Things I wish I knew when I started Genshin Impact

It has been almost nine months since Genshin Impact’s official global launch. As such, I have put together a list of things I wish I knew when I started Genshin Impact.

1) Do not rush

The game is not going to run away. There is no competition, it is supposed to be a casual game. Of 7 regions, only two are officially released, with the third coming soon.

2) Rerolling

Is rerolling important? Absolutely not. However, having one 5 star when you start Genshin definitely helps the gameplay alot.

3) Where to spend primogems?

Spend primogems mainly on banners, specifically the limited time banner. Try not to roll on the weapon banner as it is a trap. It may have guaranteed drop, but you cannot choose between the two rate up 5 star weapons. Only roll when you absolutely want a weapon, and are fine if you got either. Absolutely never spend it on resin.

4) F2P or Whale?

This honestly depends on you. Do you prefer to get stronger over a long time or quickly. If you do not like a grindy experience, you can always get the battle pass once for a lot of rewards. In addition, always remember to check Genshin Impact social media pages. They often contain give codes that you can redeem.

5) How to get stronger?

While there are many streamers giving their tips, here are some of my advices. Firstly, level character to 80. Levelling a character from level 80 to level 90 takes a lot more experience than getting them from level 1 to 80. Focus on levelling your weapons to level 90 and your artifacts to at least level 16. A low-leveled character with great weapon and artifacts will definitely outperform a high-level character with bad weapons and artifacts. Do not forget about character talents. They may seem very grindy, but levelling them to at least 8 will improve a character dramatically.
For artifacts, focus on keeping percents (%) instead of flat stats for substats (with exception of elemental mastery). Keep crit rate and crit damage, attack, energy recharge and elemental mastery, depending on the type of artifact set.
Last but not least, do not level every character from the start. You only have this many resources to spend. Levelling every character means spreading your resources thinly onto every character, meaning that they will not be as strong as if you were to focus on a few of them. However, you might need to level more characters for spiral abyss. More on that later.

6) Who should I roll for?

When you watch guides, you tend to think that you have to follow the meta. No. Big numbers do not equate to the fun of the battle. At a certain level, everything you touch will disappear. Chase only the characters whose playstyle or aesthetic you like.
But if you absolutely want to follow meta or get a strong character? Get the archons. Currently Ganyu, Hu Tao, Xiao and Tartaglia are strong dps that appear on the limited time banners.

7) Should I level up all my characters?

When you first start, you should only focus on 4 characters when levelling up. Then you would need 8 characters for spiral abyss floor 5 and above. You do not have to level every character you own. That is not advised, until you have 8 characters that are mostly levelled.

8) When should I do the World Level Ascension Domains?

In my opinion, do the domains when you feel confident. But don’t wait till you have maxed every character you normally use. You might actually be missing out on the rewards the next world level could provide from bosses. You can also team up with your friends who are stronger than you to help you!

9) Do chests respawn?

No. Don’t listen to Majestic about this one. Chests absolutely do NOT respawn.

10) Resin.

Make sure not to max your resin to the cap. Especially at mid to late game.


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