One Punch Man (Episode 1)

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We are starting to review another Anime/ the popular One Punch Man. This review will review Episode 1, season 1 showing us the humble beginnings of One Punch Man. Enjoy!

The anime first starts with a peaceful atmosphere, showing us a clear blue sky, along with the shades of the trees. Birds can be heard chirping. Now, the scene transitions with the sounds of fast moving shadows, and the heavy atmosphere in a city. The city buildings, trains and streets are bustling with people and cars, showing us a peaceful day.

Suddenly, there are explosions seen at the far background of the city, and the whole city is devoured by an orange light from the source of the explosion. There are puffs of black smoke in the sky, and the atmosphere suddenly turned panicky. People started running away from the explosion hurriedly, and many others are looking at the explosion zone from far. Most of them have eyes filled with fear in them. Now, another shockwave came from the explosion zone, and the ground started trembling. Many started to lose their balance, and the heat waves con be seen radiating from the ground. With this, the anime transitions into a weird looking human/ monster, with eyes of malice.

The monster then leaps into the air, taking flight. He wastes no time, and created plasma like orbs, and started firing them at the city causing mayhem, and buildings to be destroyed. In as dark room, with high technology equipment and computers, staff/ military personnel started deploying hero members immediately to the scene. It was very clear that they were prepared for this disaster to happen, and immediately started providing counter measures for what seemed to be an act of villainy from a monster. They analyzed the threat levels of the situation, along with nearby heroes that could come to the aid of the situation.

A newscaster nearby, who knows no fear, starts a news report about the nearby area, and starts amplifying the damage left by the monster. Behind were people in the cities running away as fast as they can. This the transitions to a television screen/ channel that a bald headed man is watching. The bald headed man watches the live broadcast, and learns that City A is under attack. The television channel then starts to darken, losing it’s connection with the world. The bald head man then mutters the words, “Guess I’ll go”. Echoing footsteps can be heard, and the bald headed man wearing a cape walks into the light. He then strikes a cool looking pose, flipping his cape like a hero.

There you go, our main protagonist standing in the light.

The hero, dashes at the speed of light, saving a girl from eminent danger. She was crying for her parents, and before the evil monster could crush her in his hands, the hero grabs her, and puts her away on the ground. The monster introduces himself as the vaccine man, and reasons his actions for destroying the city. He asks the hero who he is, only to be replied, “I’m just a hero for fun.” This angers him, and he transforms into a hell of a monster. Threatening our hero. Our hero hasn’t said a single word, and stands there, unmoved by the monster. He punches the monster, only to take him out in one punch, ending the threat in the most anti-climatic ways possible. He blames himself for only ending the fight with one punch, and is very sad he didn’t get to have a proper fight that could satisfy him.

Hero finishes the fight in just a punch.

After the anime opening, what a great opening. The scene redirects us to 3 years ago. A man wearing a business suit with unfazed eyes, looks at a monster. The monster has a top of a mecha-crab, and has pincers for his arms and hands. His eyes are that like a crab, and his legs are of a human. The man, uninterested by the monster, then takes a sigh, and communicates with the monster like a normal human. He says that he is not an ordinary business man, but just a man that is unemployed, thereby looking for a job. He then says how he got rejected in an interview again today, and couldn’t care about anything around him. The crab man then lets him go, seeing his lifeless eyes that are also similar to his in some ways. The crab man then states that he is also going to hunt a different prey/ a big chinned brat (he calls it that way). The man then walks in opposite directions away from the monster. On the way home, at the playground, the man met a child who has an exceptional big chin, almost comically funny. He then recalls about what the crab man told him, and fears for the safety of the child. He has shivers down his spine thinking that the crab man’s target was a child.

He then asks the kid if he has messed with a big crab monster earlier, only to hear from him that he did draw 2 nipples on the big crab monster for fun. The business man had a bad premonition as to what was going to happen, and started to think what he should do. He considers the option of walking away, given how ugly the child was, and thinks that it was none of his business. He walks away, only to come back to save the child from being attacked. The crab man almost killed the child. The business man regrets his actions, and blames himself for being over considerate for the child. He then realizes that it was too late to turn back now, and that he had no choice but to fight with the crab monster, buying some time for the kid to run away. He instructs the kid to run far away, and not to worry about him.

The crab man then engaged a verbal war with the man, asking the man to step aside, giving him a last chance to live. It was only greeted with the man’s laughter, filled with mixed emotions. He then says how the crab man looks like the villain from an anime that he used to watch, before he gets to finish his statement, he is sent flying several meters away, landing into a nearby garbage chute. The child looks at him, and realizes the eminent danger posed to him. He takes a look at the monster, who now prepares to take a swing on him. The monster then says, “Die” and the child crawls helplessly away. All attention is then directed at the man, who now starts to throw stones at the monster, trying to defend the child from the eminent danger. The man who is now bleeding says, “In this age of declining birth rates, I can’t just let you kill a kid.” He continues saying that since young he wanted to be a hero, and not an ordinary office man. He grits his teeth, tosses his jacket aside, and wraps his clenched fist with the tie he is wearing. He immediately says, “he wants to be a hero to send rotten villains like him flying with just one punch. Screw looking for a job, Bring it on!” The crab man, who is now pissed that the man punches him with full force, accepting his challenge, and beating sense into him, making him bleed profusely. Before the villain can attack the man again, he dodges his attack, and climbs on top of his arm, and jumps to where his eyes are. He then uses the tie that is on his arm, and pulls crab man’s eyes away from it’s head. His eye then reaps apart, and crab man bleeds profusely through his eyes. The ugly child just stands there the whole time, in awe.

The man pants heavily standing beside the corpse of the crab man. Now the scene transitions back to the hero from earlier, holding onto a packet of crab pincers packaged nicely in a departmental store. He recalls how he trained so hard since that they, till he has now became bald. He also states how powerful he has become till no one could beat him. He says that he has already became the hero he has dreamed of becoming. On this train of thought, he wonders why does his heart feel so empty despite how accomplished he was, and proceeds to buy the crab pincers at the cashier. The ground then starts rumbling below him, and the lights of the store flickers crazily till it went off. One Punch Man/ hero still unaffected proceed to count the coins that are in his coin pouch, to make a payment. When he looks up, the cashier is long gone, and he is alone by himself in a dark lit store. A giant villain crushes the store, and destroys everything in it’s way, leaving a footprint, stepping on multiple areas at once.

Destroying the city with just its footprint.

Stepping out of the destroyed store, and looking up, One Punch Man sees the big giant walking through the city. At the giant’s right shoulder is a normal sized human, dressed up as a scientist. He right hand holds onto a test tube, and his brother is the giant. He looks contented that his brother is destroying the city, and thinks that it was too wonderful. The close up shot of the test tube was featured, and his brother says,”I never thought it would work so well.” His giant brother agrees, recalling his past where he remembers of how hard he trains to be the strongest man in the world back when he was still a human. He lifts weights, and has an ambitious gym routine. At the same time, his brother who is a made scientist has just completed the ultimate steroid, “Biceps King”, for his brother. He presents the steroid to his brother, who then drinks it down, and mutates into a giant right before his brothers’ eyes.

The scientist brother who is standing at the shoulders of the giant then laughs loudly at the destruction of the city caused, and how they have succeeded to combine the greatest mind with the strongest body. He ambitions to conquer everything on earth, and to rule as kings. The giant then waves his arms towards the buildings in front of him, producing a strong air wave, and destroying the whole of the city, in an instant. While that was going on, the cities nearby has already sounded its emergency evacuation warnings, ensuring that the people living in the area are safe. A helicopter flying at higher altitudes then surveys the destroyed area to see, and save the remaining survivors that are buried under the ruble.

Streets are packed with cars, trying to escape away from city D, where the giant is at, and they are informed that the giant is currently heading towards City B. The people in the city are all panicking and the atmosphere was no longer filled with fear. It was filled with silence, most of the city is already destroyed. The scene changes to show us One Punch Man that is now standing emotionless on the giant’s shoulder. He casually asks the giant how it feels like being the strongest villain, and gets interrupted by the mad scientist, asking his brother/ giant to kill the person on his shoulder. The giant being a muscle head then crush his brother which is also on his shoulder (right), leaving One Punch Man dumbfounded, and turning the atmosphere into a hilarious one.

Giant looks at his hand realizing that he has crushed the wrong person

The giant turns angry, and grabs our hero, throwing him onto the ground, and stepping on him angrily. He consecutively punches One Punch man that is lying on the ground, and keeps emphasizing the power of his brotherly love, and venting his anger of his brother’s death, on our hero, blaming his death on him. He creates a big crater in the earth’s ground, where our hero is at, and stands upright triumphantly, thinking that he won the battle. He then looks at his hand, and feels sentimental for his lost of his brother, and feels that it was useless being the strongest, as it is pretty lonely. The hero then agrees with him, flying out of the crater the giant has placed him into, and gave him a few punches. The gave him the final blow, causing him to fall, and land on City B, our hero/city destroyer hilariously just says oops.

One Punch Man punches giant

Transitioning to the next scene, One Punch Man walks out from a convience store. He ponders about how Monsters/ evils of the world still kept on appearing even after he became a hero, and thinks that he hasn’t made a significant impact to the things around him. He wasn’t disappointed about that, however the thing that bothered him more was his emotions becoming more and more distant from him, and he seems that he wasn’t able to feel the feelings of a regular human. Fear, tension, joy, anger is slowly slipping away from him as the days go by. He things that in exchange for power, he might have lost his sense of emotions. He realizes that as he only needs one punch to end any fight, he always go back home uninjured, even when he is fighting against monsters who looks powerful, he never felt as if his heart was really in the fight.

One Punch Man taking a bath.

Early in the morning, his sleep was interrupted by a monster whom destroys his house, and grabs onto our hero, throwing him out of his house. He introduces himself as the “true earthlings”, and says that he is a subterranean. As they are suffering from overpopulation below the earth’s crust they have come to the surface of the earth, trying to eradicate the humans that are living on the surface, making place for themselves to live instead. He states that this was a battle, and starts a war with him. He was surprised, at our hero’s powers, saying that there was no one that could survive their attacks, and he was the first earthling that has the powers to still stay standing. One Punch Man then says, “Same here. It’s been too long since I’ve come across such worthy opponents, Subterraneans!” He then punches him, causing the monster to explode, and his blood to spill everywhere behind him. Now, the other monsters/ Subterraneans runs towards him, and he engages them in a 1 vs ??? battle with many off them. While attacking and defending against their attacks at the same time, our hero’s eyes are re-ignited with fire, and the fight continues leaving our hero happy about, and passionate about the fight.

One Punch Man engaging a fight with the other monsters, all at once

One Punch Man gets punched, and the impact of the punch carries him away causing an explosion when he lands. The subterraneans monsters then thinks that the battle was over, only to be still surprised that our hero was still standing after the fight, and him now acknowledging the monster’s abilities. He introduces himself as a guy, who’s just a hero for fun, and emerges from the flames that are behind him. He stays standing, and says that he won’t lose any battle, leaving the monsters with no choice but to attack him, as the surface is under “his protection”. The monsters goes against our hero all at once, with all their might. Finally, at last, our hero manages to feel a wild throbbing in his heart, the rush and the tension he gets from a fight, and goes all out fighting the monsters. He enjoys the fight, and says that it has been so long since he has felt this exhilaration of a real fight. Standing above all the subterraneans’ bodies, and feeling the rain pelting down on him, he remembers the feelings he experienced when fighting monsters 3 years ago, and wants to continue fighting them, trying to look for his long lost feelings, only to be found through fighting those monsters.

One Punch Man finally finds his emotions
One Punch Man running towards the Subterranean King

The Subterranean King now appears above the surface of the ground, challenging our hero to a fight, knowing that he has killed all his “children”. On the other hand, instead of feeling afraid of the monster, our hero just rushes to the monster, hoping to get a nice fight which he always longs to have. He then jumps and towards the monster, only to realize that everything he wanted was just a dream. He hears some monsters causing a ruckus below his house, and jumps out of his house window with his suit on. He hammers the monster’s down, and asks them to bring on the fight, only to see them raise a white flag, and that he doesn’t get the fight that he wants.

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