The episode starts off with a peaceful atmosphere, and Satou along with his team are on the way to send Mia off to the elf’s village. The hills and nature were a lush green, and the view of the sky was a clear blue, unblocked by any trees. Satou and the others had already laid out mats along with baskets of food on top. The picnic mat is decked out with an array of different food sorts. Unable to hold themselves back, everyone asked each other to tuck in, and they all enjoyed their own prepared meals that were in front of them.

Now the atmosphere turned into a cheerful and lively one, and Satou and their friends were talking and having discussions over their food. It was only till now when Satou learns that Mia, being an elf does not eat Meat, and Pochi along with Tama who likes meat bends forward, volunteering to eat the meat that was left on her plate. Everyone ate more than their bellies could hold, and they are all now stuffed.

Satou then asks Liza why is she cooking another portion of the meal. She then tells Satou that this was done in preparation for the journey ahead, and that they could nibble on the food whenever they are hungry. Arisa then steps in showing off one of her magic spells, an Item Box, and volunteers to keep Liza’s cooked ready to eat meal in her Item Box. She then tells Satou that it takes up mana to deposit or withdraw items from her item box, and therefore needs to limit her usage on this magic compartment. Satou bends forward, and questions himself what is the major difference between his storage, and Arisa’s item box. He decides to learn more about the technicalities of magic in this world he is in.

Now, Satou assigns everyone with specific tasks, before they continued on their journey. Nana, Liza and Lulu helps out in loading the cargo in the carriage. Arisa and Mia helped ensure that the horses were properly feed and hydrated, Pochi and Tama helped by cleaning and replacing the metal horseshoe at the bottom of the horses feet. Satou ensures that his horse is clean, and brushes the horse clean.

Now, Satou is interrupted by Arisa which then volunteers if she can “touch up” the straw cushions. She hilariously complains that the straws from those cushions keeps poking through when being asked if the cushions were bad, and states that it makes her bottom itch. Satou then suggested them to fix up all the cushions. Satou, Arisa, Tama, Pochi and Mia then gathered in a circle with all the cushions stacked nicely in front of them, and they were all tasked to fix up the cushions. Satou then brings out some goatskin leather and offers them to Arisa and the others, saying that using goatskin leather on the part they sit on would help prevent straws from poking through. Arisa then thanks Satou for his kindness, and makes fun of Satou, saying that he is concerned for the ladies butts, needing them to be soft to the touch. After Satou and the others were finished with their cushions. Satou also gains a new skill Puppeteer, and makes a toy bird out of cushions for Mia and the others to play with. He makes different dolls for everyone, and they were all happy about their gifts.

They continued their journey, and they all enjoyed every bit of their journey. Taking occasional breaks for everyone to play, and letting the horses rest, Satou starts to learn more about everybody. He learns that Mia was able to whistle with just a hole in a leaf, and also learns that she doesn’t like her friends calling her princess. While everyone is trying to learn how to whistle blow through a leaf, he is then called off by Arisa who bring him to some stone rocks that she discovered. At first glance, one couldn’t tell what was the Stone formation. However, on closer looks, they realized that it resembles 3 torii that fell over each other in a row. Satou then finds the torii very familiar to the one he saw before when he was young as a kid, and recalling back to his different childhood memories, Satou remembers the shrine near to his grandfather’s place when he was young. He also recalls the words of a girl with slightly pink hair, and wakes up to Arisa’s voice, calling his name. Completely ignoring Arisa’s tantrums and voice, Satou then goes into deep thoughts and analysis (skill) the torii that was in front of him. He tells Arisa that this is a broken travel gate, and that nothing could be done out of it. Arisa then suggested to Satou if he was able to reconstruct/ repair the stone torii, only to be rejected entirely by Satou, when he says that it is impossible.

When Satou returns back to the carriage, he sees Pochi holding onto the legs of a rabbit, pre-assumed dead, and Liza who is behind Pochi asks master Satou if they were allowed to butcher the rabbit before they left. As Pochi and Tama went chasing/ hunting wildlife, they were exhausted, and ate the Panckes from Arisa’s inventory. Arisa then apologizes saying that her item storage wasn’t able to keep things warm, only to be comforted by Pochi and Tama, saying that the food was still delicious.

During the journey, Satou reads a book sitting at the back of the carriage, and learns the basics of magic from the book he obtains from Zen before he passes on. Being too engrossed into magic researching, Satou feels a sense of touch from his hands. He closes the book in his menu, and to be surprised, he was touching’s Nana’s boobs. The atmosphere was a gloomy one, and despite everyone’s jealousness for Nana, they said that Satou was a pervert. Satou then tries to explain things easily for the others, saying that he was a researching some magic spells and was to engrossed in his thoughts, not knowing about his sensations.

Satou fondling with Nana’s breast

Not before long, Satou gets alerted by another carriage approaching them, transporting ratmen. He stops the carriage and buys the freedom of those ratmen who were about to become slaves. Mia recognizes them as the ratmen that has once saved her away from dark wizards, and they get reunited over the setting of sun. Satou then parted ways with the ratmen who mentions to them that they had to go somewhere, and had to be off on their way. Satou suggested to set up their camp on the grounds near their carriage, and went out hunting live stock. Working as a team, Satou and Tama manage to hunt down a deer, and everyone was happy knowing that their stomachs would be filled. Liza who is now the go to chef, guts and cooks the deer, and the others praises Tama for her splendid actions in hunting down the deer. After cleaning everyone with Satou’s learnt magic, they proceed on filling their stomachs for dinner, and slept soundly on the floors of the carriage.

Everyone sleeping soundly after their dinner.

Satou who was outside the carriage is sitting beside the fire, guarding them, and the carraige for intruders. Succumbing to boredom, Satou decides to research more on his own storage magic, and wants to learn the key differences between Arisa’s item box and his. Firstly, he learns that he was able to store items 3 meters away from him. Secondly, his item box is able to break out different parts of the item stored into it’s various components, acting like a self organizing storage space. However, he wasn’t able to separate salt from water in his own storage space, meaning that there were certain things that are inseparable. Thirdly, he didn’t lose any MP when he is using his item box unlike Arisa’s. Last but not least, when placing 2 burning pieces of paper in both Arisa’s type of item box, and his own storage space, he learns that his own storage space completely freezes time, and when taking out the paper from his box, it will continue burning. However, in the other item box, the fire has went out on it’s own after being awhile in the box.

He then reheats the stew from the dinner he ate, and stores it inside his item box. The next day has arrived, and when they were having breakfast, Satou takes out the already heated stew from his own item storage, and asks everyone how the food was. Mia smiles at Satou, and thanks Satou for the nice and warm food being served.

Tama, Pochi and Liza enjoying the warm food from Satou

Continuing their journey, Satou sees the ratmen he saw yesterday, along with ratmen red hat paying their resects to their comrades to died protecting Mia. He gets down the carriage, and sees them all looking solemn around a beautifully decorated tombstone. He then gets the attention from the ratmen, and gets acknowledged by red hat for saving him along with his friends (going to be sold off as slaves in a carriage the day before). Mia who thinks that it is her fault then casts a magic spell over the tombstone, and their souls were then sent towards heaven, resting in peace.

The episode then ends with Red hat walking towards Satou, and bestowing him with a bell, which was crafted by the elves. When holding onto this bell, one is said to have garnered the trust of Misanaria (elf), and he himself as a ratman. The ratmen then bid their goodbyes with Satou and the others.

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