The episodes starts with Tama, Pochi, Liza and Satoo exploring the Labyrinth. Tama was tasked to collect rocks by master Satoo. Further exploring the Labyrinth, they meet and defeated multiple monsters such as a Giant Caterpillar, and more Caterpillars… Talk about a scary like opponent. In order to help increase the rank of the 3 demi-humans that are at single digit levels, our protagonist Satoo, asked the trio to also take part in defeating the giant worms. The rocks are used to throw and distract the monsters.

Tama and Liza were tasked to collect the cores of the caterpillar Satoo and his team has defeated, and the other 2, Satoo and Pochi continues moving on, to defeat the caterpillar. Howevr, Pochi being afraid of the caterpillar, ran further into the Labyrinth, away from the Caterpillar. Satoo kill the Caterpillar in no time, and grasps Pochi shirt from behind. He consoles her, and learns the skill Tamer.

After which the 4 continued their journey into the labyrinth, to find more monsters and then defeating them. The 3 also enjoyed the nice food that Master Satoo had given them, and took rest breaks when they were tired. The levels of the 3 increased with time as they further explores the depths of the labyrinth. The labyrinth also features a library, along with a laboratory and a treasure room.

The 4 then defeated a giant toad, and cooked its meat. Liza the chef made the toad’s meat into meatballs and Satoo enjoyed his meal. The 4 enjoyed every part of their journey, not neglecting sleep and baths. Is this a resort?!?!?!?! Finally, there was a worthy opponent that could put the lives of the 3 demi-humans at risk. However, Mr Satoo just kicks it down a pit. The undead creature fell to its death. The 4 also came cross a spider’s nest, and wrapped inside the sticky spider silk are humans who have succumbed to the spider’s webs. They released 2 people trapped inside cocoons and among them, there is one named Jin Belton. He is the head of the Belton Viscounts, and dressed up like a nobility. He was a humble man, and he thanked the demi-humans for saving him. He also offered to reward them when they were out of the Labyrinth. There were too some unappreciative ones, which Satoo decides to leave behind, and let them fend for themselves.

Satoo and the others heard the sounds of soldiers ahead, in battle. The soldiers were in battle with the slimes and they were forced into helplessness. Satoo wastes no time in organizing the trio to rescue the soldiers, using Liza’s knowledge to destroy the core of the slimes. The trio successfully rescued the soldiers, and Satoo reunites with Zena. After the soldiers were healed, they then tried to force open a metal door in their way. They found a treasure chest, which was a trap. After opening the chest, the monster whom created the labyrinth jumps out, greeting the soldiers with evil laughter. The monster casts a spell, making all the humans around to attack and fight each other. Satoo along with the nobility, Jin Belton were the only ones that were unafffected by the monster’s charms.

Trying to awaken everyone, Jin uses a mid-level spell, Blast Pole and attacks the monster. However, that was not effective against the monster that was way above his league. To make things worse, Satoo was attacked by a black wolf, and down into a long winding tunnel. Satoo dissolves the wolf, in an instant, and uses the chance to disguise himself using the masks and wig he bought. This allows him to fight without exposing his true identity. However, before the monster could be defeated, it summons a bigger threat to everyone…. …. The Demon Lord.

The battle against the demon lord was epic, and every part of the fight was unlike no other. However, against our protagonist, which was above 300 levels, the Demon Lord which was only above level 60 succumbed in terms of sheer strength. During the battle, Satoo decides not to use his Holy sword. However, he decides to use a magic wand. When upgrading the skill “fireshot” to its highest, the others mistakes the low tiered spell “fireshot” with the highest tiered spell “crimson javelin”. Satoo shocks the Demon lord with its spell and jumps in, now changing his weapon to the Holy sword. He also changes his status as “God killer”, which made the sword in his hands accept him, therefore striking the Demon lord on the ground. The fight ends off with heroic looking Satoo, slaying the Demon lord into 2 halves. Satoo gains the title as “Hero”.

Finally, Satoo gets reunited with the others, and everyone was glad that he was safe. He was also called out by a slave trader he rescued earlier. The slave trader then states that the 3 demi-humans were now officially master satoo’s slaves, and handles the official documents for him free of charge, as a reward for saving him earlier. He continues further more to promote more slaves to Satoo. The episode ends with a slave (mentioned earlier as “Exiled Witch”/ “Crazy Princess” Real name: Arisa), coming out from a tent, saying Satoo’s name, startling Satoo.

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