One Punch Man (Episode 4)

Saitama's face in a dark room, annoyed

It’s been a long time since I posted the One Punch Man Anime series. Let’s us look at episode 4, a continuation from our previous post. (p.s. if you missed episode 3, you may view it here.)

The 4th episode starts with an angry civilian making a rebuttal/ voicing out his strong opinions on the problems with the society they live in. He starts off with questioning why people are forced to work. Next, he questions why people must pay in order to eat? Stating that they are all slaves to their own work, and people don’t have true freedom in the world. The person/ Villain introduces himself as “Hammerhead”, and wants to change society. A society where people will choose whether they want to work or not.

The villains in their mecha-suits, making a bold statement out in the public.

Enraged that no one is listening to him, he decides to wreck the posh penthouse of Zeniru, to show the citizens that they are serious. He makes a funny remark, saying that high-rise apartments are symbols of inequality.

A villain appears

One of Hammerhead’s underlings says that this whole building is Zeniru’s home. With a single punch on one of the main pillars of the buildings, the whole building collapsed to the ground. Hammerhead just merely laughed, and says that it was worth risking their lives to steal are the experimental battle suits.

I wonder what would happen if One Punch man wears this suit?

With the destruction of one building, panic can be felt in the atmosphere. But, that turns into an air of humor when Hammerhead underling tells him that he is sorry, and that this is the wrong building they destroyed… …

“Bicycle guy” hero is introduced

Outside the danger zone, away from all the chaos, another hero character is introduced into the anime. A hero named “bicycle guy” helps a kid get his balloon which is stuck on the tree. Wearing a green helmet, a huge pair of sunglasses, the hero gets thanked by the boy.

Bicycle hero from one punch man.

On the other hand, our main protagonist, One Punch Man is well asleep in the comforts of his own home, and is oblivious about what is going on. He wakes up to a bad dream, and turns on the TV. Following the broadcast of the news, he learns of the identities of the criminals and their actions. Saitama can’t be bothered with them, and thinks that they are not a real threat to anyone. However, that changes when he learns that all the group members of the terrorist group have shaved their heads, and the public is warned to stay away from people with shaven heads.

Saitama in cold sweat
Fear coursing through Saitama when he learns that part of his identity of being bald headed is stolen and used for misdeeds.

Due to this, he immediately dresses up, and wants to bring down the villains. (In hopes that the public would see him as a hero, and not a villain.) He gets enraged and swears to crush themđŸ€Ł.

Outside, the unstoppable group of villains bashes through any obstacle in their way, creating chaos, deeming all forms of countermeasures useless. The bicycle hero cycles quickly to the scene, formally introduces himself as Mumen Rider, the bicyclist for justice. He puts up a fighting like stance, standing in front of the bad guys. But gets punched in the face for being weak.

Zeniru’s bodyguard: Sonic is introduced.

At the penthouse of Zeniru’s residence, Zeniru faces a difficult decision whether or not to flee from the group of villains. While his butler advised him to flee, Zeniru was afraid that his reputation might suffer when he flees. Their conversation was then interrupted by Zeniru’s hired bodyguard (only for a period of time). The bodyguard looks cool, and emits an aura of fear. With just one side step, he reaches to the door, far away (Shows how fast he is).

Sonic asks of Zeniru to think of a way to dispose the pile of dead bodies

The confrontation

Sonic sneaks up on Hammerhead, a B-Class criminal but immediately fails his ambush to Hammerhead. Remaining firm, he confronts Hammerhead and his gang, taunting them to back off, before he kills them all. A fight breaks out in Sonic’s favor, as he butchers the heads of everyone with Hammerhead. Cornered, Hammerhead takes cover, and punches the ground as hard as he can. This changes the terrain around him to his benefit. However, his effort still fails short, and fainted (fake) with a kunai knife throw from Sonic at the back. He gets he name hammerhead with how thick his skull can be, protecting himself from the kunai.

When Sonic makes a call to Zeniru, Hammerhead who was playing the dead man, runs away from the scene. He thanks the heavens for his thick skull. When running into the forest, he sees our main protagonist also at the scene, trying to catch Hammerhead too.

Genos in the laboratory

Back in the laboratory, Genos can be seen lying down with lots of wires connected into his cyborg body. Genos who was still conscious talks to the scientist, he calls “Doctor Kuseno”. Although he was in a critical condition, he continues carrying the flavors of Teacher Saitama. And how he managed to save him twice. Scientist Kuseno listens, and states Genos could/might surpass his teacher soon with latest parts (upgraded) in his body.

Back to Saitama

The fight is on. Saitama introduces himself as a person who is just a hero for fun. Thinking that Saitama is no real threat to him, he immediately punches Saitama with his battle suit. However, despite that punch which changed the environment, Saitama still stands there, disappointed by Hammerhead’s attack. He comments the battle suit was lame, and knocks out Hammerhead’s battle suit, leaving him naked and running away. (After a full on serious fight from Hammerhead).

Chill man, I’m just chilling naked here

Before Saitama decides to leave the forest for home, he gets greeted by Sonic, unaware of what is going on. Sonic deems Saitama as one of Hammerhead’s underlings, and thinks that Saitama is lying when he told him the truth. Underestimating the strength of Saitama, he approaches Saitama, trying to take him down. However, Saitama reacts very quickly to his attacks, and manages to dodge both of Sonic’s attacks.

Sonic, Saitama’s new “Rival”

Sonic couldn’t be bothered about where Hammerhead went now. He realizes the strength of Saitama, and deems him as a natural enemy to him. (For being undefeated all this time). Trying to take down Saitama, but this time more seriously, he dashes around the trees. Despite his speed, Saitama sees his smile, and says Sonic was just lying. He knows that Sonic just wanted a worthy fight to try his new moves.

Sonic dashes around Saitama, and his speed makes it look like a black ball surrounding Saitama. Our hero just reacts to Sonic, and shocks him over, ending the fight with an accidental punch to Sonic’s balls.

Sonic’s weakness: His balls

Sonic then promised to get stronger so that he could take down Saitama another day. He also states his commitment to it by saying that he would stop working, and only train. He introduces himself as “Speed-o’-Sound Sonic”, and asks Saitama for his name.

Saitama’s worries

Back at home, Saitama and genos sits over a low table in the middle of Saitama’s apartment. They are discussing about Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, and Genos volunteers to get rid of him for if he is a nuisance to Saitama. At the table, Saitama opens his heart and shares with Genos his problem: NO ONE KNOWS WHO HE IS. While stating the monsters that he defeated and many more, genos learns that Saitama is not a registered hero in the Hero Association, and helps Saitama register for the Hero test. Saitama learns that hero’s that are not registered with the association are deemed in the public eye as “Weirdoes spouting nonsense viewed with suspicion.” Saitama immediately asks of Genos if he is signed up. Genos states that he doesn’t feel the need to sign up, and told him that he hasn’t signed up.

Genos acknowledged by Saitama as his Disciple

Saitama then told Genos that he would make him his disciple if he signs up with him. Genos agrees whole heartedly. Saitama and Genos fills up the Hero Application test the next day alone, and listens to the news of the Hammerhead,”Paradisers incident” before he gets to sleep.

This episode has been a ride, and a lot of fun. As always, thanks a lot to those that have subscribed to the channel already. I am very thankful for your support. Do remember to like and share this ONE PUNCH MAN post to your friends.😎

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