saving him along with his friends (going to be sold off as slaves in a carriage the day before). Mia who thinks that it is her fault then casts a magic spell over the tombstone, and their souls were then sent towards heaven, resting in peace.

The episode then ends with Red hat walking towards Satou, and bestowing him with a bell, which was crafted by the elves. When holding onto this bell, one is said to have garnered the trust of Misanaria (elf), and he himself as a ratman. The ratmen then bid their goodbyes with Satou and the others.


Satou holds onto holy sword gift

The battle to the death has begun, and Satou faces an extreme wave of attacks from the Homunculus. Each of them specializes in different attacks. Satou first uses his evasion skill, and evades a wave of arrows being shot at him. Preparing for their next attack, all the homunculus, along with the iron golems which are standing at the back applies a magic enhancement on their hands and on their legs. With their increased strength and mobility, they all charged towards Satou.

Grabbing onto a spear, Satou looks ferociously at his opponents, unwavering. He hoists the spear, and readies his stance, preparing for the fight. He then launched himself forward, managing to hit the Iron Golem. While that happens, he learns the skill spear, upgrades the skill to the highest level possible and without any delay activates his skill, and dodges the kicks and punches from the enemy. When Satou finds an opening, he easily counter attacks the Iron Golem, however this time with a fully upgraded skill level, he pierces through it’s thick armor, fully destroying the Iron golem. Moving swiftly and skillfully, the wastes no time, and dashes through the fog and debris towards another Iron Golem. Not breaking a sweat, Satou extends his reach, and attacks the Golem first. The golem erupts and explodes, producing large fumes of smoke, along multiple Iron like material which further crumbles onto the ground.

Satou’s finishing blow on the Iron Golem (Spear)

In the fumes that arise, Satou is surprised attacked by 3 other homunculus. One attacked Satou first from the top, wielding a sword on her right, and a shield on her left. Satou evades to his left, and knocks the first homunculus hardly away, making her fall to the ground. The second and third Homunculus charges in next, and attacks Satou simultaneously from his left and right. Satou moves further behind, while parrying all the attacks by the homunculus, one which wields a large double axe, and the other with a long spear. Dodging their attacks simultaneously, while moving further behind, Satou grabs onto the opponent’s opening, from an untimed attack, and dashes in to the second homunculus holding on the spear, keeping his close distance, he fights in close combat, and punches her in her gut, causing her pain, and she fell down. Trying to cover up for her teammate, the third homunculus which is at her wits end, closes the gap between Satou and herself. She tries to force Satou away from the unguarded duo which are on the ground, but to no avail. She gets weakened devastatingly. The homunculus then regained there strength, and now, all 5 of them collaborated in an attack against Satou.

Satou parries the attacks of the 2 homunculus, and moves further behind

Satou now uses one of his skills/ move sets and as agile as a monkey, he shows some skills of his, defending and attacking against his enemy attacks at the same time. He then kicks all the homunculus hard to the ground with his 2 legs (while he maneuvers his actions with his arms, doing a handstand). Satou then leaps back, still focused on his enemy, and the homunculus are all lying on the ground.

Now, all attention is fixed onto a homunculus which tries to stand up after Satou’s attacks. While trembling in pain, she uses her sword as a walking stick to assist herself up. Satou whom still looks unfazed, didn’t show any looks of pity in his opponent, and instead asked them all, “Why do you fight for a master who treats you like pawns?”.

Answering his question in unison, the four homunculus gets up from the ground, now seething with rage, and determination in their eyes. One of the homunculus then lets out a battle cry, and creates a ton of arrows, directed towards Satou using her magic. The attention is now directed towards Satou whom dodges all the arrows fired at him. Trying to maintain the same distance between him and his opponent, he runs to the left , trying to encircle those homunculus.

Illustration which shows Satou dodging the arrows with his quick reflexes

Working better than ever, the other homunculus continued their attack on him at the same time. Throughout this time, Satou can be seen using various skills, as well as learn new skills that benefits him through the fight. The homunculus fell one after another after an endless fight that wasn’t in their favor, and showed true loyalty to their master Zen, along with their unbreakable determination. Before the last one falls down, trying to attack Satou, she mutters, “The Master… His wish… Please make it come true…”.

Homunculus saving her last breath, asking Satou to grant her master’s last wish.

Now walking towards the Dark wizard, Zen, Satou was commended for putting up a great show for Zen himself, and he is given the Holy Sword, Gjallarhorn, as promised. Holding his sword, Satou then asks Zen what is his true purpose, and the reason for his actions. Unlike all the answers Satou has expected, he replies, “To discover a Hero who might be able to kill me.”

The holy sword handed down to Satou

Uncovering Zen’s past, Zen explained that his past life ended in the hands of unjust brutality, and god has decided to reincarnate him as an infant. Instead, he was now put into a better life, and that he encountered a companion who then became his wife. However, before he thought that things were going well, a noble who had fallen for his wife then puts him in prison, and executes him on false pretenses. When he was dead, his soul saw the heads of every last member of his family strewn about the castle’s grounds, and his wife was used up like some kind of broken doll, being thrown beside the stand, after she dies. This then led to his anger, and Zen turned the remains of his family along with many vengeful others into undead soldiers, and led them to bring down the noble’s family. After accomplishing his revenge, Zen then decides to end his life as an undead, and to rejoin his wife in the afterlife. However, due to the Gods blessing, he wasn’t able to kill himself. After trying different methods, all without succeeding, he realizes that he had become the immortal king of the night, and he was not able to go into the afterlife.

Zen then asks Satou to stop thinking much, and asks to be killed by Satou. Having a clear understanding of the situation, Satou immediately holds up the Holy Sword in his hands, and understands his duty. Zen asks Satou to strike him down before he turns into a Demon Lord in spirit as well. Taking the sword out from its shaft, the sword turns into an immense blue, and emits a glorious and calming aura. Satou then steps forward, pointing the holy sword at Zen, who shows no signs of doubt in his actions. Zen embraces Satou’s attack, and in his last words, he mutters, “You have my gratitude”, before he laughs and asks gods to be reunited with his family again. He vanishes into thin air without a trace, and the ring from his finger drops down, rolling onto Satou’s feet.

Satou understands the weight of his duty, and draws his blade.

Before we thought that things ended, a pinky childish aura comes out from Zen’s cape, on the floor, and the pink aura laughed with glee, saying, “What a failure, before bidding goodbye to Satou with its evil laughter.”

Mia who is still unconscious gets awakened by Satou, along with a Self destruct message, coming from the core Crystal in the cradle, saying that the cradle is going to crumble, and thus asks of all staff and trainees to evacuate immediately. Satou quickly analyses the situation he is in, and thinks of possible ways to keep Mia, himself and all the other homunculus that are still unconscious on the floor safe. He carries Mia to the other homunculus who are on the floor, and uses magic to warp them out of the cradle. He then runs down the stairs towards the other homunculus which he knocks out earlier, on the 100th floor, trying to save her as well. He speeds up his movement, and runs down the stairs with the other homunculus in his hands. Making a quick and short conversation with the Dryad Satou encounters earlier, Satou asks the dryad to teleport herself, along with the other two out of the Cradle. The Dryad fully understands Satou’s words, and asks if he has any kind of seed which he could spare, in order to conduct the magic summoning. She also asks for 3 times more MP from Satou. Satou then recalls the gift he received earlier, nuts and berries, from the beast humans, and passes them to the Dryad, acknowledging her request. The dryad then eats the whole sack of nuts and berries, kisses Satou for his MP, and they are now all teleported to a nearby hollow tree stub, outside the cradle.

The cradle crumbles down, causing huge vibrations from the ground around them, and the after impacts were worse compared to the cradle self-destruct sequence. All the matter from the cradle now turns magically back to a tidal wave of salt, washing up everything in its path. Satou who was now caught off guard, now runs as fast as he can with the homunculus on his back away to safety. While doing so, Satou tries to think of different ways to stop the waves from reaching him. He recaps from the camp earlier where Arisa told him that water becomes 1000 times bigger when it turns into steam, and decides to use the steam he creates as a wall to hinder the movement of the waves. Now, Satou can be seen using one of his skills, “water striding”, running across the surface of the water, as quickly as he can. While doing so, he fires multiple fire balls at the water behind him, hoping to deter the wave from coming towards him. He gains the titles, master of hellfire, pyromancer and survivor.

Satou dashes across the water while shooting fireballs trying to stop the wave.

Finally escaping the disaster, Satou places the homunculus lady on the ground, and admires the view from a cliff, seeing the cradle crumble down. Satou and the others were finally reunited, and the atmosphere turned into an emotional one. Tama and Pochi welcomes the master back, and Liza runs, hugging Satou, in tears of joy. Satou apologizes for worrying them all, and sees Arisa with tears in her eyes. He then recalls what Zen said to him, telling him to have Arisa to show restraint in using the god given power that she wields. Now, Arisa breaks out in tears, followed by Tama and Pochi who were holding their tears in all along.

The manager Yusaratoya, and Mia now walks towards Satou and the others, welcoming Satou back, and Satou just tells him that all was over, and they immediately understood. Now, Mia steps forward, officially thanking Satou for what he did, and gave him an official introduction to whom she was. Mia says that she is the youngest elf in the Bolenan Forest, and she was also the daughter of Lamisauya and Lilinatoa, named Misanaria Bolenan (Mia for short). She then kisses Satou on his forehead, and thanks him again.

The sad atmosphere now turned into a calming one, and the heavy clouds were lifted from the sky. The homunculus who were all very grateful of Satou, sparing their lives as enemies, and rescuing the other homunculus who was at level 100 of the tower. They asked about their previous Master Zen, and upon learning that he passed on, they now decided to pledge their loyalty to Satou, calling him master. The homunculus then had a funny game of rock paper scissors to determine who follows the Satou, and the others that will deliver the ring to the grave of Zen’s wife. Satou welcomes the single homunculus to his party, and asks if he could give a name to her. Agreeing to that, Satou names the Homunculus Nana. Arisa now looks annoyed and paranoid, knowing that Satou has more and more female slaves working for him.

Walking back to the city, and stopping outside the city gates for checks, Satou meets Zena, who rushes into the guard house. She looks worried and panicky, and asks if Satou is all right? Before Satou could finish his statement saying that he was fine, Zena breaks down in tears. Zena then explained how worried she was when hearing that Satou was taken, and how overwhelmed she was trying to search for Satou herself. However, not knowing where to begin, she was as helpless as a child. She then apologizes to Satou for crying out like a child, and Satou just explained to her what happened, apologizing for worrying her like that. Satou suddenly remembers that he has a gift for Zena, before they were interrupted by the flying ants the other day, and proceeds to take out the earing that he bought the other day for Zena. Satou then tells Zena that he is tasked to transport an elf, Mia, back to her kingdom, and therefore would leave the city for a few days. The atmosphere in the room was now filled with worries from Zena, and Satou is grateful for that. He promises Zena that he would come back to this kingdom once he was done, and they both shook pinky fingers with each other.

Zena looking down, knowing that she has to bid Satou goodbye again

Before leaving on his journey, he converses with most of the others from the city. They told him that it was a very long journey, and to be careful of other territories that might be crawling with bandits. Liza told Satou that his cargo was prepared, and Yusaratoya bids goodbyes with Satou and his other slaves. Outside the city gates, Zena rides a horse, catching up with Satou and his team. Zena was now wearing those earrings Satou gave her, and Satou alights the carriage talking to Zena for the last time before bidding their goodbyes. Zena then tells Satou that currently she has to stay in the city, however, she intends to join Satou and his party after getting approval from her brothter who will be the next head of the family. She wants to join Satou’s party as soon as possible, next Spring, and thereby asks Satou to wait for her. Bidding their final goodbyes, Zena cries, while waving at Satou from afar. Satou now feeling forlorn is funnily assured by him and his team, who are now fighting for his attention like ladies.

The episode then ends with a dark environment atmosphere, and a voice can now be heard. “Don’t forget… we’ll always be together”


Satou breaks out of predicament

Following up with the Cliff hangar from episode 7, episode 8 starts off with a dreadful atmosphere. One of the wizards, who Mize is talking about stands on the floors of Odd Jobs. Mize launches himself forward with his short sword, trying to fend the wizard away, only to be pinned helplessly on the floor with the Wizard’s Psychic Magic. Satou quickly analysis the situation around, before he gives in to the Wizard’s Psychic magic, and has no choice but to resort to upgrading his skill, “Fear Resistance” to the Max. Satou then uses a character analysis on the Wizard, and learns that his name is Zen. He finds the name strangely familiar and tries to recall his past memories.

The scene is now changed to show Satou’s memories of the play he has watched the other day, where the protagonist of the play, being also a wizard, and is named Zen as well. Zen then mutters in a low pitched voice, that he has come to retrieve Mia, who now looks fearfully at Zen, fists clenched and positioned at the front, like a fearful boxer. Satou then steps in between them calmly and confidently introduces himself as Satou the Merchant to the “Master Sorcerer”.

Satou steps in between them, before introducing herself

Zen/ the Wizard was more impressed that a mere Merchant was able to stand and talk, unshaken by the Fear he emits. Looking at Satou’s black hair, Zen assumes that he is a descendant of a Hero, and underestimates Satou. Zen explains that he has intended to let Satou live, and threatens his life for if he defies his orders of handing over Mia.

Satou whom is unfazed, looks at Zen with a smile, and states that he would rather avoid any violence, however will not allow Mia to be taken hostage without putting up a fight. Mia, then directs her attention onto Satou, feeling slightly more assured, and touched by Satou’s actions. Satou shows no signs of backing down, and politely asks the intruder to see himself out. However, things didn’t go the way which Satou wants and is forced into combat with Zen.

Mia looks at Satou, touched by his bravery

Satou then rushes towards Zen with eyes of frustration, along with a clenched fist. He then uses the Skill, Martial Arts which he learned before, punching Zen. However, Zen avoids a hand to hand combat with him, where he uses Spatial Movement on Satou, making him punch his after shadow. Satou then reacts quickly, looking back, trying to anticipate his next move. He was however surprised by Shadow Magic tentacles which grabs his leg from the bottom, before being hung upside down by those Shadow magic tentacles. Zen showing signs of overconfidence then taunted Satou, commending his fast movements that were very unlikely for his low levels. Zen being distracted, was then attacked by Arisa, who then uses a low level psychic magic spell, asking him to lay his hands of his master.

Zen then reveals the face of a wraith behind his coat, and shows no signs of dodging Arisa’s magic attack. The attack was countered easily, leaving him scratch less. Zen then attacks Arisa with his tentacles, only to witness his shadow tentacles being shot by Satou’s gun (Satou’s still upside down). Yusaratoya then rushes in, holding his elf stick firmly, and draws all the attacks to him, defending Arisa who is now behind him. The attention is all drawn on the fight, and Satou manages to cut off Zen’s shadow tentacles, landing safely back on the ground. Satou now stands between Zen and Yusaratoya, and cuts off Zen’s shadow tentacles with just his hand. Zen things that his previous evaluations of Satou was wrong, and things that Satou has overpowered Zen. Still in disbelief and shock, Zen exclaims, “It’s impossible”, making a strategic step back, keeping distance between Satou and himself. He believes that nothing other than a Magic item was able to interact with his “Shadow Whip”, and that Satou’s power levels can’t be measured/ comprehended.

The scene then changes with Mia telling them it’s okay, and asking them to run away, not wanting to be affect/ burden Satou and his team. She then decides to throw in the towel, and wants Zen not to hurt Satou and the others, agreeing to his requests. Arisa then comforts Mia saying that she won’t abandon her, and that she was not trying to protect her because they are friends, but she was just doing her duty to fight alongside her Master, Satou, who wants Mia to be set free. Her short words moved Mia’s heart, and Mia was left speechless, with many thoughts and feelings she couldn’t express.

Arisa then reaffirms her point, maintaining a strong eye contact with Zen. Satou then senses her confidence, along with Arisa’s glowing hands. He then knows that Arisa has a plan, and thus decides to stall for time. Satou then asks Zen to reveal his true identity, although he is already clear of who he is. He then points a gun at the unfazed Wizard, and manages to strike a conversation with Zen. Zen then doubts who Satou really is, and makes a false assumption that Satou is a Gunman, who was able to fight with martial arts, and shoot accurately with a gun. Satou then threatens Zen that he might have more tricks up is sleeve, and Zen replies him, asking him to add “Hero” to his many identities, emitting a much stronger evil Aura around him.

Arisa then screams that she was ready, asking Master Satou to jump to the side at the top of her lungs. Unlike before, where Arisa’s magic attack was powerless, now Arisa wields a much higher concentration of mana to this attack, surprising Zen, not allowing him to dodge this attack. Zen was injured, however he was still standing at the end of the attack, and explains that he was more amazed at Arisa’s unique skill, who only reincarnated people get to use.

Arisa, now drained of all her powers falls to the floor, light headed, and Satou then fires 3 different shots at Zen. Like what Satou expects, Zen was able to shield all his shots. Zen now advises Satou, saying that strength beyond one’s capacity will only bring ruin, and asks Satou to keep her from using her special skill, so that Arisa won’t be a “plaything for the gods”. Satou who now gets distracted does not realized a warp gate appearing on the floors of Odd jobs, below Mia’s feet. Mia along with Zen then disappears into the darkness.

Satou quickly orders Liza and Lulu to get some treatment for the others, he asks of the others not to worry for him, and says that he will be back with Mia, before while jumping into the abyss of dark shadows, before the hole closes. Drowned in the sea of darkness, Satou tries to figure out where he via his Mapping skill, but to no avail. He then looks around, searching for Mia. Knowing that something’s amiss, Satou then tries all his ways to break out of his trap. He gets angry, and exclaimed whether or not this is a video game. His rage manages to get him out of his current predicament, and he is now teleported into another domain.

Mia can be seen sitting down, unconscious on a chair, with a woman wearing a maid outfit tending to her. Zen walks down from a flight of steps, greeting Satou with disbelief, now convinced that Satou was not human, as he was able to escape his shadow prison. Satou on the other hand thinks that he didn’t do anything differently/specially, and start doubting the actions of Zen. Zen didn’t mutter a word after that, and continues by diverting the topic, saying that “trials must be administered with fairness, and that there are no grounds for cheating”. He was thus teleported out of the Cradle, and Satou has no choice but to clear the different stages of the cradle before he makes his way back to the Last stage.

Satou gets teleported outside the cradle, which was a huge tree

At the entrance of the Cradle, Satou sees a banner saying: “The management of the training grounds is not responsible for any injury or loss of property incurred during use”. Satou then realizes that he has to follow the rules of the cradle to prevent getting blown away again. He notes that there are 200 floors to the Cradle, and they were all in groups of ten. With every 20 floors, there will be a massive spiral staircase which seems to lead upwards. There were also monsters guarding every level of the Stairway. As he continues clearing levels, he meets up with different creatures, and one of them was a Dryad.

The Dryad, unlike any other creature, was not interested in engaging a fight with Satou. The Dryad explains that she was just lack of MP, and therefore will not fight with Satou. However, Satou jokingly insists for a battle with the dryad, as he wants to clear the Levels of the Cradle as soon as possible. The Dryad makes a cute fuss, saying that she would complain to Toya about him, and asks Satou not to expect mercy from her friend.

The Dryad suddenly snaps, and proposes to Satou, only to get rejected in her face directly from him. Satou states that he was not interested in underaged girls, and asks the Dryad to wait 14-15 years first. The Dryad then changes the topic, saying that she is hungry, and wants Satou to give her some food. Satou asks if beef jerky is fine for her, however was surprised that what she needed instead was MP. The Dryad then quickly kisses Satou on his lips, sucking most of the MP out of him. Satou then covers his lips, wants to forget about what the Dryad did to him.

The Dryad enjoying Satou’s MP after kissing him

The Dryad then opens up a secret Corridor, leading to a room for Satou as thanks for his MP, and Satou steps inside. Inside, Satou learns that it was a Laboratory called Trazayuya room. Trazayuya was also the person which created this cradle. In the Laboratory, he reads the old notes and books written by Trazayuya, and learns the reason as to why the Cradle was created, along with how this place was important for elfs.

Satou then heads out of the room with his new found knowledge, and asks the Dryad outside if there is portal for him to make his way upwards, as quick as possible. The dryad points him to a Fairy ring, and asks him for the floor he wants to go to. Satou, replies saying that he needs to go to the top floor, and gets a reply that the highest floor she could bring Satou to was to floor 100/ the Guardian Knight’s Chamber.

Satou agrees, and he is teleported to the 100s floor immediately, where he was greeted with three ladies, playing cards. When seeing Satou, the ladies/ race: Homunculus asks him to wait for them to put on their protective gear and armor. He was stupefied by the anti-climatic entrance he was given. One of the homunculus then points a sword at Satou, and said in a monotonic voice that he must complete this Stage, before earning the right to proceed onto the next few Levels above. She then awakens an Iron Golem which is standing next to her, getting it to wage a battle with Satou.

On the Iron’s golem’s head were 5 letters EMETH, Satou quickly solves the puzzle, finding the weakness of the Iron golem, which was the letter E at the front of the word. He shoots the letter E, causing the Iron golem to fall to it’s feet, unmovable on the ground.


The 3 Homunculus, whom now look so much like each other, then starts a fight with Satou with their Swords, trying to overpower Satou with numbers. However, numbers means everything, and the strength of them 3 combined was not able to leave a scratch on Satou, with his overpowered stats. Satou punches one of the ladies in the stomach, knocking her out, and the two other Homunculus manages to escape through a rope tied to the ceiling floor. He then lies the Homunculus on the floor of the 100th story, before proceeding the higher floors, after taking the different materials in an inventory there.

Satou meets another Dryad, this time was almost dead. He uses one of his magical items, a water bottle which produces him a never ending supply of water, and pours it over the Dryad’s body, only to wake the dryad up, feeling very thirsty. The dryad takes Satou’s bottle, and now the Dryad looks exactly like the Dryad he met before. After filling her thirst of water, the Dryad then asks Satou for MP, one in which he was very hesitant on giving. The dryad then explains that Dryads are unlike humans where they all look different. Dryads are all connected as one body, and therefore would share the same physical looks, along with the same names and even the same memories with one another. The Dryad recognizes him as the one who gave MP to the “me that was down below” too. She states that she wouldn’t be able to establish any connections without MP, and they function just like plants, coming from the same plant, and are all connected to each other.

Satou then asks if he could go up several floors ahead, and was brought up to the 180th floor due to certain circumstances.

The second Dryad asks for Satou’s MP, after drinking from his water bottle

Satou then continues progressing up the floors of the cradle as little time as possible, and he reaches up to the top of the cradle. He meets Zen who then commands many more Homunculus, teleporting them behind him. He realizes that the one the knocked out earlier was not among them that were teleported. Zen also adds that he would reward Satou with the “lost Gjallarhorn”/ the lost hero sword that has always been sought after, and on every mural in Churches. He states that by defeating them, he would also earn the right to wield the sword as a Hero.

Zen raises the Holy Sword above his head

Satou then directs his attention over to the Homunculus who are armed, and ready for battle. Behind them was an Iron Golem too. Zen adds that the title of hero only belongs to those who are able to stand up to a strong foe, beyond mere safety, and used the skill, Limit break on all Satou’s opponents, along with Satou himself. He then waves his arms below the coat he is wearing, and commences what he calls a battle to the death.

Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Episode 7)

Satou and Lulu sits on a carriage

The scene starts with the Wererat cavalry’s leader/red hat, sitting on a chair, with bandages all around his head. Mia is wrapped up like a cocoon in a blanket, resting on a Sofa.

Mia gains consciousness for a few seconds, looks at Satou and admires his pretty face, and mutters the words “Pretty” before going back to sleep. Yusaratoya shows concerns to Mia. The attention was not long soon diverted to red hat when he coughs out blood, and shows signs of deteriorating health. Nadi quickly rushed out of Odd Jobs to find the nearest medical assistance (a.k.a. an ex-priest, named Horn). Worried for Nadi’s safety at night, Satou decides to follow her too.

The scene changes to Satou explaining what he encountered the previous night to Arisa: how he saved a beastfolk person/ red hat, who was on the verge of death. He then takes out a bag of medicine, and told her that they are for Lulu who was still ill.

Knowing that all his “slaves”/ friends have all taken breakfast, he then wonders off to the general store/ Odd jobs to visit Mia and red hat. In the store, Satou shows concerns for the two, and Nadi explains the injuries of them both, telling him not to worry. Mia was not injured, but she was suffering from exhaustion/ prolonged MP deprivation. She then explains that Mia would be fine when drinking a mana potion, however those are very expensive, and thus proposed an alternative solution to bring Mia to a place rich with mana so that her healing could be sped up.

Satou then hears some noises coming from the room upstairs, and asks on Nadi to check on Mia, whom now seems to be awake. Although Mia regains her consciousness, she was not sure of her surroundings and asks Nadi where she was, and who Nadi is. Mia recognizes Yusaratoya as Yuya, and is introduced to Satou. Nadi excuses herself out of the room, volunteering to make some soup/ wheat porridge for Mia.

Conversing with Mia, Satou learns that she was able to see spirits that are “Fluffy and Sparkly” all around Satou. Mia thus asks if he was a spirit user, only to find out that he wasn’t able to see the sprits around him, and was just an ordinary Merchant. Satou asks her how to say “good morning” the elvish language, and acquires the skill “Elvish Language”. Furthering their conversation, Satou learns that spirits flow along the ley lines in order to subsist off mana, and have certain unique characteristics. Looking at the finished bowl of porridge, Satou smiles and says that he was sorry for staying so long in Odd Jobs. He stands up and makes his move towards the door. Mia unexpectedly grabs his coat from behind, asking him to stay with her.

Mia holding onto Satou's coat asking him to stay
Mia grabs Satou’s coat and asks him to stay

After some time later, Satou leaves Odd jobs and goes back to the inn after noon. At the inn, Pochi, Tama and Satou’s other friends are playing with Educational cards, which Satou bought for them earlier before (Episode 6). Pochi first realizes the return of her master, Satou, and greets him. Pochi and Tama then explained that they have learned new words from the Educational Cards, and bends down to Satou who pats them gently on the head.

Satou pats Tama and Pochi on their head

However, when Satou tries to test them on different words, he realizes that Tama, Pochi and Liza still has much to learn, Satou acquires the skill “Education”. He also acquires the other skills, Painting and Penmanship when teaching the trio. Yuni who was also together with the trio was asked to help Martha/ her older sister clean up the inn stables, along with replacing the hay in those stables before they get ready for lunch.

Yuni then explains that she was already done cleaning the Stables, and that she has done it with the help of Pochi and Tama who were her friends.

For lunch, Satou and his team has Packed sandwiches over a grass patch outside the inn/ were having a picnic. Satou then mentions about Mia, who was a princess, and thus gains the interest of the others, who says that they would like to meet up with her. Satou agrees to their request and told everyone that they could visit her after their lunch.

Satou agreeing to his friends request, while Liza bites on a sandwich

After their lunch, Satou and his friends/slaves went to visit Mia, who was still on her bed. Mia was shy seeing so many unfamiliar faces, and hides herself with her blanket, before succumbing to everyone’s friendliness. Mia then introduces herself, and she gets complimented for her luxurious hair, and how cute she looked. Satou decides to let all the girls have fun with Mia, and decides to leave, only to be pulled back by Mia again.

Tama, Pochi and Arisa at Mia’s bedside

Downstairs, Nadi thanks Lulu for making her tea, before Satou comes down and joins them. Nadi casually confirms if Satou is a merchant, and then she casually asks if he owns a cart. Telling the same lie, Satou then explains that he only owns horses to help him carry his wares, however the starfall from a while back made his horses run away from him. Nadi then recommends Satou to buying a drawn cart for if he can afford it, and further explains that her manager, Yusaratoya, knows another merchant who is going to retire soon. Nadi adds that the merchant is selling a cart along with two horses for pulling it. Satou then makes a consideration before he declines the kind offer as he doesn’t have any experience in driving a cart.

Lulu whom was standing nearby overhears their conversation and says that she has experience in driving a horse wagon, and offers her help in driving the cart. Satou then asks Lulu instead, to teach him how he could drive a wagon, and directs his attention to Nadi, once again to take up on her offer.

Estimating the price of a horse along with the cart, Satou gives Nadi a sack of gold coins/ amount he generously offered, and asks Nadi to keep the balance as her commission. Spending the rest of his day learning new skills, Satou decides to set-up a camp on a grassland, which was not far away from the city. Satou learns many new skills during the camp, and enjoys his time watching Tama and Pochi having fun most of the time.

Not before long, some beast humans who looked like whom Satou offered his food the day before approached him carrying something in their hands. They gave Satou some delicious plucked fruits to thank him for the grilled chicken they gave him the other day, and was over-protective over the fruits they presented to him, not allowing Tama and Pochi to touch it.

Satou feels their good will, and also gets a feeling that the beast humans need this fruit to fill their bellies. Satou humbly accepts their gift and gift backs some beef jerky back to the beast humans, saying that they could share it amongst themselves. This made them very happy, and they thanked Satou profusely.

Sitting on his new Wagon, Satou thanks Nadi for her help, saying that Satou will be able to carry more of his load in his wagon. While Lulu keeps the wagon steady, Arisa mentions if they could bring Mia back to her home. Nadi explains that this was no easy task, and Mia stays in an elf village to the southeast of the Shiga Kingdom. Satou then decides to take things slowly and will talk things over with Yusaratoya/ Nadi’s manager when he gets back. Satou wants to learn how to drive the wagon in the meantime, and counts on Lulu to teaching him how to do so.

When learning the ropes from Lulu, Satou realizes that it was going to rain, and that there were malicious eyes staring at him from a distance. Satou then keeps his guards up, and loses focus, trying to figure out where the evil intent came from. He then realizes it was a night owl, one in which he caught a feather from, the other day. Satou thinks that it was a weird coincidence, before heading back to the inn, to be greeted by Tama, Pochi, Arisa, Liza and Mia who was now walking on her own.

Arisa then mentions that the manager was back from buying potions for Mia, and he healed Mia’s MP using healing magic as well. Greedy Arisa then decides to celebrate Mia’s recovery with something delicious for everybody. Satou casually agrees, and asks what does Mia like to eat. Mia, still shy and reserved only mutters “honey buns”. Satou tasks Lulu and Liza to buying the honey buns, and enters Odd Jobs once again.

Inside odd jobs, he learns of red hat true name, Mize, and gains appreciation from him for saving his life. Satou then learns more about how Mia was kidnapped by wizards from her elf village, imprisoned in a place called Cradle, and was rescued by Mize. Mize then decides to escort Mia back to meet up with Yusaratoya, however the city was under attack by Flying Ants the other day, and they decided to wait till things were over. When peace arrived, Mize brought Mia back into the city, only to be attacked by Wizard pursuers again, defending against the wizards, the two then met up with Satou that day.

The thunder from outside the inn can be heard, and the girls cried out loudly below. Satou and the manager rushed downstairs, only to be greeted with another sound of thunder, and behind the lightning’s light appeared the same owl. The same owl, now inside the inn turns into a Shadow of evil, giving off every slightess bit of menace from his eyes and his coat. The atmosphere turns heavy and the episode ends with a Cliff hanger.

This episode was rather a peaceful and great one to watch. However, trouble seems to rise. Will Satou be able to protect all the others while fending off an evil being all by himself? Satou needs to find a way to manage all of it. How will he do it, the next episode will be an exciting one.😆 Also, don’t forget to like and share this with your friends and family.


Satou and Zena moments

The episode starts off with Zena asking Satou-san if he has any agendas for the day. Satou has plans to contact “odd jobs” people (odd jobs is a place), asking them if they have any housing or an inn which allows demi-humans to reside in. He does this for his demi-human slaves which are currently living in a stable, as he things that they should be treated better. He then spends the day together with Zena doing the above mentioned.

Going into Odd Jobs, he and Zena is greeted with a lady named Nadi. She smiles and welcomes the two, asking them how she could be of service. Satou then explains what they were looking for, and was told that worker’s residences catered for demi-humans can be mainly be found in West town, and due to increased crimes in that area, the inn rentals there are rather cheaper compared to other locations. When looking for locations to stay in, Satou states that his budget for rental could go up till a gold coin. Nadi then brings Satou to 3 mansions that are for rent at 3 different cheap locations. The houses he was brought to each has its own drawbacks and it was not what he was looking for. Nadi then parted ways with Satou and Zena saying that she would look around for suitable houses in the afternoon, in preparations for Satou to drop by in the evening.

Nadi then told Satou and Zena that there are good bargains around the flea market which has opened up in the plaza yesterday, and recommended them to check out the place. Zena then whispers to Zena a few locations that are great for dates, making fun of her.

On their date, the two met up with the four (Satou’s slaves). They have already bought new clothes for themselves with Satou’s money, and were thankful for those clothes. They continued their journey, buying Educational cards for Pochi and Tama (for teaching them how to read words).

Agreeing with Arisa’s question, Satou then explained that he would be heading with Zena to the outdoor stage for a play. Liza then volunteered to help the couple buy the tickets for the show, and asked them to buy tickets for themselves too.

Zena and Satou on their cute date

Continuing their date, the two then went to a store selling earrings, and Satou bought Zena the pair that she liked. They then proceeded to watch a play, a tragic romantic story, “The Tragedy of Marquis Muno”, which was based on a true story.

The play taking place in the outdoor stage

At the end of the play, Satou walks around the area window shopping. He then encounters a lady whom accidentally dropped her handkerchief without noticing. Satou then picks it up, and returns it to the lady, leading them to a discussion of the play which they both watched earlier. She then told him that the actual story/ script of the play was slightly altered so that there wouldn’t be complains from the nobles, thereby making the play slightly anti-climatic at the end.

Outside the theatre, Zena and Arisa also discusses about how the play went, leading them to a slight argument, in Arisa’s favor. Arisa continues by probing Zena if she would rather marry Satou, or another person which her family has arranged for her, stating her point of view. She also mentions that Zena needs to sacrifice everything for the person she loves, and tells her off that she shouldn’t worry about playing the good girl in her family, or else she would lose out, having the man she cares about stolen from her.

Satou standing in to stop the argument

Satou has no choice but to step in, reprimanding Arisa that she has taken things too far. He then apologizes to Zena, and exerts his authority, asking Arisa to apologize as well. Satou then lightens the atmosphere by treating everyone to meat skewers, which was Liza’s, Pochi’s and Tama’s favorite food.

Zena and Satou then parted ways with the four, and continued their date. Along the way, Zena meets up with her friends serving the military, looking dirty and tired. They catches up with each other, and the trio explained that they had a battle with some Fang Ants along with a group of wererat cavalry whom Ruu suspects to be the cause of attracting the Fang Ants. Ruu then mentions that the leader of the cavalry is wearing a flashy red helmet, and that he got away. Angered by this, Ruu promises that he would not allow him to escape the next time they meet.

Zena catches up with her friends in the military

The date then ends with Zena asking Satou if she could help the other injured soldiers. Out of the blue, there came a scream from a distance, and Tama, which was near the vicinity helps a girl. They killed a Fang Ant and Tama raises it triumphantly in the air. Satou hearing the scream rushes to the vicinity, and asks if the four were okay. He was rather surprised that Tama could handle the Fang Ant which was attacking from above, all by herself.

What Satou sees after rushing to the scene

Satou then quickly scans the area using his ability, showing lots of Fang Ants/ Flying Ants approaching the city. Satou quickly asks Pochi and Tama to get their weapons in preparations for the incoming wave, and instructs Arisa to get Lulu, who is still resting as she was not feeling well. Lastly, he asks Liza, the one oldest amongst the 4, to go and retrieve curtains which they used for their beds. 3 alarms are then sounded far away from the City gates, signaling the arrival of these beasts. Upon analysis, Satou concludes and deems the Flying Ants a potential threat to the city folks as well as the city guards, mainly because these ants have sharp fangs, hard exoskeletons and the ability it has to fly.

Flying Ants entering the city in high numbers

Satou then instructs Arisa to hide together with Lulu at the back of the inn’s bar, and stands by are Tama and Pochi whom readied their weapons. Satou commands Tama and Pochi to fight against the pests, and to protect the inn at the inn’s door. Showing concern for her master, Tama asks Satou where will he be. Satou acknowledges that he will be fine, and shows dominance, saying that he would build a barricade with Liza at the city gates, and would get rid of monsters at the city entrance.

Pochi and Tama showing their skills

The tough fight begins and all was chaos. On the other hand, Satou and his team were not showing signs of fear, and they even stood up brave to fight against those monsters. While Liza dashes through her opponents with a spear, Tama and Pochi are fighting monsters that were trying to get into the city. Satou on the other hand, who has OP stats, is now flicking Pennies at his opponent, killing those monsters with that. It was just such a skill difference. While the other soldiers are attacking the remaining Flying Ants, Satou then rushes to clear up the remaining ants that were in the city. One of which was inside the Odd Jobs place, attacking Nadi with it’s poison. Thankfully, Nadi had escaped into the basement, and Satou has managed to apply the finishing blow to the last flying Ant.

Nadi being pulled out from the basement

Although all the Ants were killed and annihilated, the city is still hard stung with the stench of the dead monsters, along with sticky poison that are on the city walls and floors. Nadi was trapped in the basement, and couldn’t get up, as the stairs which led to the ground floor were covered in sticky poison. This was then when Nadi’s manager/ Odd jobs boss then came to her rescue using magic, wrapping her in the thinnest twine, and pulled her out of the basement.

To thank them both, Nadi kisses Yusaratoya Bolenan (Manager) and Satou as a formality. Satou on the other hand is more curious about the looks of Yusaratoya. Yusaratoya wears a large triangular elf’s hat, has green hair and sharp ears. He looks unfazed and calm.

Outside Odd jobs, the city soldiers can be seen, standing around a pile of Flying ants corpses, burning away. Zena was also waiting for Satou she rushes to Satou, and accidentally trips over her dress, holding Satou in her arms to break her fall. The atmosphere was lighter, and the sky was a golden orange, with the setting of the sun. Zena tells Satou that they are wrapping up the city, and that she would want to join the guards to ensure that there aren’t any other problems in town. Zena then departed ways with Satou.

Before we thought it was the end, Satou was then called out by a man trying to negotiate his way into taking away all the monster cores from Liza. Monster cores can be obtained by killing monsters, and they fetch for a high price in the market. As satou’s team killed a lot of monsters/ Flying ants, they are left with lots of monster cores. Liza guards, and firmly holds the monster cores that are in her hands. Satou reacts politely by drawing up a receipt, which states the number of cores and the amounts that was paid for, along with the man’s proof of identity, shocking the man with his actions. The man knew that he couldn’t take those cores by force, he resorts negotiate with Satou. Satou was unfazed, and kept his cool, using his authoritative voice and the malice in his eyes, he demands the man not to not make a fool of himself. The soldier has no choice but to make the payment (in full), and Satou has successfully turned the tables around, coercing the man into buying the monster cores.

Man threatens Satou with the law

Back in the inn’s bar, the inn keeper complemented the efforts of Tama and Pochi who were protecting the inn despite of their small built. She smiles and treats Satou and his team with the inn’s best food dishes that she and her husband has whipped up for her. Finishing dinner, Satou then takes a stroll outside around the city streets and enjoys the chilling night wind. He meets up with 2 gentleman who recognized him for saving their lives back in the labyrinth. They offered to walk Satou around the streets of the city.

Satou then took them up for their offer, and ends up in a brothel where he learns the skills. “Chiropractic Massage”, “Sexual Techniques”, “Pillow Talk” and “Seduction”. Satou who is still unaware of what is going on, walks out of the brothel. He then sees a black owl’s feather gliding down from the sky, and grabs hold of it in his hands.

Along the way back to his inn, he was attacked by a few magicians. Satou easily counters them, jumping into the sky firing a gun at them. He then comes back down and asks the victim if he is all right. To his surprise, the victim is wearing a flashy red helmet. He is badly wounded and said to Satou that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. He asks Satou to save the princess.

Satou then saves him using his skills he gained as a paramedic, and lock picks his way into Odd jobs (Nadi and Yusaratoya are asleep). Waking them up, Satou explains what has happened and apologizes for disturbing them at this hour. Satou then uncovers a towel, showing a young girl elf who is sleeping soundly. Yusaratoya tone became stupefied and immediately recognizes the girl as Mia. This episode then ends here.

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