Satou and Zena moments

The episode starts off with Zena asking Satou-san if he has any agendas for the day. Satou has plans to contact “odd jobs” people (odd jobs is a place), asking them if they have any housing or an inn which allows demi-humans to reside in. He does this for his demi-human slaves which are currently living in a stable, as he things that they should be treated better. He then spends the day together with Zena doing the above mentioned.

Going into Odd Jobs, he and Zena is greeted with a lady named Nadi. She smiles and welcomes the two, asking them how she could be of service. Satou then explains what they were looking for, and was told that worker’s residences catered for demi-humans can be mainly be found in West town, and due to increased crimes in that area, the inn rentals there are rather cheaper compared to other locations. When looking for locations to stay in, Satou states that his budget for rental could go up till a gold coin. Nadi then brings Satou to 3 mansions that are for rent at 3 different cheap locations. The houses he was brought to each has its own drawbacks and it was not what he was looking for. Nadi then parted ways with Satou and Zena saying that she would look around for suitable houses in the afternoon, in preparations for Satou to drop by in the evening.

Nadi then told Satou and Zena that there are good bargains around the flea market which has opened up in the plaza yesterday, and recommended them to check out the place. Zena then whispers to Zena a few locations that are great for dates, making fun of her.

On their date, the two met up with the four (Satou’s slaves). They have already bought new clothes for themselves with Satou’s money, and were thankful for those clothes. They continued their journey, buying Educational cards for Pochi and Tama (for teaching them how to read words).

Agreeing with Arisa’s question, Satou then explained that he would be heading with Zena to the outdoor stage for a play. Liza then volunteered to help the couple buy the tickets for the show, and asked them to buy tickets for themselves too.

Zena and Satou on their cute date

Continuing their date, the two then went to a store selling earrings, and Satou bought Zena the pair that she liked. They then proceeded to watch a play, a tragic romantic story, “The Tragedy of Marquis Muno”, which was based on a true story.

The play taking place in the outdoor stage

At the end of the play, Satou walks around the area window shopping. He then encounters a lady whom accidentally dropped her handkerchief without noticing. Satou then picks it up, and returns it to the lady, leading them to a discussion of the play which they both watched earlier. She then told him that the actual story/ script of the play was slightly altered so that there wouldn’t be complains from the nobles, thereby making the play slightly anti-climatic at the end.

Outside the theatre, Zena and Arisa also discusses about how the play went, leading them to a slight argument, in Arisa’s favor. Arisa continues by probing Zena if she would rather marry Satou, or another person which her family has arranged for her, stating her point of view. She also mentions that Zena needs to sacrifice everything for the person she loves, and tells her off that she shouldn’t worry about playing the good girl in her family, or else she would lose out, having the man she cares about stolen from her.

Satou standing in to stop the argument

Satou has no choice but to step in, reprimanding Arisa that she has taken things too far. He then apologizes to Zena, and exerts his authority, asking Arisa to apologize as well. Satou then lightens the atmosphere by treating everyone to meat skewers, which was Liza’s, Pochi’s and Tama’s favorite food.

Zena and Satou then parted ways with the four, and continued their date. Along the way, Zena meets up with her friends serving the military, looking dirty and tired. They catches up with each other, and the trio explained that they had a battle with some Fang Ants along with a group of wererat cavalry whom Ruu suspects to be the cause of attracting the Fang Ants. Ruu then mentions that the leader of the cavalry is wearing a flashy red helmet, and that he got away. Angered by this, Ruu promises that he would not allow him to escape the next time they meet.

Zena catches up with her friends in the military

The date then ends with Zena asking Satou if she could help the other injured soldiers. Out of the blue, there came a scream from a distance, and Tama, which was near the vicinity helps a girl. They killed a Fang Ant and Tama raises it triumphantly in the air. Satou hearing the scream rushes to the vicinity, and asks if the four were okay. He was rather surprised that Tama could handle the Fang Ant which was attacking from above, all by herself.

What Satou sees after rushing to the scene

Satou then quickly scans the area using his ability, showing lots of Fang Ants/ Flying Ants approaching the city. Satou quickly asks Pochi and Tama to get their weapons in preparations for the incoming wave, and instructs Arisa to get Lulu, who is still resting as she was not feeling well. Lastly, he asks Liza, the one oldest amongst the 4, to go and retrieve curtains which they used for their beds. 3 alarms are then sounded far away from the City gates, signaling the arrival of these beasts. Upon analysis, Satou concludes and deems the Flying Ants a potential threat to the city folks as well as the city guards, mainly because these ants have sharp fangs, hard exoskeletons and the ability it has to fly.

Flying Ants entering the city in high numbers

Satou then instructs Arisa to hide together with Lulu at the back of the inn’s bar, and stands by are Tama and Pochi whom readied their weapons. Satou commands Tama and Pochi to fight against the pests, and to protect the inn at the inn’s door. Showing concern for her master, Tama asks Satou where will he be. Satou acknowledges that he will be fine, and shows dominance, saying that he would build a barricade with Liza at the city gates, and would get rid of monsters at the city entrance.

Pochi and Tama showing their skills

The tough fight begins and all was chaos. On the other hand, Satou and his team were not showing signs of fear, and they even stood up brave to fight against those monsters. While Liza dashes through her opponents with a spear, Tama and Pochi are fighting monsters that were trying to get into the city. Satou on the other hand, who has OP stats, is now flicking Pennies at his opponent, killing those monsters with that. It was just such a skill difference. While the other soldiers are attacking the remaining Flying Ants, Satou then rushes to clear up the remaining ants that were in the city. One of which was inside the Odd Jobs place, attacking Nadi with it’s poison. Thankfully, Nadi had escaped into the basement, and Satou has managed to apply the finishing blow to the last flying Ant.

Nadi being pulled out from the basement

Although all the Ants were killed and annihilated, the city is still hard stung with the stench of the dead monsters, along with sticky poison that are on the city walls and floors. Nadi was trapped in the basement, and couldn’t get up, as the stairs which led to the ground floor were covered in sticky poison. This was then when Nadi’s manager/ Odd jobs boss then came to her rescue using magic, wrapping her in the thinnest twine, and pulled her out of the basement.

To thank them both, Nadi kisses Yusaratoya Bolenan (Manager) and Satou as a formality. Satou on the other hand is more curious about the looks of Yusaratoya. Yusaratoya wears a large triangular elf’s hat, has green hair and sharp ears. He looks unfazed and calm.

Outside Odd jobs, the city soldiers can be seen, standing around a pile of Flying ants corpses, burning away. Zena was also waiting for Satou she rushes to Satou, and accidentally trips over her dress, holding Satou in her arms to break her fall. The atmosphere was lighter, and the sky was a golden orange, with the setting of the sun. Zena tells Satou that they are wrapping up the city, and that she would want to join the guards to ensure that there aren’t any other problems in town. Zena then departed ways with Satou.

Before we thought it was the end, Satou was then called out by a man trying to negotiate his way into taking away all the monster cores from Liza. Monster cores can be obtained by killing monsters, and they fetch for a high price in the market. As satou’s team killed a lot of monsters/ Flying ants, they are left with lots of monster cores. Liza guards, and firmly holds the monster cores that are in her hands. Satou reacts politely by drawing up a receipt, which states the number of cores and the amounts that was paid for, along with the man’s proof of identity, shocking the man with his actions. The man knew that he couldn’t take those cores by force, he resorts negotiate with Satou. Satou was unfazed, and kept his cool, using his authoritative voice and the malice in his eyes, he demands the man not to not make a fool of himself. The soldier has no choice but to make the payment (in full), and Satou has successfully turned the tables around, coercing the man into buying the monster cores.

Man threatens Satou with the law

Back in the inn’s bar, the inn keeper complemented the efforts of Tama and Pochi who were protecting the inn despite of their small built. She smiles and treats Satou and his team with the inn’s best food dishes that she and her husband has whipped up for her. Finishing dinner, Satou then takes a stroll outside around the city streets and enjoys the chilling night wind. He meets up with 2 gentleman who recognized him for saving their lives back in the labyrinth. They offered to walk Satou around the streets of the city.

Satou then took them up for their offer, and ends up in a brothel where he learns the skills. “Chiropractic Massage”, “Sexual Techniques”, “Pillow Talk” and “Seduction”. Satou who is still unaware of what is going on, walks out of the brothel. He then sees a black owl’s feather gliding down from the sky, and grabs hold of it in his hands.

Along the way back to his inn, he was attacked by a few magicians. Satou easily counters them, jumping into the sky firing a gun at them. He then comes back down and asks the victim if he is all right. To his surprise, the victim is wearing a flashy red helmet. He is badly wounded and said to Satou that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. He asks Satou to save the princess.

Satou then saves him using his skills he gained as a paramedic, and lock picks his way into Odd jobs (Nadi and Yusaratoya are asleep). Waking them up, Satou explains what has happened and apologizes for disturbing them at this hour. Satou then uncovers a towel, showing a young girl elf who is sleeping soundly. Yusaratoya tone became stupefied and immediately recognizes the girl as Mia. This episode then ends here.

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