One Punch Man (Episode 3)

It has been a long time since I last posted, my apologies. It has been a long 2 weeks for me, and a tremendously busy schedule has almost filled up all my hours. Let’s not waste any time, and look at the third episode of One Punch Man!!!

The Anime starts of with an introduction of a villainy scientist, along with how his humble origins. We learn that due to him becoming disillusioned with the world, and turned into weird thoughts/ ideas regarding evolution of humans. The scientist dream?: “We should not be striving to advance human civilization, but rather the artificial evolution of humans as a species.” His dream was pushed away by the masses despite his hard work, which made him dedicate himself to research, and only after reaching the age of 70, his efforts had began to yield results. He then used the findings to his own benefits. Firstly, he regained his youth. Next, he began cloning himself, and together with his clones, he named his laboratory the ” House of Evolution”. He then started to conduct countless experiments with animals to create new species, and it was not before long when he then used human subjects in his own evil experiments.

Now we are cut back into the present time where the monster, Armored Gorilla is being life threatened by Saitama and Genos-sama. With Saitama’s “no time to waste/ doesn’t like to listen to long stories”, the armored gorilla is asked to cut the story short to 20 words and below.đŸ€Ł

Back to the present world, Saitama learns that this evil villian is very interested in his powerful body, and therefore plans to use his body (overpowered human being) to conduct research on evolution. In order to obtain his body, he sent armored gorilla to “capture” him.

Genos then suggested to attack the house of evolution, not allowing the scientist to try any new moves on them. Saitama then started brisk walking away, and tells genos that he could only do attack them as soon as possible today, as there is a sale going on tomorrow, and therefore he wouldn’t be able to attack them the next day. The armored gorilla still sits tight on the ground, watching them leave, before he uses an antenna on his head to warn the doctor that Saitama, along with Genos is heading his way. Genos then pops back, looking at him with stern eyes, asking the armored gorilla if there are any other cyborgs in the house of evolution, and whether or not they had a history of destroying towns in the past. (Should be pertaining to something encountered before/ he has eyes of revenge.)

Genos gets sensitive as he asks armored gorilla a question

The scene changes to the control center in the “House of Evolution” the evil scientist along with his clones are now discussing on the counter forces to stop/ deter Saitama and his disciple, Genos from attacking their laboratory. They made an analysis on their remaining elite forces (all wiped out), and the mad scientist states that they have no choice but to let out their trump card/ Carnage Kabuto. The atmosphere in the laboratory turns into a chaotic mess, with all the other scientist’s voicing their fears/ bad feelings about the matter at hand.

Saitama and Genos runs to the evil hideout as quick as they could, and they stood at the bottom floor of a run down building, situated nicely beside some rocky mountains. Before Saitama could finish counting the total number of levels in the building, his disciple wastes no time and immediately annihilates the building with one massive fire shot, bringing the building down in crumbles.


At the bottom of the building, there is something that looks like a metal bunker, and Saitama sensei easily rips the metal lid open slowly. In the basement, there is pin-drop silence, followed by the screams of a man in agony. His screams are amplified by the long and silent corridor, which looks as if there is no end in the passageway. The corridor is well lit, but the walls are all reinforced steel, which made the corridor appear dark despite the lighting.

The new monster is introduced. Carnage Kabuto, emits a dangerous aura around him despite being all chained up. He continues to kill one of the mad scientist’s clones. On the ground, multiple blood stains, along with torn clothes can be seen on the floor. (Probably from killing previous clones.) This time round, Carnage Kabuto meets up with the real mad scientist, and the scientist pleads him to help him to capture Saitama who is making their way into the facility. He then pleads him to capture Saitama, either died or alive, and states that only he could defeat him.

Carnage Kabuto grabbing firmly onto the mad scientist, and runs towards Saitama and Genos.

Genos senses the two living being that are approaching them, and asks Saitama to prepare himself. However, before Genos could react to Carnage Kabuto, he is crushed to the wall by his sheer speed, and the monster challenges Saitama to a fight in their combat experiment room. The monster states that he is the strongest monster in the whole of the house of evolution, and that since the fight is against Saitama, Genos wasn’t needed.

In the combat experiment room, before the fight could start, Genos steps into the arena shooting a blast of fire at Carnage Kabuto. Carnage Kabuto unharmed, just simply asks, “oh, you are still alive”, before outpowering Genos to another fight, rendering Genos with a curly like hair and a broken face, unable to fight.

Without wasting any further time, all the attention goes back to Saitama and the monster. Saitama feels motivated off his potential opponent whom might give him a great fight. The evil scientist looks at the battle between Carnage Kabuto and Saitama from the distance away, before the beginning of their fight, he expects Saitama either to lose, or to barely win with his current strength enabling him to cling on to the strand of his life. He stands away from any danger, looking at both of them with great anticipation with his eyes.

Carnage Kabuto runs on the walls of the room, and starts with attacking Saitama from behind him. However, before he cold land a blow on him, he immediately feels a chill run down his spine, and backs off, flying far into the corner with fear in his eyes. Saitama casually asks him what is he doing, and both the scientist and Genos were speechless. The scene shows us the inner-dialogs of Carnage Kabuto, where he realizes that although “He’s leaving himself wide open, yet all my instincts are screaming, sending out danger signals!” Carnage Kabuto immediately takes a deep breath in, and asks with a loud voice, “How the hell did you get that strong?!”

Saitama’s meme look

The facial expressions of Saitama then changed, (looks very serious), he also asks Genos to listen up, as he would reveal his secret for becoming this strong. With the atmosphere in the air becoming tense, and heavy, Saitama immediately changed the atmosphere with the most ridiculous answer of all, “One hundred push-ups! One hundred sit-ups! One hundred squats! Then a ten kilometer run. Every single day, eat three meals a day, a banana in the morning, and never to use the A/C or heater in the summer or the winter, so that one can also strengthen the mind.” He then states that after doing it for a year and a half, he immediately realized that he became bald, and had become stronger. He mentions that one must train like hell to the point where his hair falls out, to then become strong.

Carnage Kabuto gets angry from Saitama’s remark and turns into a different monster

When Carnage Kabuto becomes the different monster, he then gains an increasing amount of speed, an states that when he gets into Carnage mode, he would lose control for a whole week, and would also be more hungry for killing. He then says that after killing him, he would go into town and rampage until the next Saturday! This makes Saitama realized that he messed up his dates, and realized that today was a Saturday. He had missed the “Bargain day at the supermarket!!” This makes him angry and sad at the same time, and lands a punch on Carnage Kabuto, ending the fight in one hit.

Carnage Kabuto punches Saitama in all directions, not leaving Saitama with a scrath
Saitama not doing anything, and ending the fight with one punch (meme face)

The scientist just stands at the side of the room with broken, and tilted glasses, and he can’t believe his eyes. Genos immediately tells Saitama that he would be able to still make it to the supermarket, for if he hurries there, as the place is only four hours away. Learning about this, Saitama gets up on his feet, and wastes no time on the scientist. He doesn’t apprehend the scientist, and just punched through layers of the walls, leaving a straight path to the outside world.

Saitama’s overwhelming power

The scientist stands at the sight of the mess, and the “Great sale pamphlet” which Genos gave him. He immediately says that he is done with evolution, and that he needs to change his ways.

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