One Punch Man (Episode 5)

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The episode begins with a scene in the Hero association HQ in city A. A meeting is ongoing with the executives in the room discussing the increased numbers of applicants applying for hero association. Next, the executives also surfaced Genos application due to his fame. With this, the executives decided to keep the hero application test more difficult.

Man stares down on an application form (genos application form), in a meeting room filled with higher ups
Genos application papers being surfaced (sigh… why is Saitama not there😭)

Hero test with Saitama

The day for the Hero application test arrived, and many gathered at the hall of Hero application test 6 venue. Saitama and Genos is among them of course. The next few scenes just show us how Saitama excels at every single test. Here are some funny images.

One Punch Man doing Side to Side Jumps
One Punch Man finishing a 2.4km run in seconds, looking like a devil
He is in the zone.
One Punch Man Deadlifting more than 50 tones of weights with one hand
This guy is on steroids.
Saitama/One Punch Man tested for his throwing abilities. Throws the ball out of the indoor stadium, and makes a hole in the ceiling.
When tested on how high he could jump, One Punch Man makes another hole on the ceiling of the stadium. His head is sticking out of the stadium, and his body stays within the stadium, hung by his head.
Is his head even okay?
He punched the punching machine, and breaks multiple walls as the punching machine itself is sent flying.
Heroes that took the test with One Punch Man and their priceless reactions, saying that they should go home, as they drip with cold sweat.
Yeah… They should go home.

Saitama gets a ‘S’ wait… “C”

As Genos speaks with Saitama, we learn that there are 2 segments to the hero test. A physical and a written test. Genos says that both the written and fitness tests were far too simple for him. Saitama quickly agrees before knowing that 70 marks was the passing grade. Upon receiving his results Genos immediately tells Master Saitama that he got a perfect score,100/100. Genos got in as a “S” class hero while Saitama, is placed into “S”… Wait a second, the font size is slightly different. Saitama got into “C” class, with a score of 71 marks. He scored 21/50 for the written exam, and 50/50 for the physical test. Saitama immediately said that their marks didn’t really matter, and he was glad that both of them passed the test.

Saitama holding onto his test paper while it is being analyzed by genos the cyborg, this makes him frustrated.

Saitama’s power off the charts? A potential top tier hero

An announcement calls for Genos and Saitama to proceed to lecture hall #3 as they have passed the hero test. In the meantime, a hero named Amai mask is informed via a phone call that hero Genos has become an S-Class hero. He simply approves of Genos. Back at the lecture hall, only Genos and Saitama are seated.(I believe the others didn’t managed to pass the test.) A hero showing poses like Jackie Chan stands on the podium and congratulates them both for passing the hero test. He gives a “motivational” talk, saying that they have just begun, and tells them to keep their hero status in mind (basically not to be a shame in public.) While that all happens, Saitama couldn’t really be bothered, and kept chewing on a gum. He blew a bubble so big, which covered his face.

The A class hero, asks of them to be serious about the hero association
Yessir, this is super serious
The A class hero being annoyed and feeling outcaste by Genos and Saitama for his lack of things to say.
Well, at least Genos looks serious

Annoyed at the attitude of them both, he warns them both that he has some influence over the Association as an A class hero. He threatens the duo, on their misbehavior. They will lose points, and they might be demoted (in hero rankings).

Genos sends master Saitama off, and tells him the history of how Hero Association was formed about 3 years ago. He also reminds of Saitama that he is now his disciple, before parting ways with him. Saitama realizes the trouble he got into.

One Punch Man paranoid meme face
That paranoid face is funny

Back at the Hero’s Association headquarters, the A-Class hero from previously (Biting Snake Fist), commented on the bad behavior of the 2 students he met with today.

Since they didn’t know who he was, he commented they were just amateurs. A higher-up in hero Association understands his frustration. However he points out on their exceptional abilities. Firstly, he says that Genos is already an S-Class hero that has already out classed him, and that he had more influence over him. Secondly, he states that Saitama was not an easy guy too, saying that every of the physical tests in the venue couldn’t even draw out his full power and that he got 50/50 for his physical test. Biting Snake Fist takes the warning seriously, acknowledging his position as an A-Class hero might be too insignificant to them, and that Genos and Saitama were in a league of their own. He doesn’t like the thought of it.

Biting Snake Fist challenges One Punch Man

The challenger, the same A class hero, posing like a snake, and challenging Saitama.
Saitama plunders him, leaving him unconscious on the ground.
Well, that’s to be expected… …

Genos first fight with One Punch Man

As Saitama’s new apprentice, Genos challenges Saitama to a fair fight in the middle of a rocky ravine. This is one of the most epic anime scenes and there are many reviews/ reactions out there.

An epic image of Genos flying, with explosions behind him.
Starting off the fight with a leap from a huge blast he made
Genos lightspeed kick, which saitama managed to escape.
Saitama doges most of his attacks and still looks unfazed.

Saitama realizes that Genos have new parts installed in him, making him stronger. Constantly dodging his attacks, Saitama then flies/ jump into the air. Genos makes a shot at him, while Saitama is still in mid-air, only to see Saitama dodge it easily. Saitama says, “That was close, my clothes might be burnt up again.”

Genos destroying part of the mountain due to the blast.

Feeling exhausted, but still persistent, Genos realizes that he require more speed, and blasts away the dirt on the ground around him. Saitama and Genos gets into a fight of Speed, and genos punches Saitama multiple times. But wait… Something seems amiss.

Genos sending 4 different punches at Saitama, which looks like he is, but isn't there.
Is genos dealing damage on Saitama?

Well, of course not. Genos couldn’t possibly hurt Saitama. In addition, Saitama is not even serious with his fight against his disciple yet. Genos then realizes he have always been chasing after Saitama’s after image, and he was only hitting at the rocky ravine.

He flies into the air, and does a quick scan of Saitama, seeing him to be running, away in a hilarious manner.

The real Saitama runs away from danger, at the speed of light.
Saitama decides to quit the fight.

Genos leaps into the air, and lands in front of Saitama. He activates all of his weapon units, pointing towards Saitama, and, incinerate…

Genos places his fist together, as a bunch of different weapons just appear out of his arm, and fires in a bright orange light.
Genos firing at Saitama's direction

Thinking that he won the round, he has high hopes that Saitama would now have high hopes for him. His dreams shattered, when Saitama appears behind him, and says, “I win”. He points a finger at Genos’ cheek.

A hand wearing a glove with his index finger pointing out. It pokes on Genos Chubby cheeks.

Genos with his fast reaction speed, immediately stops his firing, and tries to punch him. Saitama just dodges and lands far away from him.

Genos, triggered by One Punch Man, not taking the fight seriously, and asks of him to show no mercy to him in their fight. He wants Saitama to keep on fighting him, till he is unable to fight. Saitama immediately understands that Genos is unsatisfied with their fight, and shows his true powers to him, with no intention of killing him.

Saitama's punch in Genos' point of view. It is as if he sees a huge punch that means the death of him.

On the other hand, when One Punch Man shows his true powers, Genos could feel that he was going to die, and fears. Saitama ended the fight in a matter of seconds. Stopping his own punch just inches away from Genos’s face. A gush of air gushes around Genos, and Genos is stupefied. A gush of air appears around and behind Genos, and Genos sees Death literally.

A blast of air coming from he back of Genos' head. (Due to Saitama, stopping his punch.)
Genos in fear and shock. He stays rooted in fear on the ground.

Genos turns back behind him, and sees his nightmares. That was when he realizes that One Punch Man is in a league far above everybody, and asking him to be serious means the person’s death.

A whole valley gets destroyed, showing 2 curvatures caused by the punch.
If you guys didn’t realize, Saitama managed to blow the clouds away as well. Great detailing works right there.

Amai Mask meets with Genos

In an Udon restaurant, Genos sits and eats with Saitama. After he finishes his meal, Genos sees Amai. Amai knows of genos’ location, and meets-up with him. He wants him to know the industry expectations of him as a S-class hero. One Punch Man is now in the restaurant alone. He gets jealous of Genos for getting popular all of a sudden. On the way back home, Genos wants to excuse himself for a moment, and tells Saitama that he would be back shortly later. Genos and Saitama splits ways. The story ends with Amai mask at the balcony of his own apartment in his own robe, amazed at Genos’ ability to say that their meeting was a waste of time.

Thanks a lot for reading my post till this far. Recently I haven’t been able to post, as I am still currently a student, and I was studying for my exams. Ups to those anime producers for producing such good anime. This series was meant for us to reminisce the good anime from a long time ago. Please to see my previous post on One Punch Man here.

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