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The episode begins with Satou forming a contract with 2 female slaves. Lulu and Arisa. Arisa, 11, was able to understand Japanese and was born in the kingdom of Kuvork. Arisa is slightly more outgoing and confident whereas Lulu is very timid and shy. Introducing themselves to one another, Arisa shows her affection to both Tama and Pochi, saying that she is happy to be with Satou as her master (due to how cute Tama and Pochi are).

Satou being more worried about Tama and Pochi is now relieved that Arisa is not prejudiced towards demi-humans. On the way back to their apartment, Lulu gets hungry, she lets her stomachs to growl and is embarrassed about it. Satou then enjoys having a meal with them.

Satou then drifts off into his own analysis on the food he is eating, and is fully satisfied with his meal, Simmered Sheep Entrails. The food was mainly made to cater to hard labor workers with a stronger crave of salty food and had a nice stent to the food too. A waiter then brings up a few more spicy dishes and the vibes of the place were great.

After that, Satou decides to go for a stroll and get some clothing for all his slaves. He orders his slaves to continue enjoying their food, while he goes out to do some shopping. Along the way back from the apparel shop, Satou buys grilled chicken for Liza as a late night’s snack. However, he encounters pitiful looking animals/ demi-humans slaves in an aisle. He decides to give them the grilled chicken snack out of pity, and used the skill, “Service”.

All looks sparkly and shiny when the slaves have placed their new clothes, and they all looked happy about their gift from their master, Satou.

When returning to the inn that Satou stays in, Satou decides to get a room for all his other slaves as well. However, the inn keeper explained that all the rooms are booked up, and they do not have enough space to let them all stay in Satou’s room. The atmosphere turned grey in an instant and many people in the inn’s bar weren’t comfortable with the slaves living in the inn.

Thankfully, thanks to the quick witted Arisa, things have turned differently. She asks the inn keeper if it is all right to live in a stable or a small shed with the others. She then uses magic on everyone while saying that, and “brainwashes” everyone into thinking that the slaves and Satou have helped rescue countless of humans in the labyrinth, and despite not receiving any medal or commendation, she asks mercy to be spared from all.

After calming the atmosphere, the inn keeper welcomes them to their stable, where Liza, Tama and Pochi got to sleep on a fluffy pillow made by Satou’s skill needle work. Lulu and Arisa then proceeded, following Master Satou to his room. The two then removed all their clothes, thinking that Satou required them to “service”/have sex with him. Satou used the skill of “Poker face” and assured them both that they wouldn’t need to do this kind of things in the future. While Lulu is thankful(in tears), Arisa on the other hand didn’t seem to be happy about it for a second.

In the middle of the night, Satou gets awoken by Arisa. Arisa is riding on top of him naked and used the psychic magic to control Satou’s thoughts and actions. Thankfully, Satou gets a control of himself, and breaks out of Arisa’s magic. He then orders Arisa that she is hereby forbidden to using any magic or skills. He also orders Arisa to release the magic that was casted on him. He also quickly levels up his Psychic Resistance levels along with an interrogation skill which he acquired. Using his newly founded skill interrogation, he questions Arisa’s actions and asks what were her intentions.

Arisa then embarrassingly revealed that she has fallen for Satou the first time they met, and wanted to “Service” him, taking him all for herself. She also states her future plans to marry him, and the atmosphere became hilarious. She thinks that it is a slave’s duty to seduce her master, and then make him “feel good”. She also hilariously mentioned that she was overcome with lust and therefore decided to make a move on him.

To fill in on her understanding of Japanese earlier, she mentions that her name is Tachibana Arisa and is also formerly Japanese like him. She says that she was once Tachibana Arisa, and was reincarnated into the Kuvork Kingdom still retaining her memories before. She then guessed that Satou-san was also a Japanese summoned into this world as a hero and based that off from Satou’s black hair.

She also says that he is the second Japanese person she has met since she was born here, and says that Lulu’s great-grandfather was a Japanese person, giving Lulu black hair due to genetics. She then states that due to her black hair, people here don’t find her attractive.

Satou then learns that there are two ways in which someone can come to this world from Japan. The first was via reincarnation, where the person has to die on earth before being reborn here. The second was via summoning magic, where the person is forced into this world via summoning magic, these people were usually heroes or transfers. People who are reincarnated start from babies, and the people that were summoned always appeared wearing what they wore at the time they were transported, also their body features remained the same, giving them black hair.

When Satou things about it, he things that either of those cases didn’t apply to him, and Arisa learns that he didn’t managed to meet god/ was inside a summoner’s circle when he appeared in this world. Talking longer and longer with each other, Satou then asks Arisa how she became a slave and tries to understand her more.

Waking up in the morning with knocks on the door, Zena, along with the inn keeper’s daughter enters the room seeing Satou half naked, Lulu with a top and Arisa fully naked sleeping next to him. The atmosphere turned a little dangerous and funny at the same time.

As Zena runs out of the Inn, Satou quickly placed on his coat, jumps out of a window and catches up with Zena and quickly patches things up with a dance, saying that it was all a misunderstanding. He clears her doubts easily answering all her questions during the dance. Satou then compliments her dress, changing the topic, making Zena feel slightly better. He also offered to take Zena to a store selling Shawls and says that he things that it would look good on her.

Welcoming them back are the slaves, and they were happy that he was able to clear the misunderstandings by himself. Satou then passes Arisa a bag of coins and asks them to buy daily necessities and clothes for themselves. Zena is thus confident that Satou intends to use the slaves to help him with his daily business. (not in bedđŸ€Ł)

Satou then wraps this episode up saying that they don’t deserve to be treated like slaves, and should be treated well instead.


The episodes starts with Tama, Pochi, Liza and Satoo exploring the Labyrinth. Tama was tasked to collect rocks by master Satoo. Further exploring the Labyrinth, they meet and defeated multiple monsters such as a Giant Caterpillar, and more Caterpillars… Talk about a scary like opponent. In order to help increase the rank of the 3 demi-humans that are at single digit levels, our protagonist Satoo, asked the trio to also take part in defeating the giant worms. The rocks are used to throw and distract the monsters.

Tama and Liza were tasked to collect the cores of the caterpillar Satoo and his team has defeated, and the other 2, Satoo and Pochi continues moving on, to defeat the caterpillar. Howevr, Pochi being afraid of the caterpillar, ran further into the Labyrinth, away from the Caterpillar. Satoo kill the Caterpillar in no time, and grasps Pochi shirt from behind. He consoles her, and learns the skill Tamer.

After which the 4 continued their journey into the labyrinth, to find more monsters and then defeating them. The 3 also enjoyed the nice food that Master Satoo had given them, and took rest breaks when they were tired. The levels of the 3 increased with time as they further explores the depths of the labyrinth. The labyrinth also features a library, along with a laboratory and a treasure room.

The 4 then defeated a giant toad, and cooked its meat. Liza the chef made the toad’s meat into meatballs and Satoo enjoyed his meal. The 4 enjoyed every part of their journey, not neglecting sleep and baths. Is this a resort?!?!?!?! Finally, there was a worthy opponent that could put the lives of the 3 demi-humans at risk. However, Mr Satoo just kicks it down a pit. The undead creature fell to its death. The 4 also came cross a spider’s nest, and wrapped inside the sticky spider silk are humans who have succumbed to the spider’s webs. They released 2 people trapped inside cocoons and among them, there is one named Jin Belton. He is the head of the Belton Viscounts, and dressed up like a nobility. He was a humble man, and he thanked the demi-humans for saving him. He also offered to reward them when they were out of the Labyrinth. There were too some unappreciative ones, which Satoo decides to leave behind, and let them fend for themselves.

Satoo and the others heard the sounds of soldiers ahead, in battle. The soldiers were in battle with the slimes and they were forced into helplessness. Satoo wastes no time in organizing the trio to rescue the soldiers, using Liza’s knowledge to destroy the core of the slimes. The trio successfully rescued the soldiers, and Satoo reunites with Zena. After the soldiers were healed, they then tried to force open a metal door in their way. They found a treasure chest, which was a trap. After opening the chest, the monster whom created the labyrinth jumps out, greeting the soldiers with evil laughter. The monster casts a spell, making all the humans around to attack and fight each other. Satoo along with the nobility, Jin Belton were the only ones that were unafffected by the monster’s charms.

Trying to awaken everyone, Jin uses a mid-level spell, Blast Pole and attacks the monster. However, that was not effective against the monster that was way above his league. To make things worse, Satoo was attacked by a black wolf, and down into a long winding tunnel. Satoo dissolves the wolf, in an instant, and uses the chance to disguise himself using the masks and wig he bought. This allows him to fight without exposing his true identity. However, before the monster could be defeated, it summons a bigger threat to everyone…. …. The Demon Lord.

The battle against the demon lord was epic, and every part of the fight was unlike no other. However, against our protagonist, which was above 300 levels, the Demon Lord which was only above level 60 succumbed in terms of sheer strength. During the battle, Satoo decides not to use his Holy sword. However, he decides to use a magic wand. When upgrading the skill “fireshot” to its highest, the others mistakes the low tiered spell “fireshot” with the highest tiered spell “crimson javelin”. Satoo shocks the Demon lord with its spell and jumps in, now changing his weapon to the Holy sword. He also changes his status as “God killer”, which made the sword in his hands accept him, therefore striking the Demon lord on the ground. The fight ends off with heroic looking Satoo, slaying the Demon lord into 2 halves. Satoo gains the title as “Hero”.

Finally, Satoo gets reunited with the others, and everyone was glad that he was safe. He was also called out by a slave trader he rescued earlier. The slave trader then states that the 3 demi-humans were now officially master satoo’s slaves, and handles the official documents for him free of charge, as a reward for saving him earlier. He continues further more to promote more slaves to Satoo. The episode ends with a slave (mentioned earlier as “Exiled Witch”/ “Crazy Princess” Real name: Arisa), coming out from a tent, saying Satoo’s name, startling Satoo.

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Episode 3)

The amazing episodes starts off with Zena bringing Satoo around the town. Enjoying snacks around the town, Zena-san accidentally got her shirt stained from a running kid. A charmer named Jimaana then introduces herself to the couple. She uses 2 spells, “soft wash” and “dry”, getting rid of the stain for Zena. The protagonist learns the new skill “Everyday magic”.

Continuing on their “date” around town, Satoo learns that Zena learns magic hoping she could fly one day. Following the conversation, Satoo humbly says that he wants to learn magic as there are no baths at the inns, and wants to get himself clean using magic, rather than outside the inn. He acquires the skill “Self-concealment” and the titles “Buffoon” and “Gentleman”.

Along the way to the windmill, they stopped by Pallion Temple. Satoo enquires about a mural, picturing a Hero fighting with the Demon Lord. He further learns about the Hero’s sword which has magical like properties. It shimmers blue when the sword accepts the wielder, and glows brighter for if the wielder has a fate/ responsibility to defeat the Demon lord. On the way to the Windmill, Satoo learns that there are multiple demon lords, and the ones that control demons are prioritized as the most dangerous ones.

The time for trouble has come, Satoo and Zena stands up against an act of atrocity. The Zaicuon’s head priest is selling ordinary stones to be thrown at 3 demi-human slaves. He proclaims that they are the “Demon Lords’ ilk” and one could be righteous with god by throwing the stones at them. Satoo observes the situation from afar, and realizes the 3 demi-human slaves were not owned by the priest, and were owned by someone named Urs, in a guild named “Sewer Rats”. Satoo then detects the area for Sewer Rats members who are also mixed among the public members to stir trouble. He maxes up his skill “kidnapping”, and brings the other members of Sewer Rats to sleep. He kicks Urs and while he is in an unconscious state, throws him in front of everyone.

He states the doings of Urs, and falsely accuses that Urs wanted to use the Head priest’s status and power to brainwash them all to lead a rebellion against the Count. However, his false accusation has hit it’s mark, and residing inside Urs’s soul is a Demon. When the demon emerges, there was panic everywhere, and the Head Priest of Zaicuon was also attacked.

Satoo was tasked to escort the 3 demi-human slaves who were locked by chains, away from the scene, while Zena mentions she would get backup. Loyal and unaware of the situation, the slaves didn’t realize that their master has already died, and therefore stayed on the ground, not budging.

The 3 demi-humans and Satoo were therefore being sucked by the demonic being into it’s lair. The 4 are now on a mission to get out of the labyrinth. Satoo first gave the 3 demi-humans names, and furthermore gave them towels to clean and disinfect their wounds, he also gave them some ointment he bought earlier to treat those wounds and treats them to Honey Buns. The 3 of them were more than appreciative of him.

Giving Liza a dagger, he orders the 3 not to fight only at his commands, and organizes his team, giving them roles. In the labyrinth, the 3 sees a spider like monster, and it was defeated in 3 shots from Satoo’s gun (he calls it a magical item). The core of the spider was extracted by Liza, as she mentions that the core of monsters usually sells well, and it could also be traded well with other merchants. Using materials from the defeated spider, Satoo then makes a spear, and passes it it Liza. Liza passes her used dagger to tama, the cat looking demi-human.

The episode ends when the 4 are motivated to continue their exploration in the lair.

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Episode 1)

The scene starts with Suzuki-san rushing in a train before departure. Suzuki-san is a middle aged man at his 29, he is single, and he works at a Game development company as a programmer.

The next few scenes shows Suzuki-san loyalty to his company, despite how poorly he is treated. He is kind and friendly in nature, with an excellent attitude when at work. However, due to this, he is always being made used of. Despite completing his work/ tasks early, he wasn’t able to take breaks, let alone bathing and sleeping. The scene then further describes how he has not bathed for 3 days, and how he has not slept for 30 hours. He works for a “black company” and is now solving major in-game bugs.

After solving those hard to fix bugs, along with many other issues, Suzuki-san finally has a peace of mind, and looks that are unrivaled to a slave that was worked to the bone. He has dark circles around his eyes due to the lack of sleep, along with a monotonous and draggy voice. The next scene then shows his peaceful sleep on the floor below his office table.

The next scene shows Satoo (game name used by Suzuki-san when he is test running games) waking up on a red sanded rocky mountain cliff. He finds himself stuck in another world/Isekai which he thought was a dream at first, however, as time went on he even slept and woke up in this Isekai world. He also experienced pain which was too realistic to be fake.

Satoo tries to log himself out of the game, however due to system faults, he is stuck in a terrible situation, where he is attacked by a horde of lizardman via arrows. (Very ancient). To escape from trouble, he uses the mythical items that was in his inventory. (3 magical spells of meteor showers which obliterated everything around him)

Because of that, our main character Satoo has maxed-out his “game character” in every way possible. He also has large amounts of items from the lizardman he obliterated previously, along with a huge amount of money.

He further explores around the place and levels up his fighting skills along the way using the skill points he already has, before reaching the outskirts of an RPG like city. The scene further changes as Satoo throws a rock at a Wyvern, piercing it’s wings. This led the Wyvern to fly away from him, and towards an army on patrol. The army was made up of warriors, archers and magicians, and they cooked up a storm when fighting against the Wyvern.

The Wyvern is now seriously injured, and it takes a strategic retreat, flying away from the army. The Army commander then commands one of his mages, “Zena” to stop the Wyvern/kill it. Zena chants her magical spell on the Wyvern. However, the back blast from her spell also led to her being thrown up into the air, and falling down at dangerous speeds. The other mages tried to cushion her fall with spells, but to no avail.

The episode ends when our male protagonist, Satoo. Jumps off from a cliff he was on, successfully catching Zena in his arms.

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Episode 2)

The episode starts with Satoo carrying Zena in his arms, and landing on a tree branch which was sticking out of the side of a rocky cliff. Satoo then uses his upgraded stats which basically allowed him to jump up the cliff, gaining the title of a hero.

In the next scene, Zena then shows her appreciation to her saviour Satoo, and shows her keen liking to Satoo-san. She then introduced herself as Zena Marientail who is currently a retainer of Count Salue, a military mage that has been working for 2 years. She adds that she is 17 years old, unmarried, and she also doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Satoo gets suddenly attacked by other soldiers, asking him to stay away from their friend Zena. Zena tries to explain the situation to her friend, before Satoo steps in and say that he is a travelling merchant (which was a lie) he gains/learns 2 skills, Persuasion and Trickery. Although Zena’s friends, Lilio and another girl (soldiers) were doubtful he manages to get pass them with the Trickery skill he has.

On the way to Salue city, Satoo learns that about the value a Wyvern corpse could bring such as the armour and cloaks that are made from it. However, the meat of the wyvern is known to taste horrible, and the only way to get rid of it was to let the slaves(20% of the population) in west town eat it.

In the bustling Salue town, Satoo gets his papers (contains his status information), along with a city entry visa which is only valid for 10 days. Later, he got hugged by a cute girl, Martha, and gets dragged into an inn which is owned by her parents, talk about a pushy sales person. He pays for the accommodation for 10 days, talks to the inn owner. He learns the existence of the demon lord along with other mythical creatures like dragons.

When exploring the town with Martha, he sees 2 demi humans, a cat and a dog that were bullied as they were slaves. He also notices a cart carrying slaves, one slave named Arisa, a.k.a. “Exiled Witch”/ “Crazy Princess”. He continues to enjoy the city, along with a dinner at the inn which was mouth watering.

When in bed, Satoo analyzes the “game” which he thinks he’s trapped in. Thinking back, : 1) He realizes that the lizardmen he encountered are too realistic. 2) The fight between the soldiers and the Wyvern was too tense which exceeds the standards of a promotional video of an RPG game. 3)The number of variations within the towns people. 4) The new language he had to “learn”/”skill level up” which was new to him. 5) Along with the taste of the food which he never experienced before. The things he sees in the “game” does not relate to anything he knows about and therefore comes to a conclusion that it was not a dream, and that his plan of action now is to enjoy sightseeing the town as much as possible. He thinks that finding his way back home was less important and therefore wants to have fun, while learning more about the world he is in to improve himself as a game creator. He then goes to bed.

The next morning, Satoo was awakened by Martha, saying that “his girlfriend” was waiting for him outside the inn. He was greeted by Zena in a lovely outfit, saying she wants to bring Satoo around town.

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