Tokyo Revengers anime characters

Naoto Tachibana in the Background, adjusting his tie, and Takemichi Hanagaki standing in the foreground

The anime Tokyo Revengers is gaining more and more popularity amongst otakus and weeboos out there. This post intends to break down the Anime characters in the anime itself, mainly the important ones, without including any spoilers for the anime. We do encourage you guys to watch the anime too, and would recommend against watching episode 0/ special premiere. Enjoy!

Main Protagonist – Takemichi Hanagaki

Abilities: Able to time travel back 12 years ago to the past

Takemichi is just an average worker, working for a dvd rental company in Japan. Given a supernatural ability, he is able to time travel 12 years into the past when a certain condition is met. With this he is can change the things around him (present) based on the outcome of the past.

The Anime mainly features his difficulties when trying to change the past, for the better of the present. As he is bad in fighting, he is compensated by his strong will power and his ability to win the hearts/ trust from others around him.

The present portrait/ side view of Main Protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki.
Present look
Takemichi portrait, but how he looks like 12 years ago. With yellow curly hair, and very punky, and gangster like.
His look 12 years ago

Sub-Protagonist – Naoto Tachibana

Abilities: Smart, Trusts Takemichi (the only person that knows his powers)

Naoto is a high ranking police officer. He is also Tachibana’s friend, both in the past, and the future. Also, Hinata Tachibana, who is Takemichi’s girlfriend is his older sister. He is the only person that truly knows of Takemichi powers, and also the one that figured out the condition needed to get Takemichi power to work. Together with Takemichi, they work hand in hand to change the outcome of the present world for the better, using Takemichi powers. He would come up with plans/ missions for Takemichi in the present, which could change their present world based on his anticipation and plans.

Naoto Tachibana portrait 12 years ago when he was still young, with big round eyes.
12 years ago
Portrait of Naoto Tachibana in the present. He has a serious look on his face, and has a confident vibe surrounding him.

Hinata Tachibana

She is the older sister of Naoto Tachibana, and is the girlfriend of Takemichi Hanagaki. Doesn’t have any abilities, and is just an ordinary school girl/ lady that loves Takemichi, and also learns Karate. Live on high morals, discipline and virtues. She will not hesitate to stand up against the wrong, and will always lend a hand to the weak. Truly the perfect waifu/ damsel in distress.

Hinata wearing a school uniform, and how she looks like 12 years ago.
12 years ago
Picture of how Hinata looks like in the present,(more ladylike) with longer hair.

Sano Manjiro/ Mikey (Leader of Tokyo Manji Gang)

Abilities: Nuclear Kick, Leadership abilities

Mikey is one of the Main characters of Tokyo revengers. He is a Brawn for Brains type of guy, that is more on the shorter, and slimmer side. However, this doesn’t stop Mikey in anything that he does, being good at fighting, Mikey would always kick his way through any trouble. Mikey has a significant status, as the Leader of Tokyo Manji Gang, and many knows not to mess around with him. However, below that the menacing aura that he gives off, he is friends with the main protagonist, and admires him. He sometimes show his childish side of his, and lets off a tantrum, which will make the story more interesting. We don’t know how Mickey looks like in the present.

Mikey's famous Nuclear kick which can take almost everyone down.
Mikey’s well known nuclear kick
This is how MIkey looks 12 years ago, as Tokyo Manji Gang head.
Mikey past 12 years ago

Ryuguji Ken/ Draken (Vice commander of Tokyo Manji Gang)

Abilities: Brawler of High endurance

Draken and Mickey are very close with each other, and he too is friends with Takemichi. He knows how to fight very well (a notch lower than Mickey in power level), and is taller and older than Mickey. He consistently takes care of Mickey on a day to day basis, and helps Mickey (like a secretary) in leading Tokyo Manji Gang. He is more mature, and despite his looks, he is caring and knows how to respect the elderly. When it comes to fighting, he does not have a cool ability to show off like Mickey, but has high endurance levels (e.g. continuing to fight even after hit by a steel pole on head).

Draken together with Mickey
Draken carrying Mickey(12 years ago)
Draken and Mikey bows down to apologize. (Draken forces Mikey to do so)
Draken forcing Mickey out of his childishness, and apologizes
Draken looks in the present, a convict of murder in jail.
Draken present (bald)

Sendo Atsushi

Sendo Atsushi is also a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. However he is not very close with Mickey and Draken. He is however, good friends with Takemichi, who is also his classmate. Although he is the member of the Tokyo Manji Gang, he seldom attends gang meetings, and almost never participates in Gang fights.

Sendo looks 12 years ago.
Past 12 years ago
Present look of Sendo (after the first change). He would look different after the subsequent changes.
Present look (after first change)

Kisaki Tetta

Abilities: Manipulative and cunning

The main antagonist of this Anime is Kisaki Tetta. Being a manipulative and cunning man, that plans everything out to the last detail. He manipulates others to help him kill others, and leaves any scene without getting his hands dirty. Kisaki is the main mastermind who keeps on going against Takemichi, and is also the one that gains the fears from anyone that has once worked under/ for him.

Portrait of Kisaki in the Present.
Portrait of him 12 years ago.
12 years ago

There are many other characters in the Anime, however, they were not considered the main characters of the anime, and is therefore not featured above. Have you watched/ is currently watching this anime? Let us know who you think is probably the most powerful character in the comments below. For if you haven’t watched the series, please do watch it.

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