World Trigger 1st Season recap (Ep. 11-20)

Hello to all Otakus’ and Weeaboos out there. It has been a long time since I last posted on the World Trigger 1st Season recap. My apologies, and hopefully you guys are all doing great, and continuing the Anime journey. This season recap will highlight the main events and things that happen in each episodes. Spoilers included, so WATCH OUT. For Episode 1-10 recap, click here.

Episode 11

Yuma’s History and how he supposed to die

Episode 11 begins with Yuma telling Jin-san about his past, reminiscing about his father. He explains his harsh trainings with his father, how he fought multiple battles. In his last fight, Yuma died, for not listening to his father’s advice. Yugo, his father then used all his trion/ powers to bring Yuma back to life. He loves his son, and sacrifice his own life for his. Yugo vanishes into thin air. Yuma then gets new powers of lie detection, and how he inherited a black trigger which was once his father’s.

Yugo with a smile across his face, and has turned into sand. He looks at his son, not regretting his decision.
Yugo turns into sand when resurrecting Yuma, his son. He smiles as he turns into sand

Tamakoma Second forms with Mikumo as the Leader

Mikumo learns about Yuma wanting to resurrect his father somehow. Which was his main objective in coming to earth (To seek help). This also means that Yuma wasn’t able to obtain what he wanted, and thereby has no reason in staying alive. Yuma then decides to go back to his homeland (another world), and Yuma’s Black trigger, Replica, wants Mikumo to give Yuma a new purpose in living. After a long talk with Yuma, Yuma decides to join/ form a team with Mikumo and Chika. They both decided that Mikumo should be the leader of their team. Yuma now has a reason to live, and decides that he should live to protect Mikumo and Chika. Tamakoma Second team is formed.

Episode 12

The first meeting of Tamakoma Second

The episode starts off with a lecture by Shiori Usami, explaining that their final goal/ target is for the members of Tamakoma Second to be A rank agents in Tamakoma branch. Firstly, Yuma and Chika are tasked to move up to B-rank. Next, Mikumo who is already a B-rank would group up with them. They would join ranking tournaments to move up from rank B to rank A. Yuma however, who is not a border agent has to take part in an official enlistment beforehand. Continuing their conversation, they are all assigned roles and a mentor for training. Chika is a sniper, Yuma as a gunner, and Yuma as the attacker. The operator would be Usami herself.

Thousands of bowling pin shaped targets are seen everywhere, and Chika is still practicing her shooting even after hours since the morning. Her Trion volume has not ben used up.
Chika’s diligence amazes her mentor

Hardworking Chika shocking Reiji, her mentor

During the trainings, Reiji Kizaki (Chika’s mentor), realizes that Chika haven’t came out of the training room ever since she was in there in the morning. He recognizes Chika’s large trion volume, and compliments her hard work. He thinks Tamakoma second is full of potential. The episode ends with an alien invasion from a gate, the higher ups from the Border seemed to have anticipated this, saying that they have been waiting.

Episode 13

Agents from the away squad, coming back

Spying on Tamakoma are 2 border agents, Yosuke Yoneya, and his junior Shohei Kodera. The 2 agents are from Miwa Squad, ranked as A-07, and are spying on them as a mission. While Yosuke seems to be slacking off, Shohei is taking the mission very seriously, paying attention to every detail. We then learn that the gate which opened from the previous episode was a ship, which are return border agents sent abroad to neighboring countries.

Failed attack on Yuma

An attack on Yuma is planned very delicately, as some have objections with him being a neighbor, and him having a black trigger. This means that Tamakoma would have 2 black trigger users, which might cause a difference in power balance. Thankfully, the attack on Yuma is easily intercepted by Jin who has the ability to see into the future. The episode ends with Jin drawing his sword, a black trigger.

Jin holding onto a long sword, glowing green. It looks just like a light saber.
Jin says that with the help of Arashiyama Squad, they would win the fight, and bases that off his fore-sight into the future.

Episode 14

All about attacker weapons

The episode begins with Shiori giving Yuma and Mikumo a lecture on choosing a proper trigger and weapon for themselves. She unscrews a Trigger device, and begins introducing how a Trigger works. Firstly, there is scorpion, a sword that can change its blade shape easily. However it breaks easily, and cannot block an attack. Secondly, Kogetsu, the most popular all-around blade due to it’s high level of balance between offense and durability. However, it can’t pull its blade in or out freely, weighs slightly heavier, and it’s length couldn’t be changed. Kogetsu can expand its attack momentarily if one uses a special option Trigger, and pours more Trion into it. Next, there is Raygust, a defensive sword, which has the ability to change itself into a sword. It is the most durable sword, but it is the heaviest blade among all the others.

Yuma holds onto Scorpion, and Kogetsu, deciding which of the weapons is more suited for himself.
Jin, with the help of engineers developed the new weapon, Scorpion which proved to be more adaptable in battles.

Jin unleashes his Black Trigger Fujin

The fight continues against Jin, Tachikawa, and the others. Jin gets very passive in the fight, making the others wary about his intentions. When backed into the corner, Jin has no choice, but to use the powers in his black Trigger, Fujin, and states that he was going to move to Plan B.

Episode 15

Jin wraps up his fight, Arashiyama squad continues the fight with Miwa squad

Using the Black Trigger, Jin can transmit slashes through objects, attacking anywhere in his sight. It has a total of 8 strikes before he needs to reload again. Therfore, black triggers are S-rating. Jin-san’s foresight, allowed him to calculate how many strikes he has left, planning out how he should use his strikes, turning the fight in his favor. Jin-san fight is over, and Arashiyama squad, who fighting alongside Jin gets the spotlight.

Portrait of Yoneya half squatting down, with a hand supporting his thigh. He has a knife shining through him.
Ai Kitora, landing a hit on Yoneya, causing him to bail out when his Trion supply gland is destroyed.

All about Gunner Triggers

Shiori continues her explanation on Gunner based Triggers. Firstly, Asteroid, a gun with no special effects, and has highly powerful regular bullets. Secondly, is Meteor, and explosive based weapon, which blasts out wide-range damage. Thirdly, is Viper, a breakable bullet, which allows ballistics trajectory to change. Lastly, the guided bullets, like homing missiles, and can pursue its target, Hound. Anyone can swap regular bullets to Lead Bullets. Although lead bullets couldn’t do damage to someone, it can immobilize the target. The weights forms in contact with solid matter, and is able to bypass Trion shields.

Episode 16

Increasing the Glasses population

Yuma asks Shiori about Lead Bullets, and learns it is an optional trigger. Anyone can use it in combination with other Triggers. Next, Chameleon, an optional trigger which allows the user to blend into the environment. Compared to bagworm, an optional trigger, that makes one invisible to the radar. The last of which is teleportation, which allows one to teleport a few meters to where the user gazes at. However, teleportation is difficult to use, as opponents can read your gaze. Shiori adds that glasses could hide a person’s gaze, in hopes of increasing the glasses population.

Shiori meme face, to increase the glasses population.
Glasses are the best way to go

Jin-san trades his Black Trigger away for Yuma’s enrollment

With the higher-ups still considering Yuma’s border’s enlistment, Jin enters the office, and negotiates to have Yuma enrollment, in exchange for his Black Trigger, Fujin. The board who were once critcal of Yuma’s enrollment, agrees and believes in Jin’s “foresight”.

The trio began their tiresome trainings and the day for the enrollment exam came for Yuma, and Chika.

Episode 17

Yuma sets record time in first training

During the Border’s Selection exams, Yuma stands with the rest of the C-rank agents for a talk. Firstly, there would be combat exercise against a Neighbor. Yuma shows his impressive skills, and manages to defeat a monster in less than a second, and makes people around him jealous. This is a must watch scene, and there are lots of reviews too. The A-rankers start to gain an interest in Yuma, and starts talking about him.

Yuma defeats the monster in the record time of 0.6, and retakes the test, making it 0.4 seconds.

Ai Kitora now pieces the information easily, and thinks that Yuma was the one that took down the neighbor which attacked the school.

Chika surprises everybody with her powerful shot.

Meanwhile, Chika learns the ropes from her sniper seniors. Her senior calls her out for a demonstration shooting target practice, and hands her a rifle, Ibis. Ibis is a heavyweight class weapon which focuses on power. However, things get wrong, when she blows a hole through Border’s walls due to her huge amount of Trion she has. People are starting to learn of the duo from C-class, and the episode ends when an A-Class agent, ranked 3 wants duel with Mikumo. Knowing that he couldn’t win, Mikumo accepted his kindness, and treats it like a good training spar against Kazama Senpai.

Episode 18

Mikumo ends the last fight with Kazama in a draw

Mikumo gets a beating from Kazama Senpai, and learns the trick of Chameleon, and the weaknesses it has. Through his losses, he learns something new. When learning that Jin gave away his Black Trigger for Mikumo to team up with Yuma, he gets motivated, and the final match against Kazama Senpai, results in a draw. Mikumo gains Kazama Senpai’s support, when he thinks that Mikumo has the wisdom, and creativity to fight.

With Yuma, Chika and Mikumo amazing performance, they are the limelight of Border HQ.

Episode 19

Yuma wants to avenge Mikumo’s Humiliation

When trying to get more points to be promoted to B-rank (needs 4000 points). Yuma comes across people who underestimated him, and wins most of their points over. On the other hand, Mikumo is challenged to a fight against the 4th ranked A-ranker, Shun Midorikawa. He gathers alot of people around him, to watch the match, and makes a fool out of Mikumo. Despite being younger, he intends to treat Mikumo like a dog, and shows no respect. Yuma gets angry, and bets away all his points for a duel against Shun. The best out of 10 person has to fulfil the loser’s request. Yuma wants Shun to call Mikumo senpai, in order to put him in place.

Yuma asking Shun, to call Mikumo senpai, and challenges Shun to a fight.
Is Mikumo grateful for Yuma? One cannot really tell…

Episode 20

Fight continues in Yuma’s favour

Following up on the previous episode, Shun wins Yuma in the first 2 rounds. However, Yuma was just letting him win, and studying his moves. Yuma then proceeds to win the remaining 8 matches against Shun, and the crowd is amazed. Yuma starts to gain more popularity, and gets the title of, “the one who beats A-ranks at C-rank”.

Yuma standing victorious above Shun after his fourth match against him.
Mikumo who was more experienced in battles, wins Shun in the best of 10 fight.

After their matches, Shun apologizes, and calls Mikumo Senpai. He honors the bet. We learn that he is jealous of Mikumo who is close to Jin, as he is a big fan of Jin. Jin calls out on Mikumo and Yuma, telling them that the Commander wants an audience with them. We learn that they want some data from Yuma, as a Neighbor. Due to the recent number of Neighbor attacks, they believe that a neighbor attack was soon going to flow. Yuma then introduces them to Replica, Yuma’s Chaperone.

Replica wants the commander himself to guarantee Yuma’s safety, before exchanging information with them

However, in exchange for the information, Replica wants the commander himself to guarantee the safety of Yuma, as there are still some people who opposes Yuma’s entrance as a Neighbor into Border. Commander Rindo agrees, and is checked with Yuma’s side effect, that he was not lying.

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