Satou sleeping with all his slaves

The final episode of the anime is here. First starting with the episode with a recap of episode 11, Ine-chan/ the witch’s apprentice is put in a tough spot, after the potions which she was going to deliver was destroyed/ sabotaged by the receiver himself. Not all the potions were damaged, and the receiver/ the assistant viceroy then requires the other 180 potions (also included in the pact), to be delivered latest by sundown.

Continuing from the previous episode, Satou asks the workshop owner/ his friend they met the other day in the bar to lend him his place and his kiln. His friend then gives it a second thought, knowing and thinking of the trust he has in Satou. Looking back at Satou and his team, he senses an aura of worry around them, and thus decides to him Satou out. He then agrees with Satou requests, and tell him that he has already promised to make him vials since that time they met in the bar. This brings joy to Satou’s team, believing in the only shred of hope left, from Satou himself. Satou then thanks him for his assistance, and his friend leads the way into his workshop. Before entering the workshop, Satou decides to distribute the workload to his team, where Mia and Arisa who are more adept in magic would help out with potion making together with Ine-chan, and the rest of his team would follow him in making the vials for the potions.

The scene immediately changes to a pottery making workshop where Satou flauts his great ability to make potion vials, despite his first day of making them. His other team members didn’t manage to make the vials, however they haven’t given up, and continues working hard.

Vials that are still looking like clay (Satou made them)

His friend then praises him for his quick efforts, however he states that Satou wouldn’t be able to produce the 180 vials by sundown despite his efforts, as it normally takes 5 days for the wares he makes to dry. Removing the step of drying would cause his clay wares to burst when placed inside the kiln.

Now Satou begins to focus on the root problem, which was to dry out the moisture in the clay. He then researches a magic spell on spot, and creates his own magic spell, capable of doing what he needs. He succeeds on his first attempt, and amazes his friend with how fast the clay dries, in just seconds of chanting a magic spell. His friend then sees the tiny string of hope left for Satou and his team, and thinks that making the 180 vials of potions might actually be possible. Feeling motivated, he asks Satou and his team to keep the clay working of the vials coming, and volunteers to put the vials already made into the kiln.

Mia uses Satou researched spell, and dries the clay, instantly after it was made

While Satou and his team works effectively round the clock, they tried their outmost best to rush for the potions to be done. Although there were some minor setbacks sometimes, it wasn’t bothered by Satou and his team, and they motivated each other in working through difficulties. Satou on the other hand, can be seen focused on making the viles, along with the potions, managing his team, while using his abilities to assist them as much as possible.

The sun was about to set, and the sky is of a golden hue. Satou congratulates everyone for their efforts while they are now just waiting for the kiln to cool down, and when it is done, they will fill the vials up and have them delivered to the assistant viceroy before sundown.

All the attention is then turned to Ine-chan when she finally lets off a sigh of relief, letting out all her built up stress and pressure. Ine-chan’s hat then started chirping, and out came the head of a bird which surprised everyone. Satou was also taken aback by the Puff Bird, and when he uses his analysis (skill) on it, Satou learns that the bird is the witch’s familiar, and they are now interrupted by a group of man which asked them what they were doing.

Ine-chan’s hat was actually a bird

Satou immediately realizes that the men are here for trouble and uses his inventory skill to teleport all the vials that are still cooling down into his own inventory. He then replaces the broken vials that are made earlier back into the kiln.

The workshop owner defending for Satou

The men then disregarded all of Satou and their friends request, and proceeded to destroy the kiln, and all of the vials inside it, without knowing that the actual ones were in Satou’s inventory. When Satou’s team thought that all hope was lost, Satou then explains the situation to them, and calms them down. He states that the ones that were in the kiln are decoys, and the real vials are in his inventory. He then instructs Ine-chan if she was able to use the bird on top of her head to convey a message to the witch back in the forest of illusions. He also apologizes to the workshop owner/ his friend for his broken kiln.

Workshop owner was more worried for Satou’s vials than his broken kiln

Since the men from earlier were gone, Arisa asks Satou to take the vials out, on Arisa’s watch. Satou tries to take a vial out, only to see it shatter into pieces right before his eyes. This was surprising, and posed another problem for Satou. The vials that were in his inventory were about 1250 degrees celsius, and due to the difference in heat temperatures between the environment and the vials, the vial exploded and shattered on its own. Satou then encounters another problem, and start thinking of ideas/ ways which he could gradually change the temperature. After a chain of thoughts, it led to Satou with a solution at hand which could save them all.

Satou first transfers the vials that are in his inventory to Arisa’s type of item box, and cools the vials there. He does so by combining the Item box with a blow spell which can help cool the vials at a faster rate. When the vials are cooled, he removes them from the item box at normal temperatures, and the potions are all prepared, and thus ready to be delivered.

Now, Satou can be seen in the assistant viceroy’s room, and the assistant viceroy has a cold attitude to Satou. He states that Satou shouldn’t be here, and hears from his assistant that he wouldn’t be able to deliver the remaining 180 vials of potions. He asks Satou out of the place at once/ leave the city as he has no reason to visit him again. Satou is now filled with confidence, and takes out the agreement that was signed upon earlier. Also, he asks him to sign and stamp the delivery note, for he has already delivered the potions. He bends down slightly, and chuckles knowing he has won.

Standing at the side of the assistant viceroy were guards that were stationed under him, and they agreed that Satou has indeed delivered the remaining 180 vials of potions before Sundown, and therefore the pact is not broken. The men standing behind the assistant viceroy is now filled with rage, knowing that they failed their plots against Satou, and asks Satou what tricks he had used. Satou then talked back, defending himself that they haven’t the slightest used any tricks and it was all accomplished through everyone’s wit, hard work, and friendship. The assistant viceroy now sits tight in his chair, with fear in his eyes. He doesn’t say a word, and only looks outside the window, unwilling to sign the delivery note that is in front of him.

Satou then projects his voice menacingly, and asks once again for the assistant viceroy’s stamp and signature which was agreed upon. Satou then learns that the assistant viceroy would refuse to sign the papers regardless of anything, and is left with no choice. From behind then stands a man, emitting an aura of dominance over the others, and he then says, “If that’s the case, I shall sign the document for you.”

The assistant viceroy only turns his head back to see the count/ Count Kuhanou, along with the witch of illusions too standing at his back. He asks the count, what he was doing here, and we believe that the count is the superior of the him. He who is now intimidated to the bones has fear in his voice, and learns that the count knows of all the evil deeds he has done. Ine-chan then looks at Satou and he nods in approval, implying that the bird above her head has told the witch of all his evil deeds, making Ine-chan smile in delight, knowing that she also played a vital role in the big picture as well.

Ine-chan realizes that the witch/ her master knows of the whole situation

Knowing that he has no where left to hide/ escape, the assistant viceroy than calls upon different magic spells to attack the count, only to be deflected by the count’s powers. The count then says that he wouldn’t be harmed by attacks like this in his own territory, and states that due to his pity for him, he would not charge him with treason, but with death. Saying that, he draws out his sword and stands firmly on the ground.

Before he can jump in with his sword, Satou jumps in and kicks the 2 men unconscious, on the ground. When asked why he interfered, Satou replies saying that there are children here, and looks at Mia, Tama and Pochi. The Count immediately understands the situation, sheathe his sword back into place, and says, “It appears that the witch has a noble friend”. He gains more respect towards Satou, and the witch smiles back.

Satou attacks the men before things got bloody

It was finally all over, and the atmosphere has finally lifted off Satou and his team. Outside the city, Ine-chan, the witch and the workshop owner sees Satou off. Satou apologizes for all the trouble he caused to the workshop owner, only to be replied by his thanks towards him, saying he gets priority on deals because of the count. He thanks Satou for this opportunity which was not possible for if he hadn’t helped him earlier. He also states that he would be getting a bigger kiln than before from the count. He laughs happily. The witch of the forest of illusions also thanked Satou for his aid, and thanked him by giving him a Witch’s Apprentice’s Lantern. The lantern was a magic item Ine-chan and the witch made, symbolizing the friendship he has with the witches. Satou then bids good byes to the witches that went their separate ways back into the forest.

Starting the next scene on a more hilarious note, Nana can be seen half naked, on top of Satou at the back of the carriage. She then proceeds to remove her top, revealing her bare skin to Satou. Satou reaches out his hand towards her breast, only to be hilariously caught and blocked off by Arisa who seems annoyed. This was when Nana asks Satou to hurry up and calibrate her foundation system, making Arisa full of doubts into what they were actually doing. Arisa then asks Nana if she has the Magic Manipulation skill, and Nana states that her foundation instruments are not functioning properly, leading to her who was not able to use Magic Manipulation effectively. Satou then hurries up and states that he have the skill, and therefore would give it a try, to help Nana out. Satou then asks Nana what he has to do. Nana then replies saying that he should place his hand near her heart, and allow his magic to flow into her. Mia then pops out of nowhere, and says that Satou should touch Nana only from the back. This was agreed upon, and when repairing Nana’s foundation instruments, the others were just jealous of Satou’s treatment towards Nana, especially when she asks Satou to be gentle.

Funny moment when Arisa realized that she misunderstood the situation

Liza then appears out of nowhere, and asks Master Satou what he intends to do today. He states that they would be passing through Muno Barony. The scene then changes back, showing lively Zena-san that is in barracks, back in the city, running towards her other friends, in excitement over Satou’s sent letter to them. She reads the message to her other friends, “As the lingering winter leaves us at last, I hope that you have been well, Zena-sama. It has been a while since I parted from Seiryuu City, and I’m saddened that I haven’t been able to see your face. We are currently travelling through Kuhanou Country, which is west of Seiryuu City. Our first journey has been harder than I had imagined. By now, we’ve all gotten used to sleeping outdoors and are having fun. I am enjoying this new world to the fullest.” Zena smiles at Satou’s letter, and glances into the night sky full of stars, outside her window.

Zena reading the letter again, now at bedside

Back to Satou and the others, Pochi brings Satou a book, asking him to read her a bedtime story. They all set all over the fireplace, listening to Satou’s story. When finishing his story, Tama and Pochi can already be seen sleeping and resting on each other. The others were all still awake, and looked at them with cheerful and hopeful eyes.

Concluding the episode/ story, was the last statement from Zena’s received letter. “We still have a long journey ahead, but I plan to keep enjoying it. I look forward to seeing you again someday.” Zena walks to the window, and mutters, “Satou-san… One day…”. The scene then shows Satou and his team enjoying times together on their long journey.

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