Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Episode 7)

Satou and Lulu sits on a carriage

The scene starts with the Wererat cavalry’s leader/red hat, sitting on a chair, with bandages all around his head. Mia is wrapped up like a cocoon in a blanket, resting on a Sofa.

Mia gains consciousness for a few seconds, looks at Satou and admires his pretty face, and mutters the words “Pretty” before going back to sleep. Yusaratoya shows concerns to Mia. The attention was not long soon diverted to red hat when he coughs out blood, and shows signs of deteriorating health. Nadi quickly rushed out of Odd Jobs to find the nearest medical assistance (a.k.a. an ex-priest, named Horn). Worried for Nadi’s safety at night, Satou decides to follow her too.

The scene changes to Satou explaining what he encountered the previous night to Arisa: how he saved a beastfolk person/ red hat, who was on the verge of death. He then takes out a bag of medicine, and told her that they are for Lulu who was still ill.

Knowing that all his “slaves”/ friends have all taken breakfast, he then wonders off to the general store/ Odd jobs to visit Mia and red hat. In the store, Satou shows concerns for the two, and Nadi explains the injuries of them both, telling him not to worry. Mia was not injured, but she was suffering from exhaustion/ prolonged MP deprivation. She then explains that Mia would be fine when drinking a mana potion, however those are very expensive, and thus proposed an alternative solution to bring Mia to a place rich with mana so that her healing could be sped up.

Satou then hears some noises coming from the room upstairs, and asks on Nadi to check on Mia, whom now seems to be awake. Although Mia regains her consciousness, she was not sure of her surroundings and asks Nadi where she was, and who Nadi is. Mia recognizes Yusaratoya as Yuya, and is introduced to Satou. Nadi excuses herself out of the room, volunteering to make some soup/ wheat porridge for Mia.

Conversing with Mia, Satou learns that she was able to see spirits that are “Fluffy and Sparkly” all around Satou. Mia thus asks if he was a spirit user, only to find out that he wasn’t able to see the sprits around him, and was just an ordinary Merchant. Satou asks her how to say “good morning” the elvish language, and acquires the skill “Elvish Language”. Furthering their conversation, Satou learns that spirits flow along the ley lines in order to subsist off mana, and have certain unique characteristics. Looking at the finished bowl of porridge, Satou smiles and says that he was sorry for staying so long in Odd Jobs. He stands up and makes his move towards the door. Mia unexpectedly grabs his coat from behind, asking him to stay with her.

Mia holding onto Satou's coat asking him to stay
Mia grabs Satou’s coat and asks him to stay

After some time later, Satou leaves Odd jobs and goes back to the inn after noon. At the inn, Pochi, Tama and Satou’s other friends are playing with Educational cards, which Satou bought for them earlier before (Episode 6). Pochi first realizes the return of her master, Satou, and greets him. Pochi and Tama then explained that they have learned new words from the Educational Cards, and bends down to Satou who pats them gently on the head.

Satou pats Tama and Pochi on their head

However, when Satou tries to test them on different words, he realizes that Tama, Pochi and Liza still has much to learn, Satou acquires the skill “Education”. He also acquires the other skills, Painting and Penmanship when teaching the trio. Yuni who was also together with the trio was asked to help Martha/ her older sister clean up the inn stables, along with replacing the hay in those stables before they get ready for lunch.

Yuni then explains that she was already done cleaning the Stables, and that she has done it with the help of Pochi and Tama who were her friends.

For lunch, Satou and his team has Packed sandwiches over a grass patch outside the inn/ were having a picnic. Satou then mentions about Mia, who was a princess, and thus gains the interest of the others, who says that they would like to meet up with her. Satou agrees to their request and told everyone that they could visit her after their lunch.

Satou agreeing to his friends request, while Liza bites on a sandwich

After their lunch, Satou and his friends/slaves went to visit Mia, who was still on her bed. Mia was shy seeing so many unfamiliar faces, and hides herself with her blanket, before succumbing to everyone’s friendliness. Mia then introduces herself, and she gets complimented for her luxurious hair, and how cute she looked. Satou decides to let all the girls have fun with Mia, and decides to leave, only to be pulled back by Mia again.

Tama, Pochi and Arisa at Mia’s bedside

Downstairs, Nadi thanks Lulu for making her tea, before Satou comes down and joins them. Nadi casually confirms if Satou is a merchant, and then she casually asks if he owns a cart. Telling the same lie, Satou then explains that he only owns horses to help him carry his wares, however the starfall from a while back made his horses run away from him. Nadi then recommends Satou to buying a drawn cart for if he can afford it, and further explains that her manager, Yusaratoya, knows another merchant who is going to retire soon. Nadi adds that the merchant is selling a cart along with two horses for pulling it. Satou then makes a consideration before he declines the kind offer as he doesn’t have any experience in driving a cart.

Lulu whom was standing nearby overhears their conversation and says that she has experience in driving a horse wagon, and offers her help in driving the cart. Satou then asks Lulu instead, to teach him how he could drive a wagon, and directs his attention to Nadi, once again to take up on her offer.

Estimating the price of a horse along with the cart, Satou gives Nadi a sack of gold coins/ amount he generously offered, and asks Nadi to keep the balance as her commission. Spending the rest of his day learning new skills, Satou decides to set-up a camp on a grassland, which was not far away from the city. Satou learns many new skills during the camp, and enjoys his time watching Tama and Pochi having fun most of the time.

Not before long, some beast humans who looked like whom Satou offered his food the day before approached him carrying something in their hands. They gave Satou some delicious plucked fruits to thank him for the grilled chicken they gave him the other day, and was over-protective over the fruits they presented to him, not allowing Tama and Pochi to touch it.

Satou feels their good will, and also gets a feeling that the beast humans need this fruit to fill their bellies. Satou humbly accepts their gift and gift backs some beef jerky back to the beast humans, saying that they could share it amongst themselves. This made them very happy, and they thanked Satou profusely.

Sitting on his new Wagon, Satou thanks Nadi for her help, saying that Satou will be able to carry more of his load in his wagon. While Lulu keeps the wagon steady, Arisa mentions if they could bring Mia back to her home. Nadi explains that this was no easy task, and Mia stays in an elf village to the southeast of the Shiga Kingdom. Satou then decides to take things slowly and will talk things over with Yusaratoya/ Nadi’s manager when he gets back. Satou wants to learn how to drive the wagon in the meantime, and counts on Lulu to teaching him how to do so.

When learning the ropes from Lulu, Satou realizes that it was going to rain, and that there were malicious eyes staring at him from a distance. Satou then keeps his guards up, and loses focus, trying to figure out where the evil intent came from. He then realizes it was a night owl, one in which he caught a feather from, the other day. Satou thinks that it was a weird coincidence, before heading back to the inn, to be greeted by Tama, Pochi, Arisa, Liza and Mia who was now walking on her own.

Arisa then mentions that the manager was back from buying potions for Mia, and he healed Mia’s MP using healing magic as well. Greedy Arisa then decides to celebrate Mia’s recovery with something delicious for everybody. Satou casually agrees, and asks what does Mia like to eat. Mia, still shy and reserved only mutters “honey buns”. Satou tasks Lulu and Liza to buying the honey buns, and enters Odd Jobs once again.

Inside odd jobs, he learns of red hat true name, Mize, and gains appreciation from him for saving his life. Satou then learns more about how Mia was kidnapped by wizards from her elf village, imprisoned in a place called Cradle, and was rescued by Mize. Mize then decides to escort Mia back to meet up with Yusaratoya, however the city was under attack by Flying Ants the other day, and they decided to wait till things were over. When peace arrived, Mize brought Mia back into the city, only to be attacked by Wizard pursuers again, defending against the wizards, the two then met up with Satou that day.

The thunder from outside the inn can be heard, and the girls cried out loudly below. Satou and the manager rushed downstairs, only to be greeted with another sound of thunder, and behind the lightning’s light appeared the same owl. The same owl, now inside the inn turns into a Shadow of evil, giving off every slightess bit of menace from his eyes and his coat. The atmosphere turns heavy and the episode ends with a Cliff hanger.

This episode was rather a peaceful and great one to watch. However, trouble seems to rise. Will Satou be able to protect all the others while fending off an evil being all by himself? Satou needs to find a way to manage all of it. How will he do it, the next episode will be an exciting one.😆 Also, don’t forget to like and share this with your friends and family.

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