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World Trigger 1st Season recap (Ep. 1-10)

Since 2014, this anime series, World Trigger hasn’t aired their anime series for a very long time. After the long wait, the second season, along with the third came together, one after the other. Most anime fans might have already forgotten the storyline to the first season, unable to make sense of the second. This blog post might include potential spoilers for the anime World Trigger Season 1. For those who already watched the season, and wants a recap before pouncing on season 2, this is for you. The first season of the anime has a total of 73 total episodes, and thus I split the recap up into 10 episodes each per recap. Enjoy!

Episode 1

How nostalgic, in the first episode of this series, we see the humble beginnings of Mikumo-kun(main protagonist of the story) studying together with Chika Amatori (the girl with exceptional amount of trion) in the same class. They met up with Yuma Kuga (kid with white hair) who’s a transfer student. Yuma was suspected of working with the border for being in a school so close to the war zone. He also showed exceptional abilities, example: not hurt when hit by a car/ able to knock a bully off his seat with just a paper toss.

The bully settling their beef against Yuma and Mikumo. Fighting in a place called Forbidden zone. (A place where monsters might appear in).

In the forbidden zone, came a siren which announced the arrival of monsters from another world, through a black hole(gate). The fight between Yuma and the bullies immediately ended, with the bullies now more fearful for their lives.

The fight ended with Mikumo showing Yuma that he is in the border. Mikumo seeing how Yuma had a black trigger/special trigger, killing the powerful monster in a single hit from the top. (He also saved the bullies, a very upright and virtuous thing to do.) Conversing with Yuma, he learns more about his background, and why he came to Japan. The episode ended with Yuma saying he’s a “Neighbor”/ someone who lives in another planet/came to earth via a gate.

Episode 2

In the second episode, Mikumo doubts that Yuma is a neighbor. However, after spending time with him, he sees his violent nature. In addition, he saw Yuma got hit by a car, and how his body recovered like a monster. And thus, confirms that he is no ordinary person and believes he is a neighbor. Knowing the hard truth, he asks Yuma not to tell of anyone of his true identity (believes that Yuma is a good person at heart, doesn’t want Border to keep him captive). The bullies continued bullying Mikumo and Yuma despite being saved by them yesterday. We learn that the memories of trespassers of the forbidden zone are erased to prevent any information leaks. Although being a Border Agent is highly reputable/ considered like a hero, Mikumo doesn’t desire attention. He thus is a Border Agent in Secret.

A gate suddenly appears in his school/ never happened before. The episode ends with Mikumo being forced to use his trigger, which meant revealing his identity as a border agent. He does this to keep harm away from the students in the school.

Mikumo in his C-rank uniform (lowest rank in Border), saves the day.

Episode 3

Everywhere was chaos, and students are all running away from the monster which just appeared in school. Yuma immediately tells Mikumo that his chances of winning the fight is very slim, but Mikumo still determined ran and stopped the monster in it’s tracks. (Trying to buy time for the other students to escape.) Learning that Mikumo is in trouble, Yuma is in a dilemma. Saving Mikumo would require him to use his black trigger, and reveal that he is a neighbor. Yuma decides to believe in the faith in Mikumo’s trigger, and saves the day using Mikumo’s training trigger. (He killed 2 Monsters.)

Yuma defeating the Marmods in one strike, using a class C Trigger/ low level weapon

The students in school thinks that Mikumo’s the one that killed the monsters, and everyone praises him. Mikumo has no choice but to be on the receiving end of those praises in order to protect the identity of Yuma. Soon later, border agents (ranked A) came down to the scene. They learned what happened. Although Mikumo was known to defeat the two monsters, he has to face punishment as he is a trainee, and is not allowed to use his trigger other than training purposes.

Episode 4

The border agents that arrived to the scene checked the scene, and called the recovery team before leaving. Mikumo was lucky to be let off the hook. Now, Mikumo gains the attention of everyone in the school, and his identity of being a border agent is no longer a secret. The bullies that used to pick on him decides to let him be.

Mikumo gets acknowledged and thanked by the people he saved in the city.

After school, Mikumo was greeted by Ai Kitora, a rank 5 border agent, to be escorted back to HQ to receive his punishment. Yuma follows along with them. Along the way, a gate appears near them, and a more scary looking monster appeared. Ilgar, a rare kind of monster flies over the city and bombs the streets. Kitora faces the opponent, while Mikumo who is out of trion decides to help the people in the city. Mikumo wants Yuma to help Kitora for if she is in danger, and asks of Yuma to do it in secrecy. Yuma installs a part of his replica’s body into Yuma, giving more strength to help the people in the city. Kitora jumps on top of Ilgar, and tries to take it down.

Episode 5

Kitora takes down the Ilgar, but that also poses another problem. An Ilgar would choose to fall in the nearest location where there are most people, and would self-destruct using it’s inner Trion. Yuma uses his skill “Chain Triple”, and pulls the Ilgar down into the water before it could self destruct. Kitora gains the credit for brining down the monster. She knows that there was someone behind the scenes helping her in secret. Kitora makes friends with Mikumo. Jin (rank 1 border agent) is summoned to the meeting room in HQ. In the course of the meeting, Jin agrees to solve the mysteries behind the irregular gate openings, and wants Mikumo to be forgiven in exchange. He states that Mikumo might know the reason. He knows that via his “Side effect”.(Mikumo now under his care.) The commander agrees, and the meeting is dismissed.

Mikumo being interrogated in the meeting. He becomes a Rank B agent.

After the meeting, another border agent Shuji Miwa, ranked 7 asks Mikumo if the monster that appeared in the forbidden zone was killed by him. Mikumo says yes, and Miwa suspects that Mikumo is in touch with a neighbor, due to evidences pointing towards it. Mikumo is thus placed under close watch (in secrecy).

Episode 6

With many un-answered questions, Mikumo wasn’t able to sleep well. In the meantime, Yuma in school, (midnight), is finding out the cause of the irregular gate openings. The next morning, Jin meets up with Mikumo. He interrupts Miwa who tries to stalk them, and asks them to go back to the base. Jin and Mikumo meets up with Yuma. Jin knows that Yuma is a neighbor, and believes that Yuma is a good neighbor. He asks Yuma if he knows the cause to the gate openings. Jin also reveals that his “Side effect” is reading the future, and knows that Yuma is key to solving the gate problem.

Yuma explains, gates are opened due to “Rad”, which hides itself in parts of the city, absorbing trion from humans, opening a gate with trion. Yuma’s chaperone, Replica adds, there are thousands of them in the city. Under Jin’s command, all Border agents united to eliminate “Rad”, and it only took them a day. Yuma gets thanked from Jin, and Yuma wants Mikumo to get the credit instead.

While Chika and Yuma are waiting for Mikumo, they got to know each other, and Chika teaches Yuma how to ride a bicycle. Not long later, the monster alarm sounded, and Chika runs towards the forbidden zone trying to lead the monster away from the city. Yuma saves Chika in nick of time, while Mikumo fights the monster, killing it.

Mikumo in his Class B border agent outfit, takes out the monster.

Episode 7

Mikumo formally introduces Chika and Yuma to each other in an isolate place where there are no Border agents around. Mikumo intends to let Yuma know more about Chika, thinking that he might know the reason why so many monsters target Chika. Chika has a huge amount of Trion, shown by Replica. We then learn about Chika history, and why Osamu Mikumo doesn’t want to ask Border to help defend her.

Chika’s large amount of Trion when measured.

Border agents appeared, and saw the trigger which comes from a neighbor. They immediately shot him, and a fight broke out. While Yuma is trying to take down the 2 border agents, Mikumo calls Jin, and asks for his help. Jin simply responded that he didn’t need to help them, as Yuma would win the battle, when he looks into the future. The fight continues with Yuma being shot by a sniper positioned far away.

Episode 8

In the air, Yuma gets shot by two snipers, and loses an arm. Yuma still looks calm. As he tries to hold himself back against the 2, trying to negotiate with them. Yuma copied the opponents moves, and wins the fight. He asks to properly talk with them. They immediately learnt that Yuma has a Black Trigger (a superpower). Yuma then makes friends with the other border agents. Yuma and Chika goes to eat on their own.

While Mikumo and Jin are meeting with the higher-ups in the HQ, Jin is ordered to capture Yuma with his black Trigger, to obtain another black trigger on their own.

Episode 9

Chika and Yuma continued discovering the different foods in Japan, while waiting for Mikumo. Back in the meeting room in HQ, Jin immediately declines the order, saying that he is not his immediate superior when it comes to the chain of commands. Rindo who is Jin’s superior tells Jin to get the black trigger. But Jin could use any way he sees fit. Jin agrees, knowing that he doesn’t need to kill him. Osamu was ordered to say the name of the neighbor. Saying “Kuga Yuma”, (Kuga is like a Surname), the room begins to feel a different vibe.

The commander wants to find out if Yuma’s father is Yugo, and asks of Mikumo and Jin to ask him that. We also learn that Yugo is one of the founding fathers of Border. With this, they know that Yuma is on their side, and decides not to take actions against Yuma.

Yuma is asked to join the border by Jin.

Episode 10

Yuma decide to take a look at Tamakoma’s branch, a branch which loves, and welcomes neighbors. While Mikumo has high expectations to what “Super Agents” he might see in the tamakoma. But…

Greeted by a 5 year old riding a capybara

The laid back atmosphere is explained as it is like a base where border agents stay. As there are only about 10 people in the base, it has a homely vibe. However, Tamakoma’s Branch despite it’s small size is competent, and all the border agents in their branch are ranked A. Yuma decides to join border, and Osamu, together with Yuma and Chika got to choose the rooms that they each want to stay in. After a heart to heart talk with the head of Tamakoma’s branch leader, Yuma decides to join tamakoma as a border agent. We also learns of the history of Yuma and his relationship with Yugo/ how Yugo died.

That’s the short summary of 10 episodes, hoped that you guys liked it. Do remember to like, subscribe and comment for if you haven’t already done so. This anime is mentioned in my 1 word anime post, do check it out here.

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