Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku (Episode 1)

The scene starts with Suzuki-san rushing in a train before departure. Suzuki-san is a middle aged man at his 29, he is single, and he works at a Game development company as a programmer.

The next few scenes shows Suzuki-san loyalty to his company, despite how poorly he is treated. He is kind and friendly in nature, with an excellent attitude when at work. However, due to this, he is always being made used of. Despite completing his work/ tasks early, he wasn’t able to take breaks, let alone bathing and sleeping. The scene then further describes how he has not bathed for 3 days, and how he has not slept for 30 hours. He works for a “black company” and is now solving major in-game bugs.

After solving those hard to fix bugs, along with many other issues, Suzuki-san finally has a peace of mind, and looks that are unrivaled to a slave that was worked to the bone. He has dark circles around his eyes due to the lack of sleep, along with a monotonous and draggy voice. The next scene then shows his peaceful sleep on the floor below his office table.

The next scene shows Satoo (game name used by Suzuki-san when he is test running games) waking up on a red sanded rocky mountain cliff. He finds himself stuck in another world/Isekai which he thought was a dream at first, however, as time went on he even slept and woke up in this Isekai world. He also experienced pain which was too realistic to be fake.

Satoo tries to log himself out of the game, however due to system faults, he is stuck in a terrible situation, where he is attacked by a horde of lizardman via arrows. (Very ancient). To escape from trouble, he uses the mythical items that was in his inventory. (3 magical spells of meteor showers which obliterated everything around him)

Because of that, our main character Satoo has maxed-out his “game character” in every way possible. He also has large amounts of items from the lizardman he obliterated previously, along with a huge amount of money.

He further explores around the place and levels up his fighting skills along the way using the skill points he already has, before reaching the outskirts of an RPG like city. The scene further changes as Satoo throws a rock at a Wyvern, piercing it’s wings. This led the Wyvern to fly away from him, and towards an army on patrol. The army was made up of warriors, archers and magicians, and they cooked up a storm when fighting against the Wyvern.

The Wyvern is now seriously injured, and it takes a strategic retreat, flying away from the army. The Army commander then commands one of his mages, “Zena” to stop the Wyvern/kill it. Zena chants her magical spell on the Wyvern. However, the back blast from her spell also led to her being thrown up into the air, and falling down at dangerous speeds. The other mages tried to cushion her fall with spells, but to no avail.

The episode ends when our male protagonist, Satoo. Jumps off from a cliff he was on, successfully catching Zena in his arms.

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