Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Episode 2)

The episode starts with Satoo carrying Zena in his arms, and landing on a tree branch which was sticking out of the side of a rocky cliff. Satoo then uses his upgraded stats which basically allowed him to jump up the cliff, gaining the title of a hero.

In the next scene, Zena then shows her appreciation to her saviour Satoo, and shows her keen liking to Satoo-san. She then introduced herself as Zena Marientail who is currently a retainer of Count Salue, a military mage that has been working for 2 years. She adds that she is 17 years old, unmarried, and she also doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Satoo gets suddenly attacked by other soldiers, asking him to stay away from their friend Zena. Zena tries to explain the situation to her friend, before Satoo steps in and say that he is a travelling merchant (which was a lie) he gains/learns 2 skills, Persuasion and Trickery. Although Zena’s friends, Lilio and another girl (soldiers) were doubtful he manages to get pass them with the Trickery skill he has.

On the way to Salue city, Satoo learns that about the value a Wyvern corpse could bring such as the armour and cloaks that are made from it. However, the meat of the wyvern is known to taste horrible, and the only way to get rid of it was to let the slaves(20% of the population) in west town eat it.

In the bustling Salue town, Satoo gets his papers (contains his status information), along with a city entry visa which is only valid for 10 days. Later, he got hugged by a cute girl, Martha, and gets dragged into an inn which is owned by her parents, talk about a pushy sales person. He pays for the accommodation for 10 days, talks to the inn owner. He learns the existence of the demon lord along with other mythical creatures like dragons.

When exploring the town with Martha, he sees 2 demi humans, a cat and a dog that were bullied as they were slaves. He also notices a cart carrying slaves, one slave named Arisa, a.k.a. “Exiled Witch”/ “Crazy Princess”. He continues to enjoy the city, along with a dinner at the inn which was mouth watering.

When in bed, Satoo analyzes the “game” which he thinks he’s trapped in. Thinking back, : 1) He realizes that the lizardmen he encountered are too realistic. 2) The fight between the soldiers and the Wyvern was too tense which exceeds the standards of a promotional video of an RPG game. 3)The number of variations within the towns people. 4) The new language he had to “learn”/”skill level up” which was new to him. 5) Along with the taste of the food which he never experienced before. The things he sees in the “game” does not relate to anything he knows about and therefore comes to a conclusion that it was not a dream, and that his plan of action now is to enjoy sightseeing the town as much as possible. He thinks that finding his way back home was less important and therefore wants to have fun, while learning more about the world he is in to improve himself as a game creator. He then goes to bed.

The next morning, Satoo was awakened by Martha, saying that “his girlfriend” was waiting for him outside the inn. He was greeted by Zena in a lovely outfit, saying she wants to bring Satoo around town.

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