One Punch Man (Episode 7)

Episode 7 starts off. I wonder what will come for One Punch Man. Will he finally get recognized? Well, I doubt so, and that’s the whole appeal of this Anime series. If you guys have yet to check out on my previous episode 6, of One punch Man, go check it out here. I would also release a very special One Punch Man series, stay tuned for it!

An asteroid approaching?

A picture of the earth from outer space is taken, scientists are frantically calculating and discussing about the improbabilities. An astronaut working on electricals in the space station looks above him, when the light from the sun is completely blocked off. He sees the massive asteroid. In what looks like a space control center, people are discussing about a possible asteroid crash on Z city. World leaders are meeting up to discuss this matter too.

S – Class heroes are called in for a meeting

In the Hero Association in City Z, Genos meets another S-Class hero. He has spiky white hair, and wrinkles around his wise face. He introduces himself as Bang.

S-Class hero Bang with a wise look. He looks just like a Kung Fu Fighter.
S-Class hero, Bang is introduced.

Bang, is also known as Silver Fang, and is a Top 3 Class S hero. However, Bang and Genos are the only ones that are in the branch office, and the whole branch office looks deserted. The other S-Class heroes didn’t show up due to various reasons. Bang tells him, S-Class heroes are always called for “impossible to solve problems”, and this time around, it’s about a giant asteroid/ meteor that has changed it’s course, and is predicted to land on City Z in 35 minutes time. Bang knows there is nothing he could do, and offers Genos to escape. Genos hurries, and wastes no time talking to him.

A picture of the asteroid crashing onto City Z.
The asteroid, and its size when compared to earth.

Genos shows no signs of giving up

Genos sprints, and parkours the city’s skyscrapers with a briefcase. At the meantime, residents of City Z are told to evacuate and they are told that the meteor has a Dragon Threat level. Most of the citizens lost hope of trying to survive the impact. Genos clicks on his briefcase, and 2 metal arms flew out, making him more powerful. He intends to fight the meteor head on. Bofoi, a.k.a.; metal knight, is another S-Class hero. He flies a remote controlled humanoid, and tries to test his new weapon on the meteor. Unlike Genos he is ranked 7, and doesn’t intend to put his life at stake. Metal knight interferes with Genos whom is trying to take out the meteor by himself. Making his calculations, Genos knows the imminent threat of the Meteor and knows it is almost impossible to stop the meteor.

Metal Knight, One Punch Man (A hero that uses intense firepower to obliterate his enemies.)
Metal Knight meets with Genos at the rooftop of one of the city’s buildings.

Bang sees One Punch Man’s True strength

Before Genos could make any rash decisions, Bang immediately stops him, and asks him to think rationally. Bang wants Genos to “Muddle through reality”, saying that Genos is far too young to be afraid of failure. Genos hears that, and gets reminded of Saitama’s motivational words from before. With that, Genos takes out an energy orb, glowing blue in color, and decides to pour all of his energy into trying to take out the meteor. He wants to sacrifice his life to take out the meteor.

Sliver Fang first appearance in One Punch Man, Episode 7.
Silver Fang, gives a word of advice to Genos.
Bang gives his words of advice to Genos
Genos being motivated again, going about sacrificing his life, trying to save the people in City Z.
Genos uses all his energy into his last shot at the Meteor.

One Punch Man appears

Finally, getting some limelight is One Punch Man. He is ready, with his hero outfit, and steps into the scene asking Bang/ old man, to take care of Genos.

Bang immediately asks him for who he is. One Punch Man just states that he is a hero, before he takes off flying, leaving a crater in the building while propelled forward. Genos immediately says, “Sensei”. One Punch Man Shatters the meteor with a single punch. However, this creates smaller asteroids which crashed all over the city, and most of the buildings in City Z are destroyed.

With this, he gets the admiration of Bang, who thinks that he is the most powerful hero he has ever seen.

No Deaths!

From a television broadcast, Genos thinks that the Hero Association should have made Metal Knight team up with him, to keep the damage to the minimum. Saitama was just glad that there are no deaths in this incident. Genos agrees too, thinking that Saitama’s Punch killed the meteor’s momentum, therefore, sustaining the least damage. Saitama got a rank raise from rank 342 in C-class to rank 5. Genos also increased his ranks from Rank 17 to Rank 16 in S-Class.

One Punch Man's meme face
Saitama’s meme face when he gets a rank raise from 342 to 5. (Feel free to use this image for your meme purposes.)

We also learn the various threat levels of Monsters/ disasters. They range from Tiger (lowest threat level), Demon, Dragon, and last but not least, God (Highest threat level). Heroes would often consider the threat levels before deciding to respond or not. Genos thinks it doesn’t matter to Saitama, as he is too strong to differentiate the threat levels. Saitama doesn’t agree, and says, “of course it doesn’t matter, if the heroes run away, who’s left to help?” Genos immediately realizes his wisdom, takes a pencil, and scribbles away.

One Punch Man takes a walk, and gets humiliated

Although he manages to destroy the meteor, he gets humiliated by the people who are unappreciative of his actions. The city’s residents blames him for shattering the meteor, causing them to lose their cars and houses. People around him asks him to give up being a hero, and this hurts Saitama’s feelings. From afar, Bang watches him. He knows that Saitama saved the city, but hurts to see that Saitama is not appreciated for his actions, and is scolded instead.

One Punch Man gets forced into a duel

After trying to crush Saitama’s ego, the tank top brothers challenges Saitama to a duel, in the name of protecting the citizens from his possible outrage. Saitama simply gives Tank Top a crushing, and shouts back at everyone who is now dead silent.

Tank Top Black Hole, realizing that Saitama is strong, and regrets when One Punch Man crushes his hands.
Saitama crushes Tank Top Black Hole easily by just grabbing his hand

Taking responsibility for crushing the meteor, Saitama asks immediately for everyone’s complaint. Later, he announces that he doesn’t care about the citizens problems, and instead says that he doesn’t become a hero for admiration. He just wants to be a hero because he wants to. Genos then starts to get uncomfortable, and asks of Saitama to go home together.

One Punch Man making a statement to the public, admitting that he crushed the meteor.
Showing a tough face, being angry on the outside, which is driven by Sadness on the inside.

Genos, the best disciple

During the walk back with Master Saitama, Genos tells him how admirable he is. He says, “even if the public doesn’t appreciate you, I will still follow you.” Saitama turns away, and just smiles, saying he doesn’t need genos to butter him up.

Genos showing appreciation to his master, truly the best disciple any master could hope for.
An emotional moment from Genos to his master.

Thanks guys for reading this far into the post. In this episode, although Saitama has a new admirer, Silver Fang, the public still thinks very lowly of him. This episode in One Punch Man has many ups and downs, and it is an emotional roller coaster for me. Genos words at the end really sets the atmosphere up for the next episode, and his words are heartwarming. Do look forward to the next episode. I do wish that Saitama would earn his reputation and recognition back.

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