Satou breaks out of predicament

Following up with the Cliff hangar from episode 7, episode 8 starts off with a dreadful atmosphere. One of the wizards, who Mize is talking about stands on the floors of Odd Jobs. Mize launches himself forward with his short sword, trying to fend the wizard away, only to be pinned helplessly on the floor with the Wizard’s Psychic Magic. Satou quickly analysis the situation around, before he gives in to the Wizard’s Psychic magic, and has no choice but to resort to upgrading his skill, “Fear Resistance” to the Max. Satou then uses a character analysis on the Wizard, and learns that his name is Zen. He finds the name strangely familiar and tries to recall his past memories.

The scene is now changed to show Satou’s memories of the play he has watched the other day, where the protagonist of the play, being also a wizard, and is named Zen as well. Zen then mutters in a low pitched voice, that he has come to retrieve Mia, who now looks fearfully at Zen, fists clenched and positioned at the front, like a fearful boxer. Satou then steps in between them calmly and confidently introduces himself as Satou the Merchant to the “Master Sorcerer”.

Satou steps in between them, before introducing herself

Zen/ the Wizard was more impressed that a mere Merchant was able to stand and talk, unshaken by the Fear he emits. Looking at Satou’s black hair, Zen assumes that he is a descendant of a Hero, and underestimates Satou. Zen explains that he has intended to let Satou live, and threatens his life for if he defies his orders of handing over Mia.

Satou whom is unfazed, looks at Zen with a smile, and states that he would rather avoid any violence, however will not allow Mia to be taken hostage without putting up a fight. Mia, then directs her attention onto Satou, feeling slightly more assured, and touched by Satou’s actions. Satou shows no signs of backing down, and politely asks the intruder to see himself out. However, things didn’t go the way which Satou wants and is forced into combat with Zen.

Mia looks at Satou, touched by his bravery

Satou then rushes towards Zen with eyes of frustration, along with a clenched fist. He then uses the Skill, Martial Arts which he learned before, punching Zen. However, Zen avoids a hand to hand combat with him, where he uses Spatial Movement on Satou, making him punch his after shadow. Satou then reacts quickly, looking back, trying to anticipate his next move. He was however surprised by Shadow Magic tentacles which grabs his leg from the bottom, before being hung upside down by those Shadow magic tentacles. Zen showing signs of overconfidence then taunted Satou, commending his fast movements that were very unlikely for his low levels. Zen being distracted, was then attacked by Arisa, who then uses a low level psychic magic spell, asking him to lay his hands of his master.

Zen then reveals the face of a wraith behind his coat, and shows no signs of dodging Arisa’s magic attack. The attack was countered easily, leaving him scratch less. Zen then attacks Arisa with his tentacles, only to witness his shadow tentacles being shot by Satou’s gun (Satou’s still upside down). Yusaratoya then rushes in, holding his elf stick firmly, and draws all the attacks to him, defending Arisa who is now behind him. The attention is all drawn on the fight, and Satou manages to cut off Zen’s shadow tentacles, landing safely back on the ground. Satou now stands between Zen and Yusaratoya, and cuts off Zen’s shadow tentacles with just his hand. Zen things that his previous evaluations of Satou was wrong, and things that Satou has overpowered Zen. Still in disbelief and shock, Zen exclaims, “It’s impossible”, making a strategic step back, keeping distance between Satou and himself. He believes that nothing other than a Magic item was able to interact with his “Shadow Whip”, and that Satou’s power levels can’t be measured/ comprehended.

The scene then changes with Mia telling them it’s okay, and asking them to run away, not wanting to be affect/ burden Satou and his team. She then decides to throw in the towel, and wants Zen not to hurt Satou and the others, agreeing to his requests. Arisa then comforts Mia saying that she won’t abandon her, and that she was not trying to protect her because they are friends, but she was just doing her duty to fight alongside her Master, Satou, who wants Mia to be set free. Her short words moved Mia’s heart, and Mia was left speechless, with many thoughts and feelings she couldn’t express.

Arisa then reaffirms her point, maintaining a strong eye contact with Zen. Satou then senses her confidence, along with Arisa’s glowing hands. He then knows that Arisa has a plan, and thus decides to stall for time. Satou then asks Zen to reveal his true identity, although he is already clear of who he is. He then points a gun at the unfazed Wizard, and manages to strike a conversation with Zen. Zen then doubts who Satou really is, and makes a false assumption that Satou is a Gunman, who was able to fight with martial arts, and shoot accurately with a gun. Satou then threatens Zen that he might have more tricks up is sleeve, and Zen replies him, asking him to add “Hero” to his many identities, emitting a much stronger evil Aura around him.

Arisa then screams that she was ready, asking Master Satou to jump to the side at the top of her lungs. Unlike before, where Arisa’s magic attack was powerless, now Arisa wields a much higher concentration of mana to this attack, surprising Zen, not allowing him to dodge this attack. Zen was injured, however he was still standing at the end of the attack, and explains that he was more amazed at Arisa’s unique skill, who only reincarnated people get to use.

Arisa, now drained of all her powers falls to the floor, light headed, and Satou then fires 3 different shots at Zen. Like what Satou expects, Zen was able to shield all his shots. Zen now advises Satou, saying that strength beyond one’s capacity will only bring ruin, and asks Satou to keep her from using her special skill, so that Arisa won’t be a “plaything for the gods”. Satou who now gets distracted does not realized a warp gate appearing on the floors of Odd jobs, below Mia’s feet. Mia along with Zen then disappears into the darkness.

Satou quickly orders Liza and Lulu to get some treatment for the others, he asks of the others not to worry for him, and says that he will be back with Mia, before while jumping into the abyss of dark shadows, before the hole closes. Drowned in the sea of darkness, Satou tries to figure out where he via his Mapping skill, but to no avail. He then looks around, searching for Mia. Knowing that something’s amiss, Satou then tries all his ways to break out of his trap. He gets angry, and exclaimed whether or not this is a video game. His rage manages to get him out of his current predicament, and he is now teleported into another domain.

Mia can be seen sitting down, unconscious on a chair, with a woman wearing a maid outfit tending to her. Zen walks down from a flight of steps, greeting Satou with disbelief, now convinced that Satou was not human, as he was able to escape his shadow prison. Satou on the other hand thinks that he didn’t do anything differently/specially, and start doubting the actions of Zen. Zen didn’t mutter a word after that, and continues by diverting the topic, saying that “trials must be administered with fairness, and that there are no grounds for cheating”. He was thus teleported out of the Cradle, and Satou has no choice but to clear the different stages of the cradle before he makes his way back to the Last stage.

Satou gets teleported outside the cradle, which was a huge tree

At the entrance of the Cradle, Satou sees a banner saying: “The management of the training grounds is not responsible for any injury or loss of property incurred during use”. Satou then realizes that he has to follow the rules of the cradle to prevent getting blown away again. He notes that there are 200 floors to the Cradle, and they were all in groups of ten. With every 20 floors, there will be a massive spiral staircase which seems to lead upwards. There were also monsters guarding every level of the Stairway. As he continues clearing levels, he meets up with different creatures, and one of them was a Dryad.

The Dryad, unlike any other creature, was not interested in engaging a fight with Satou. The Dryad explains that she was just lack of MP, and therefore will not fight with Satou. However, Satou jokingly insists for a battle with the dryad, as he wants to clear the Levels of the Cradle as soon as possible. The Dryad makes a cute fuss, saying that she would complain to Toya about him, and asks Satou not to expect mercy from her friend.

The Dryad suddenly snaps, and proposes to Satou, only to get rejected in her face directly from him. Satou states that he was not interested in underaged girls, and asks the Dryad to wait 14-15 years first. The Dryad then changes the topic, saying that she is hungry, and wants Satou to give her some food. Satou asks if beef jerky is fine for her, however was surprised that what she needed instead was MP. The Dryad then quickly kisses Satou on his lips, sucking most of the MP out of him. Satou then covers his lips, wants to forget about what the Dryad did to him.

The Dryad enjoying Satou’s MP after kissing him

The Dryad then opens up a secret Corridor, leading to a room for Satou as thanks for his MP, and Satou steps inside. Inside, Satou learns that it was a Laboratory called Trazayuya room. Trazayuya was also the person which created this cradle. In the Laboratory, he reads the old notes and books written by Trazayuya, and learns the reason as to why the Cradle was created, along with how this place was important for elfs.

Satou then heads out of the room with his new found knowledge, and asks the Dryad outside if there is portal for him to make his way upwards, as quick as possible. The dryad points him to a Fairy ring, and asks him for the floor he wants to go to. Satou, replies saying that he needs to go to the top floor, and gets a reply that the highest floor she could bring Satou to was to floor 100/ the Guardian Knight’s Chamber.

Satou agrees, and he is teleported to the 100s floor immediately, where he was greeted with three ladies, playing cards. When seeing Satou, the ladies/ race: Homunculus asks him to wait for them to put on their protective gear and armor. He was stupefied by the anti-climatic entrance he was given. One of the homunculus then points a sword at Satou, and said in a monotonic voice that he must complete this Stage, before earning the right to proceed onto the next few Levels above. She then awakens an Iron Golem which is standing next to her, getting it to wage a battle with Satou.

On the Iron’s golem’s head were 5 letters EMETH, Satou quickly solves the puzzle, finding the weakness of the Iron golem, which was the letter E at the front of the word. He shoots the letter E, causing the Iron golem to fall to it’s feet, unmovable on the ground.


The 3 Homunculus, whom now look so much like each other, then starts a fight with Satou with their Swords, trying to overpower Satou with numbers. However, numbers means everything, and the strength of them 3 combined was not able to leave a scratch on Satou, with his overpowered stats. Satou punches one of the ladies in the stomach, knocking her out, and the two other Homunculus manages to escape through a rope tied to the ceiling floor. He then lies the Homunculus on the floor of the 100th story, before proceeding the higher floors, after taking the different materials in an inventory there.

Satou meets another Dryad, this time was almost dead. He uses one of his magical items, a water bottle which produces him a never ending supply of water, and pours it over the Dryad’s body, only to wake the dryad up, feeling very thirsty. The dryad takes Satou’s bottle, and now the Dryad looks exactly like the Dryad he met before. After filling her thirst of water, the Dryad then asks Satou for MP, one in which he was very hesitant on giving. The dryad then explains that Dryads are unlike humans where they all look different. Dryads are all connected as one body, and therefore would share the same physical looks, along with the same names and even the same memories with one another. The Dryad recognizes him as the one who gave MP to the “me that was down below” too. She states that she wouldn’t be able to establish any connections without MP, and they function just like plants, coming from the same plant, and are all connected to each other.

Satou then asks if he could go up several floors ahead, and was brought up to the 180th floor due to certain circumstances.

The second Dryad asks for Satou’s MP, after drinking from his water bottle

Satou then continues progressing up the floors of the cradle as little time as possible, and he reaches up to the top of the cradle. He meets Zen who then commands many more Homunculus, teleporting them behind him. He realizes that the one the knocked out earlier was not among them that were teleported. Zen also adds that he would reward Satou with the “lost Gjallarhorn”/ the lost hero sword that has always been sought after, and on every mural in Churches. He states that by defeating them, he would also earn the right to wield the sword as a Hero.

Zen raises the Holy Sword above his head

Satou then directs his attention over to the Homunculus who are armed, and ready for battle. Behind them was an Iron Golem too. Zen adds that the title of hero only belongs to those who are able to stand up to a strong foe, beyond mere safety, and used the skill, Limit break on all Satou’s opponents, along with Satou himself. He then waves his arms below the coat he is wearing, and commences what he calls a battle to the death.

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