Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Episode 3)

The amazing episodes starts off with Zena bringing Satoo around the town. Enjoying snacks around the town, Zena-san accidentally got her shirt stained from a running kid. A charmer named Jimaana then introduces herself to the couple. She uses 2 spells, “soft wash” and “dry”, getting rid of the stain for Zena. The protagonist learns the new skill “Everyday magic”.

Continuing on their “date” around town, Satoo learns that Zena learns magic hoping she could fly one day. Following the conversation, Satoo humbly says that he wants to learn magic as there are no baths at the inns, and wants to get himself clean using magic, rather than outside the inn. He acquires the skill “Self-concealment” and the titles “Buffoon” and “Gentleman”.

Along the way to the windmill, they stopped by Pallion Temple. Satoo enquires about a mural, picturing a Hero fighting with the Demon Lord. He further learns about the Hero’s sword which has magical like properties. It shimmers blue when the sword accepts the wielder, and glows brighter for if the wielder has a fate/ responsibility to defeat the Demon lord. On the way to the Windmill, Satoo learns that there are multiple demon lords, and the ones that control demons are prioritized as the most dangerous ones.

The time for trouble has come, Satoo and Zena stands up against an act of atrocity. The Zaicuon’s head priest is selling ordinary stones to be thrown at 3 demi-human slaves. He proclaims that they are the “Demon Lords’ ilk” and one could be righteous with god by throwing the stones at them. Satoo observes the situation from afar, and realizes the 3 demi-human slaves were not owned by the priest, and were owned by someone named Urs, in a guild named “Sewer Rats”. Satoo then detects the area for Sewer Rats members who are also mixed among the public members to stir trouble. He maxes up his skill “kidnapping”, and brings the other members of Sewer Rats to sleep. He kicks Urs and while he is in an unconscious state, throws him in front of everyone.

He states the doings of Urs, and falsely accuses that Urs wanted to use the Head priest’s status and power to brainwash them all to lead a rebellion against the Count. However, his false accusation has hit it’s mark, and residing inside Urs’s soul is a Demon. When the demon emerges, there was panic everywhere, and the Head Priest of Zaicuon was also attacked.

Satoo was tasked to escort the 3 demi-human slaves who were locked by chains, away from the scene, while Zena mentions she would get backup. Loyal and unaware of the situation, the slaves didn’t realize that their master has already died, and therefore stayed on the ground, not budging.

The 3 demi-humans and Satoo were therefore being sucked by the demonic being into it’s lair. The 4 are now on a mission to get out of the labyrinth. Satoo first gave the 3 demi-humans names, and furthermore gave them towels to clean and disinfect their wounds, he also gave them some ointment he bought earlier to treat those wounds and treats them to Honey Buns. The 3 of them were more than appreciative of him.

Giving Liza a dagger, he orders the 3 not to fight only at his commands, and organizes his team, giving them roles. In the labyrinth, the 3 sees a spider like monster, and it was defeated in 3 shots from Satoo’s gun (he calls it a magical item). The core of the spider was extracted by Liza, as she mentions that the core of monsters usually sells well, and it could also be traded well with other merchants. Using materials from the defeated spider, Satoo then makes a spear, and passes it it Liza. Liza passes her used dagger to tama, the cat looking demi-human.

The episode ends when the 4 are motivated to continue their exploration in the lair.

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