No Game No Life might finally be getting another season

No Game No Life is getting a rebroadcast in Japan, announced by @ngnl_anime on twitter on the 25th of June.

Original Japanese Tweet
Tweet translated to English
Dates of rebroadcast

Rebroadcasting older animes is a great way to bring more attention to the franchaise. The NGNL franchaise is around 8 years old with no second season. It was a great series, but few may have forgotten about this gem in the sea of many other great anime titles over the years.

Rebroadcasting NGNL is a great way to bring many people’s interest back to the franchaise before announcing the next season. On a similar note, a while before 「The Devil is a Part-timer」 received a second season, it was also rebroadcasted. Therefore, the likelihood of a second NGNL season seems higher than ever.

Disclaimer: While there is hope that No Game No Life may get a second season, this article neither confirms nor denies a future No Game No Life season.

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