One Punch Man (Episode 2)

Saitama meets with genos during a fight with a mosquito lady

Episode 2 starts off with a setting in One Punch Man’s home. The television is turned on, and the news is playing. There is however, no one in the room, and the news is talking about a massive mosquito outbreak that is going on recently. Apparently the mosquitos belong to an entirely new species, leaving even the professionals dumbfounded by the outcome. Now, our hero, One Punch Man dressed up in his home clothes, walks to his house balcony with a green watering can, and watering his plants outside. Inside, the news continues playing, and the broadcast is interrupted by disturbing news, where mummified remains of attacked farm animals have also been found near the area where the large swarm of mosquitoes are (City Z). The news then warns people to flee immediately if they were to see a large swarm of mosquitoes.

News from the television talking about the new breed of mosquitoes

Continuing to water is cactus, almost soaking it with water, a mosquito lands on our hero’s hand. He slaps it down using his powers hilariously, but to no avail. Our hero now getting annoyed continues to attack the mosquito at the speed of light.

The small mosquito goes unharmed by One Punch Man’s godly powers

The atmosphere then darkens almost immediately, and a swarm of mosquitos gathers like dark clouds in the sky. The emergency warning is then sounded, and the threat level was marked to be: Demon Level. All residents have to stay indoors, and no one is allowed to go outside under any circumstances. On the other hand, a white haired human with cyborg eyes stares at the cloud of mosquitoes with cold eyes. He wears a white singlet, with a pair of jeans, and stands openly at the top of the roof of a building. An electronic voice takes over, and says, “Acquiring Target”, and his golden yellow eyes looks deadly at the mosquito cloud. He was introduced as “The Lone Cyborg”. The scene then transitions to a man holding a metal pole, wearing a beanie, and with gloves on. He looks at the huge bag of items beside him, and smirks saying, “Thanks to that warning they’re all empty! Like someone’s gonna die from a mosquito bite. What’s losing a little blood if I get all this?” Few seconds after saying that, he gets jinxed, and a swarm of mosquitos covers him up entirely, sucking him of all his blood. He dies.

Daylight robber fears for the mosquitoes for his very life.

The blood is absorbed by a large human monster who looks a lot like a mosquito herself. She then tells the swarm of mosquitoes that that was too little blood, and asks them to look for more blood for her. She carries a huge intent of malice in her eyes, and flies in the sky with wings also like a mosquito. Continuing this scene is the cyborg who attacks the mosquito lady with a laser beam, shot from his hand. She just quickly evades his attack, and looks at him without talking. The cyborg now speaks to the mosquito lady, “I see, You make them suck the blood, then take it all for yourself. You must be controlling the mosquitoes via some sort of signal. That would explain their mysterious behavior.” He then asks if the cloud of mosquitoes would disperse if he kills her. The mosquito lady doesn’t care about him, and just says, “Our next meal is here. Go drain him dry.” The mosquitoes surround him, only to all be burnt into ashes by a blast of fire from inside out, when the cyborg just says, “Incinerate”. The cyborg then orders the female mosquito to stay where she is, for he would eliminate her. Not angered/ feeling threatened, she just stares back at him confidently, doubting his abilities, and asking him to give his abilities a try.

Mosquito lady nagging that she hasn’t has enough blood to drink

At the mean time, while the cyborg and the mosquito lady are still having a fight, One Punch Man is still trying to kill a single mosquito, and he gets very annoyed. When exchanging blows with each other, the mosquito lady manages to chop of one of the cyborg’s arms and the cyborg returns the favor, cutting off both the legs of the female mosquito lady. The mosquito lady gets more annoyed and angered as time passes, and flies higher into the sky, re-evaluating her options/ courses of actions she should take before the cyborg hero really gets her for good. Now, a larger wave of mosquitoes gathers around her, and giving/feeding her with more blood which have been drained from animals and wildlife that are in the forest, and the mosquito lady gets stronger.

The evolved mosquito lady which is red in color, boasting her purple hair

Before the cyborg could make a move to shoot at the mosquito lady, he was interrupted by our main protagonist, One Punch Man dashing iconically to the middle of the road. The holds onto a cannister of insect repellent and sprays at the mosquito from previously. He meets up with the cyborg who is in the street, and realizes the larger swarm of mosquitoes that are above him, gathered into a cloud. He looks hilariously devastated, not showing any signs of fear.

Saitama’s scared reaction

The cyborg asks him to evacuate immediately, so that he wouldn’t be hurt by the fight/ the mosquitoes. Our main hero, One Punch Man then says: “Seriously? That’s bad. I gotta get–“. Catching the cyborg off guard, the mosquito lady starts attacking the cyborg from behind, this time with much force and power, which shook the buildings, and the mosquitoes were spread all around the buildings, causing them to fall, and covering the cyborg, and our main protagonist up in mosquitoes, filling them up with darkness. Showing us the talents of the cyborg himself, he blasted all the mosquitoes away once again, this time with a larger and bigger explosion, causing the mosquitoes around the area to all be taken out by a large fire, which spreads around the city’s buildings, causing even greater damage to the city. Standing upright, with his clothes still intact, the cyborg then points his arm towards the lady mosquito, amidst the smoke and the dark buildings around him caused by the explosion previously. He mocks the lady mosquito for having low intelligence, unlike his expectations. He told the mosquito lady that she brought the mosquitoes together into one big, easy to burn swarm, and trash talks to the mosquito lady, making her furious, and dead set on killing the cyborg.

The cyborg’s blast which eliminated all the mosquitoes.

The cyborg then states that he made sure that there was nobody within 500meters of his blast, and before he could finish his statement, he recalls that there was a guy/ One Punch Man which was behind him just now. With his shirt all burnt up, and fully naked, our hero then thanks/ interrupts the cyborg’s train of thoughts, making the cyborg to disbelief. One Punch Man who was at the center of his blast didn’t get injured in any way, and was still standing and talking to him, and even telling him a joke about bugs.

Before they could learn more about each other, the mosquito lady returns and fills the air back with her evil aura and laughter. She then states how she is much stronger, and no longer needs the other mosquitoes, demonstrating how she quickly and easily cuts the building with a flick of her wrist. She asks the cyborg to take a look at how strong she has become, before she regains her rage, directing her gaze back at the cyborg, now focusing and attacking him.

Rendering the cyborg powerless with her new found power/ hyper-speed, the mosquito lady darts quickly behind the cyborg, attacking from all directions with ease. The cyborg then retreats away from the mosquito lady, flying high into the sky, before the mosquito easily catches up with him, and sends him with multiple blows, straight back down towards the ground. Before the Mosquito lady could land her final blow on the cyborg/ the cyborg deciding that he should self-destruct, our main hero, One Punch Man slaps the mosquito lady towards a wall, with speeds that are of the charts, and ending the fight with a single blow of his. The cyborg was shocked speechless with his attack, and has jaws dropped witnessing his powers. One Punch Man just stood there, saying: “Mosquitos…suck!”, again away from harms reach.

The cyborg attempts self destruct, so that the monster will also be caught in the blast
Hardest bitch slap of all time

Collapsing on the ground, the cyborg then asks One Punch Man for his name, and asks him if he could be Saitama’s/ One Punch Man’s disciple. Saitama agrees, and walks away, not expecting anything much.

The bitch slap which split the clouds

Taking a deep breath, the cyborg stands outside the residence of Saitama’s and calls out Sensei. He greeted by Saitama who looks frustrated at the door, hoping that he wouldn’t turn up. The cyborg introduces himself as Genos. Saitama asks Genos to stop calling him his Sensei, and gets called master, hilariously which Saitama also told him not to call him that as well.

Saitama’s annoyed look of frustration

Inviting Genos into his apartment, he treats Genos a cup of traditional Matcha-green tea, telling him that he should go back home after finishing the tea, as he is not looking for any disciples. Saitama then looks at Genos, and asks him how he manages to get back into shape from before. Learning that Genos is a cyborg, and that most of his parts are mechanical, and easy to replace, Saitama thinks that Genos is an odd human. Genos then hilariously asks what parts does his Master use, only to be responded that he is a human. Genos who is still in disbelief then asks him what about the skin-colored armor on his head, learning that Saitama’s bald even at a young age, angering Saitama with one of his biggest insecurities.

Saitama’s reaction when someone comments of his bald head

Back at what looks like an evil villain’s hideout/ laboratory, a frail and skinny looking man sits back alone in the darkness, in his room. His room is partially illuminated by the brightness of the computer hologram screen, and he is talking about how the Mosquito girl is just a prototype, and that it is fine that she gets defeated by a single hit. He learns of that the hero/ One Punch Man, is the one that defeated the Mosquito lady, along with a picture of him naked in the streets. He then answers the phone call on his desk stop saying that he would study the hero’s physiology, even if it means that they have to subdue him by force. He asks the person in the computer to send a messenger to invite him to the laboratory/ their “House of Evolution”.

Transitioning the scene back to Saitama’s residence, Genos asks Saitama how to be as strong as he is, and Saitama agrees to take him in as a student, saying that his training wouldn’t be easy/ not mere talk. Before Genos could learn more about Saitama sensei, he moves towards the apartment hallway at fast speeds, stating that he had detected an object approaching towards them at high speeds. Genos early warning is correct, and it was followed by a crash on top of Saitama’s house/ ceiling. This time around, it is a giant praying mantis monster that Saitama’s punch killed, for destroying his house’s ceiling, and the other 2 more monsters that were observing Saitama’s residence outside are hammered into the ground also by him. Genos wanted to show off his skills, only to get the spotlight taken from him by Saitama Sensei. Not before long, 2 other monsters, that looked more powerful attacks Genos and Saitama, saying that they are the best amongst the other House of Evolution’s other beast, and they too get beaten to a pulp. Armored Gorilla(Monster) takes on Genos, and the Beast King/ Lion takes on Saitama.

Save your breath for the fight ahead mate…

Saitama hilariously asked the Beast King to hold on to his grand introduction, saying that he has dirt caught between his belt and his shirt, and after a few seconds later of dusting his belt, the Beast King flexes his muscles and grits his teeth. Fumes can be seen emerging from the gaps between his sharp teeth, and his eyes glows a malicious bright red in color. He continuously slashes Saitama, only to realize that Saitama greatly outpowers himself, only when he dies, after One Punch from Saitama. Saitama then proceeds on to take out the smaller and annoying monsters that are around the area, assisting the beast.

Saitama’s: Consecutive Normal Punches
Saitama taunts the mole which is burrows underground, saying that it can’t hide.

On the other end of Genos’s fight, he manages to subdue the Armored gorilla, striping him of his armor, and making him confess who was the one that sent him here. He states that he is extremely sorry, very hilariously, in fear that he would be killed. He asks to be spared.

Armored Gorilla fears for his life.

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