Satou holds onto holy sword gift

The battle to the death has begun, and Satou faces an extreme wave of attacks from the Homunculus. Each of them specializes in different attacks. Satou first uses his evasion skill, and evades a wave of arrows being shot at him. Preparing for their next attack, all the homunculus, along with the iron golems which are standing at the back applies a magic enhancement on their hands and on their legs. With their increased strength and mobility, they all charged towards Satou.

Grabbing onto a spear, Satou looks ferociously at his opponents, unwavering. He hoists the spear, and readies his stance, preparing for the fight. He then launched himself forward, managing to hit the Iron Golem. While that happens, he learns the skill spear, upgrades the skill to the highest level possible and without any delay activates his skill, and dodges the kicks and punches from the enemy. When Satou finds an opening, he easily counter attacks the Iron Golem, however this time with a fully upgraded skill level, he pierces through it’s thick armor, fully destroying the Iron golem. Moving swiftly and skillfully, the wastes no time, and dashes through the fog and debris towards another Iron Golem. Not breaking a sweat, Satou extends his reach, and attacks the Golem first. The golem erupts and explodes, producing large fumes of smoke, along multiple Iron like material which further crumbles onto the ground.

Satou’s finishing blow on the Iron Golem (Spear)

In the fumes that arise, Satou is surprised attacked by 3 other homunculus. One attacked Satou first from the top, wielding a sword on her right, and a shield on her left. Satou evades to his left, and knocks the first homunculus hardly away, making her fall to the ground. The second and third Homunculus charges in next, and attacks Satou simultaneously from his left and right. Satou moves further behind, while parrying all the attacks by the homunculus, one which wields a large double axe, and the other with a long spear. Dodging their attacks simultaneously, while moving further behind, Satou grabs onto the opponent’s opening, from an untimed attack, and dashes in to the second homunculus holding on the spear, keeping his close distance, he fights in close combat, and punches her in her gut, causing her pain, and she fell down. Trying to cover up for her teammate, the third homunculus which is at her wits end, closes the gap between Satou and herself. She tries to force Satou away from the unguarded duo which are on the ground, but to no avail. She gets weakened devastatingly. The homunculus then regained there strength, and now, all 5 of them collaborated in an attack against Satou.

Satou parries the attacks of the 2 homunculus, and moves further behind

Satou now uses one of his skills/ move sets and as agile as a monkey, he shows some skills of his, defending and attacking against his enemy attacks at the same time. He then kicks all the homunculus hard to the ground with his 2 legs (while he maneuvers his actions with his arms, doing a handstand). Satou then leaps back, still focused on his enemy, and the homunculus are all lying on the ground.

Now, all attention is fixed onto a homunculus which tries to stand up after Satou’s attacks. While trembling in pain, she uses her sword as a walking stick to assist herself up. Satou whom still looks unfazed, didn’t show any looks of pity in his opponent, and instead asked them all, “Why do you fight for a master who treats you like pawns?”.

Answering his question in unison, the four homunculus gets up from the ground, now seething with rage, and determination in their eyes. One of the homunculus then lets out a battle cry, and creates a ton of arrows, directed towards Satou using her magic. The attention is now directed towards Satou whom dodges all the arrows fired at him. Trying to maintain the same distance between him and his opponent, he runs to the left , trying to encircle those homunculus.

Illustration which shows Satou dodging the arrows with his quick reflexes

Working better than ever, the other homunculus continued their attack on him at the same time. Throughout this time, Satou can be seen using various skills, as well as learn new skills that benefits him through the fight. The homunculus fell one after another after an endless fight that wasn’t in their favor, and showed true loyalty to their master Zen, along with their unbreakable determination. Before the last one falls down, trying to attack Satou, she mutters, “The Master… His wish… Please make it come true…”.

Homunculus saving her last breath, asking Satou to grant her master’s last wish.

Now walking towards the Dark wizard, Zen, Satou was commended for putting up a great show for Zen himself, and he is given the Holy Sword, Gjallarhorn, as promised. Holding his sword, Satou then asks Zen what is his true purpose, and the reason for his actions. Unlike all the answers Satou has expected, he replies, “To discover a Hero who might be able to kill me.”

The holy sword handed down to Satou

Uncovering Zen’s past, Zen explained that his past life ended in the hands of unjust brutality, and god has decided to reincarnate him as an infant. Instead, he was now put into a better life, and that he encountered a companion who then became his wife. However, before he thought that things were going well, a noble who had fallen for his wife then puts him in prison, and executes him on false pretenses. When he was dead, his soul saw the heads of every last member of his family strewn about the castle’s grounds, and his wife was used up like some kind of broken doll, being thrown beside the stand, after she dies. This then led to his anger, and Zen turned the remains of his family along with many vengeful others into undead soldiers, and led them to bring down the noble’s family. After accomplishing his revenge, Zen then decides to end his life as an undead, and to rejoin his wife in the afterlife. However, due to the Gods blessing, he wasn’t able to kill himself. After trying different methods, all without succeeding, he realizes that he had become the immortal king of the night, and he was not able to go into the afterlife.

Zen then asks Satou to stop thinking much, and asks to be killed by Satou. Having a clear understanding of the situation, Satou immediately holds up the Holy Sword in his hands, and understands his duty. Zen asks Satou to strike him down before he turns into a Demon Lord in spirit as well. Taking the sword out from its shaft, the sword turns into an immense blue, and emits a glorious and calming aura. Satou then steps forward, pointing the holy sword at Zen, who shows no signs of doubt in his actions. Zen embraces Satou’s attack, and in his last words, he mutters, “You have my gratitude”, before he laughs and asks gods to be reunited with his family again. He vanishes into thin air without a trace, and the ring from his finger drops down, rolling onto Satou’s feet.

Satou understands the weight of his duty, and draws his blade.

Before we thought that things ended, a pinky childish aura comes out from Zen’s cape, on the floor, and the pink aura laughed with glee, saying, “What a failure, before bidding goodbye to Satou with its evil laughter.”

Mia who is still unconscious gets awakened by Satou, along with a Self destruct message, coming from the core Crystal in the cradle, saying that the cradle is going to crumble, and thus asks of all staff and trainees to evacuate immediately. Satou quickly analyses the situation he is in, and thinks of possible ways to keep Mia, himself and all the other homunculus that are still unconscious on the floor safe. He carries Mia to the other homunculus who are on the floor, and uses magic to warp them out of the cradle. He then runs down the stairs towards the other homunculus which he knocks out earlier, on the 100th floor, trying to save her as well. He speeds up his movement, and runs down the stairs with the other homunculus in his hands. Making a quick and short conversation with the Dryad Satou encounters earlier, Satou asks the dryad to teleport herself, along with the other two out of the Cradle. The Dryad fully understands Satou’s words, and asks if he has any kind of seed which he could spare, in order to conduct the magic summoning. She also asks for 3 times more MP from Satou. Satou then recalls the gift he received earlier, nuts and berries, from the beast humans, and passes them to the Dryad, acknowledging her request. The dryad then eats the whole sack of nuts and berries, kisses Satou for his MP, and they are now all teleported to a nearby hollow tree stub, outside the cradle.

The cradle crumbles down, causing huge vibrations from the ground around them, and the after impacts were worse compared to the cradle self-destruct sequence. All the matter from the cradle now turns magically back to a tidal wave of salt, washing up everything in its path. Satou who was now caught off guard, now runs as fast as he can with the homunculus on his back away to safety. While doing so, Satou tries to think of different ways to stop the waves from reaching him. He recaps from the camp earlier where Arisa told him that water becomes 1000 times bigger when it turns into steam, and decides to use the steam he creates as a wall to hinder the movement of the waves. Now, Satou can be seen using one of his skills, “water striding”, running across the surface of the water, as quickly as he can. While doing so, he fires multiple fire balls at the water behind him, hoping to deter the wave from coming towards him. He gains the titles, master of hellfire, pyromancer and survivor.

Satou dashes across the water while shooting fireballs trying to stop the wave.

Finally escaping the disaster, Satou places the homunculus lady on the ground, and admires the view from a cliff, seeing the cradle crumble down. Satou and the others were finally reunited, and the atmosphere turned into an emotional one. Tama and Pochi welcomes the master back, and Liza runs, hugging Satou, in tears of joy. Satou apologizes for worrying them all, and sees Arisa with tears in her eyes. He then recalls what Zen said to him, telling him to have Arisa to show restraint in using the god given power that she wields. Now, Arisa breaks out in tears, followed by Tama and Pochi who were holding their tears in all along.

The manager Yusaratoya, and Mia now walks towards Satou and the others, welcoming Satou back, and Satou just tells him that all was over, and they immediately understood. Now, Mia steps forward, officially thanking Satou for what he did, and gave him an official introduction to whom she was. Mia says that she is the youngest elf in the Bolenan Forest, and she was also the daughter of Lamisauya and Lilinatoa, named Misanaria Bolenan (Mia for short). She then kisses Satou on his forehead, and thanks him again.

The sad atmosphere now turned into a calming one, and the heavy clouds were lifted from the sky. The homunculus who were all very grateful of Satou, sparing their lives as enemies, and rescuing the other homunculus who was at level 100 of the tower. They asked about their previous Master Zen, and upon learning that he passed on, they now decided to pledge their loyalty to Satou, calling him master. The homunculus then had a funny game of rock paper scissors to determine who follows the Satou, and the others that will deliver the ring to the grave of Zen’s wife. Satou welcomes the single homunculus to his party, and asks if he could give a name to her. Agreeing to that, Satou names the Homunculus Nana. Arisa now looks annoyed and paranoid, knowing that Satou has more and more female slaves working for him.

Walking back to the city, and stopping outside the city gates for checks, Satou meets Zena, who rushes into the guard house. She looks worried and panicky, and asks if Satou is all right? Before Satou could finish his statement saying that he was fine, Zena breaks down in tears. Zena then explained how worried she was when hearing that Satou was taken, and how overwhelmed she was trying to search for Satou herself. However, not knowing where to begin, she was as helpless as a child. She then apologizes to Satou for crying out like a child, and Satou just explained to her what happened, apologizing for worrying her like that. Satou suddenly remembers that he has a gift for Zena, before they were interrupted by the flying ants the other day, and proceeds to take out the earing that he bought the other day for Zena. Satou then tells Zena that he is tasked to transport an elf, Mia, back to her kingdom, and therefore would leave the city for a few days. The atmosphere in the room was now filled with worries from Zena, and Satou is grateful for that. He promises Zena that he would come back to this kingdom once he was done, and they both shook pinky fingers with each other.

Zena looking down, knowing that she has to bid Satou goodbye again

Before leaving on his journey, he converses with most of the others from the city. They told him that it was a very long journey, and to be careful of other territories that might be crawling with bandits. Liza told Satou that his cargo was prepared, and Yusaratoya bids goodbyes with Satou and his other slaves. Outside the city gates, Zena rides a horse, catching up with Satou and his team. Zena was now wearing those earrings Satou gave her, and Satou alights the carriage talking to Zena for the last time before bidding their goodbyes. Zena then tells Satou that currently she has to stay in the city, however, she intends to join Satou and his party after getting approval from her brothter who will be the next head of the family. She wants to join Satou’s party as soon as possible, next Spring, and thereby asks Satou to wait for her. Bidding their final goodbyes, Zena cries, while waving at Satou from afar. Satou now feeling forlorn is funnily assured by him and his team, who are now fighting for his attention like ladies.

The episode then ends with a dark environment atmosphere, and a voice can now be heard. “Don’t forget… we’ll always be together”

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