One Punch Man (Episode 6) Will he lose his job?

In this episode, One Punch Man might potentially lose his job, and he struggles to find a villain to turn in. Unaware of the certain struggles he is about to face, he pushes on as the World’s Strongest Hero. Do also check out my previous episodes if you have yet to do so.

The episode starts off with a calm and sunny morning at Saitama’s place. It has been 5 days since he debuted as a professional hero, and there are no serious incidents so far. What is troubling Saitama, is Genos taking his initiative in staying at his place. Saitama (One Punch Man) sees the seriousness in Genos eyes. However, he feels bad unable to teach Genos anything, and tries to think of some techniques or a spiritual theory.

Saitama's paranoid face (reaction)
The look when you realized you haven’t finished your graded assignment
The look on Saitama's face when he is trying to think of something
Saitama’s constipated look.

One Punch Man removed from the Hero registry?

Saitama however, only has strength training regimes which makes him stronger. He knows that it wouldn’t work on Genos who is a cyborg. Genos states, the names of C-class heroes who disregard hero activities for a week, are removed from the hero-registry list. Saitama asks Genos, seeking reconfirmation, and realized he haven’t been paying attention during the seminar. This makes Saitama nervous, and especially when there are no hero duties he could do at the moment. Genos then tells Saitama that C-class heroes often deal with small scale threats. E.g. purse snatchers, robbers and simple criminal activities. Saitama surprised, immediately changes into his hero outfit, and wants Genos to stay at home. Genos asks to follow along, and Saitama denies, saying if he is with a Class S hero, a Class C hero like him wouldn’t get any credit. Genos then rebuts, wanting to follow along as a disciple.

Saitama’s first lesson to Genos

Saitama finally thinks about it, and says, from the beginning of his journey, his intense desire to be a hero was what drove him into strength training. He wants Genos to understand that he is a cyborg, and doesn’t need to do any strength training. Saitama suggests, for him to aim higher as a hero. The casually states, Genos to change his mindset, instead of focusing too hard at trying to be more powerful. Genos is given a task to break into the top ten of the Class S heroes. However, Saitama is trying to make things up, in order to leave him to his own accord at home.

The first lesson from Saitama to Genos. Saitama is bullshitting?!?!
Saitama making things up, trying to get him off his tail

Saitama actively search for Small Scale threats

Back outside on his own, Saitama sped around town, in search for bad guys to turn in, while doing so, he ran till it was evening, but still to no avail. He wasn’t able to find any bad guys in the end. He decides to leave it to fate the next day when he will try to look for bad guys again. However, he is paranoid the next day, when there aren’t any threats, even when he is standing in the middle of city buildings and streets.

Saitama in the middle of a busy street, looking anxious and paranoid about his job being at stake.
The streets are too quiet, I’m going to lose my jobđŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

Just before he starts to search for more villains, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic came out, and greets Saitama with a Kunai. Saitama pays no regard towards him, and even forgets his name, thinking it was Jack-o’-lantern Panic. Saitama says that he is very busy, and tries to walk out of a potential fight.

A fight breaks out with Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Enraged, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic leaps in front of One Punch Man, and slashes him with a sword. However, his sword chips when One Punch Man catches the sword’s blade with his teeth, and bites it. Unaware of what’s going on, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic falls back. Later, a girl interrupts him, asking Tank Top Tiger (B-class hero) to apprehend him. Saitama misunderstands, not realizing the girl was talking about him, calling him the man who is “running around town with a creepy look on his face” yesterday. Tank Top Tiger starts laughing at Saitama saying, “Even Top 10 Class-C heroes gets recognition”. Saitama is not recognized as a hero unlike himself. Meanwhile, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic gets impatient, and bombs Tank Top Tiger from head to toe, knocking him unconscious.

Why can’t you let me find a villain?… wait… I think this counts.

When the hero Tank Top Tiger is knocked unconscious, people around him starts to panic. Saitama looks blankly, asking Sonic a reason for his actions. When asked, Speed-o’-Sonic just responds saying that he was interfering the conversation, therefore decided to place him to sleep. A chaotic aura fills the air from all the screams and cries of people, when Speed-o’-Sonic decides to wreck more havoc, to causing people to panic.

He intends to force Saitama into a fight with him, and therefore decides to do so. A boy separated away from his parents cries amid the chaos. He is unaware of a car flying towards him. Just when it was about to crash into him, Saitama stops the car. The boy, now in utter shock looks at Saitama who is complaining about why everybody keeps on interfering with his job. He still needs to look for a villain. Wait a second… Isn’t that a villain?

Boy stops crying, and looks at One Punch Man, now in shock.
One Punch Man looks up into the skies, realizing that Sonic is a villain (destroying the city), and he is doing his job.
That was when he realized, he was already doing his job

Saitama gets recognition when he turns in Speed-‘o-Sound Sonic

Saitama flies above Speed-‘o-Sound Sonic, and apprehends him for causing chaos in the city. He takes him out in one strike, hammering him onto the ground. However, One Punch Man still wonders if he is a villain, for how weak he is. Furthermore, he questions if this is “work”.

One Punch Man hammers Sonic in the ground. Sonic lays motionless on the ground in an award position. The ground around him carves a hole around him.
Speed-o’-Sound Sonic gets slammed right into the ground unconscious, and Saitama apprehends and turns him in

Back at the Hero Association HQ, the board of directors are talking about Saitama (C-class hero) who has just apprehended a man. The man Sonic, already has a criminal track record of engaging in heinous crimes including Assassinations’. Saitama finally gets his first recognition by the Association.

S-Class hero: Tornado

City Z is the most dangerous city where most villains and monsters live and that is also where Saitama lives in. A S-class hero, Tornado, bored of her work, and wants her superiors to allow her to kill some tough villains in City Z. However, the criminal activities there are at all time lows, and there isn’t much information about the place. Tornado wants to go there for fun and curiosity. However, she stops when the executives says, “S-Class heroes are not to meddle in those areas”.

An illustration of Tornado taking flight, and getting angry over some misunderstandings.
S-Class heroes all seem to be able to fly. Tornado and Genos being examples.

Ghost Town Monster (Seaweed Lady)

Minutes after the 2 A class heroes enters the Ghost town, they see a Seaweed Lady Monster and approaches her. Unaware of the imminent danger they are facing. The 2 A-Class Monsters introduced themselves as Golden ball (ranked 29), and Spring Mustacho (ranked 33) and immediately engages the monster that is lurking within the city. Golden Ball fires a shape alternating bullet at the monster, and the monster deflects it away easily. Not wasting any time, Seaweed Monster grabs him from his leg with one of her “seaweed tentacles”, and knocks Golden Ball unconscious. Spring Mustacho makes a call to the HQ for backup, secretly. After a long fight, the monster strips him of his clothes through cuts and Spring Mustacho lays motionless on the ground. He makes a remark, saying no one would be able to live here, if monsters like this are an everyday occurrence.

Spring Mustacho after fighting Seaweed monster
Still trying to grab onto his life, while Golden Boy is already knocked out unconscious

At the meantime, Saitama who is just performing his daily task of buying groceries is walking back home. He is not in his hero uniform, and just wants to go home. When attacked by the Seaweed Lady, One Punch Man says he forgot to by Konbu broth, and doesn’t fear the Monster.

One Punch Man carrying his groceries in a track suit and is attacked by Seaweed lady from all directions.
Saitama’s thinking how much Konbu could I obtain

One Punch Man cooks Konbu (Seaweed) Soup?

A pot boiling with bot water, filled with Konbu.
Is this even edible? It came from a monster’s hair.

The scene cuts to a point where Saitama is cooking Konbu soup at home. He shoves Konbu which he obtained from this lady’s hair into a pot filled with boiling hot water. Genos asks about the Konbu right outside the door, and Saitama just responded, “just happened to get it for cheap”. Making it funny when we piece the information together. Genos, then tells Saitama that there are lots of speculations about Seaweed increasing hair growth, which irritates Saitama. Genos continues quoting a website saying that Konbu encourages hair growth, making Saitama snap.

Report from the 2 hero survivors

A report from City Z is turned in. The report states, “there aren’t anything noteworthy in the downtown or residential areas.” “However, during their investigation, they met a ferocious monster (seaweed lady) in the abandoned area.” The report also states that despite being unable to exterminate the monster, they thankfully managed to escape death. Seaweed lady might still be roaming the area. The purpose of Seaweed lady to visit the area is to challenge possible powerful monsters that already exist in this area. (a.k.a. Saitama). A picture taken from an unmanned aircraft shows us the devastation caused by the powerful monster. Parts of the monster which Spring Mustachio fought are found around the area (Seaweed/Konbu).

4 A-Class heroes surveying the damage caused by a fight in City Z.
A team of A-Class heroes are investigating the fight zone.
A crescent shaped building due to the destruction of One Punch Man's punch
The destruction caused by One Punch Man when he punched Seaweed Lady

The Terrifying City?

In a secluded area near the forest and lakes, lives monsters who are also discussing about a more dangerous monster living in City Z. City Z is now classified as a place which is terrifying for both humans and Monsters.

Monsters discussing about City Z, the terrifying city.
Even monsters are scared of City Z.

Hi guys, thanks so much for coming this far. In this episode, there is a strong urge within me that just wants Saitama to be recognized as a hero. Do you feel the same too? Most Anime today have also taken this approach of OP protagonists that go unnoticed/ unrecognized. This might be one of the keys which plays apart in the hype train on Reincarnation Anime today. Let me know your thoughts down below. See you soon!

p.s. for those of you who are confused between Konbu and Seaweed, click here.

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