Count forced into Satou's plans

This episode starts off with Satou alone in a Tavern/restaurant, being served Kainona sheep’s milk liquor and stewed mutton with beans. He then pays the waiter the price of his meal, and asked the waitress to keep the rest of the coins as her tip. She thanks Satou, and forms a good impression of him. Now, in the tavern, a man yells at the chef and says that the food isn’t to his preferences, causing a verbal fight in the tavern, ruining the atmosphere. Satou then earns the title of “Moneybags”, when he quickly calms the situation by treating everyone in the tavern with their meals. Everyone now lifts their cups, cheering and toasting Satou. When Satou decides to take his leave, he gets his arm hugged by the female waitress earlier, leading him upstairs. Satou is then brought into a room with naughty pinky lighting (the tavern also serves as a love hotel).

Female waitress pushing Satou into the love hotel

The scene then transitions to Mia’s close up face, scolding Satou for his impurity, followed by Arisa which grumbles on Satou, still angry that he slept with the waitress in the love hotel. Satou just smiles, not saying a word. Riding their carriage out of the city they just stopped by, Satou then witnesses a noble man, riding a horse and pushing down a commoner, saying that he is in the way, mocking him as a peasant. When Satou passes them by, the noble glares at him fiercely and rides on his horse away. Liza recognizes the man as the soldier that tried to take their cores by force during the fire ant incident, and informs Satou of who the man was. Alighting his carriage, to tend to the man that was pushed on the floor, Satou then observes (skill) and realized the man has a bone fracture on his clavicle, and gives the man a HP recovery Potion of Low Grade. The man was very happy with his gift, and thanks Satou for his gift profusely. Immediately using Satou’s recovery potion, the man heals his fracture, and stretches, moving his arms in delight. The man along with his wife then thanked him again.

Arisa then mocks Satou of his generosity when he returns back to the carriage, and points out that Satou should ensure that he should check his supplies before giving them away, as they should prepare for the unprecedented, having enough potions for themselves first. This gave Satou the idea of learning alchemy and how to make his own potions.

Still on their way to Mia’s town, they took a break outside the city, on a plain grassland. While Mia and the others are playing with the picture cards Satou got for them, Arisa joins master Satou on another mat, with Satou learning alchemy. For starters, Satou follows an instruction manual, and constructs his own Fever-Reducing Medicine. He learns that every medicine he makes is imprinted with the creator’s name, and Satou needs to leave the name section blank, in order to be anonymous. Next, Satou experiments and tries transmutation, where he would try to make potions from the medicine he makes earlier. In order to do so, Satou uses a transmutation tablet, and improves his skill by maxing his Character Transmutation skill. Satou now acquires 2 more titles, Doctor and Alchemist, after he completes a high-quality HP recovery potion. From the instruction manual, he also learns that the quality of potions would degrade for if it is not stored in a specialized vial.

Vials which store HP potions are considered magic items

Realizing that, Satou gets new ideas, and wants to learn how to make his own magic items. Using the manual like before, Satou then starts crafting his first magic item, incapable of doing anything, but draining your own MP. He then acquires 2 more skills, Magic-Tool crafting, and Metalworking. He tries out his own magic item by channeling MP into the item, causing it to shine brightly, and to explode. This wakes his team up, thinking that it was an enemy attack, causing the commotion.

Liza, Tama and Pochi awaken to the commotion in their pajamas

In the morning Satou and his team continues their journey to a nearby city, where Satou needs to purchase magic vials to store the HP potion he makes. Satou hasn’t been to this city before, and therefore using his ability, he learns his new surroundings from a map that was once dark colored.

Approaching the town of Noukee, Satou asks around to see of there are any alchemy shops in the area. Outside the alchemy shop, he bumps into the same soldier, wear a cape, and didn’t recognize him. In the shop, Satou converses with a witch, and asks her for different things, along with information around the area. He then learns that the man wearing the cape previously have bought all the vials from the shop, with a requisition warrant with the seal of the viceroy of Sedum city. He was directed to the pottery workshop for of he needs the vials he is looking for.

Man with the cape buys all the vials in store, making his slave carry them for him

Satou then instructs Liza to head back to the others, saying that he still has errands to run, and wants Liza to prepare dinner for the others. He then disguises himself, and trades the cores he has to the shop (selling cores are illegal). He gets scrolls back in return for his cores, and uses them immediately at night, before he goes on his danger prone exploration, to nearby unexplored areas of his map.

Satou explores the unexplored black parts of his map at night

Trudging in the dark forest, Satou gains different skills and learns the unexplored areas of his map. He enters a part of the forest, where a disorienting charm barrier is made in place for intruders, and gets suspicious for what lies ahead.

Now, Satou is greeted by an attack by one of the witches apprentices. The witch apprentice uses different earth magic spells and several golems, controlled with a witches circle, drawn with a star in it. Satou avoids all of the apprentice attacks, and apologizes for entering her territory. Gaining attention from Satou was a big bird above, which cast a huge shadow on him. The owl lands on the apprentice, and stepping down from the owl is an older looking lady (a.k.a. the witch of the forest of illusions). The witch gets down, and bows down to Satou and introduced herself, leaving him confused. The witch recognizes the bell hung on Satou’s belt, thinking that he is the emissary of Bolenan, and leads him to her cottage, where she is making potions. She also apologizes for her apprentice rudeness earlier.

Conversing more with the witch, he learns of a pact which the witch has with Count Kuhanou. The count helps to keep outlaws and hunters out of the forest, and in return for the count’s efforts, the witch has to deliver 300 vials of a special potion to him twice a year. The witch then volunteers to teach Satou a special recipe in return for a favor from Satou. Satou, agrees to it, and the witch sees Satou off, by leading him out of the forest, with a trail of light, guiding him out.

At the inn’s entrance of the new place they rented in the town, stands Arisa with crossed arms, looking crossed as well. Arisa scolds Satou for returning late, and says that everyone is worried for him back inside.

The next day, Satou meets up with a workshop owner, making vials. Before meeting him, he overhears a conversation from 2 men wearing capes, regarding their plot to steal something/ destroy “them”, so that the pact won’t go through. Satou then turns around after being called out by the workshop owner, and discusses how he can buy vials from him. Upon further conversing with him, Satou realizes that there were a lot of regulations in this town, and thus he wouldn’t be able to make them. However, he suggested an alternative solution, and tells Satou that he is welcome to visit his workshop to learn pottery. They arranged a meet up tomorrow at his workshop, and went their own ways after that.

On their way to the workshop, Satou realizes that the witch’s apprentice, “Ine-chan” is being attacked while she is trying to deliver the potions to the Count (for the pact). He hurries up and meets up with her, guarding and shielding her from those attacks. In the meantime, the apprentice rushes into the city gates, only to come to a complete stop by another planed attack, to destroy the potions instead. Satou then recalls the conversation he overhears at the bar, and instructs Pochi and Tama to go after the people that destroyed all of the potions. during the collision, only 120 potions are safe, and the remaining 180 potions are destroyed. Knowing that she failed her duty of delivering the potions, Ine-chan fears for the forest of illusions pact to be broken, and starts crying.

Ine-chan crying at the sight of the broken carriage carrying the potions

Satou then plans ahead, and places all the half broken vials in his storage, preserving the potions rarity. He then delivers the rest of the potions together with Ine-chan, and during his meeting with the assistant viceroy, he requests for more time for the potions to be made. The assistant viceroy didn’t waver, and states that the pact should not be broken, and Ine-chan will still need to deliver 300 vials of potion by sundown. Satou then tries to explain the situation again, only to come to a conclusion that the assistant viceroy intentionally wants the delivery of the potions to fail, so that the pact wouldn’t go through with the count and the witch.

After some negotiations, Satou then gets the reply by the assistant viceroy saying that the he would accept the remaining delivery of potions that are of the same quality as the witches, by sundown. Satou then asks him if he accepts potions that are of higher quality than the witches, to get an agreement from him. Knowing his opponents well, Satou wants the agreement to be confirmed down on paper, and confirms the delivery request of 180 potions by sundown.

Satou negotiating with the assistant viceroy
Satou gets approval in black and white, so that the assistant viceroy cannot back off the agreement

Apparently, Satou has already planed this out from the start, and have already assigned Tama, Pochi and Liza to collect ingredients (to make the recipe the witch has taught him). Ine-chan then cries and says that what Satou has done is impossible, as there are no vials that they can procure around the area to store the potions they made. Satou then tries to think of other alternative solutions while recalling that the vials were bought out by the same man standing behind the assistant viceroy. The episode ends when Satou understands that their plot was well thought out, and Satou understands that he is engaging a trade war with them.

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